The Latest Wellness Trend Is Embracing Post-Work Adventure

We hear quite a bit about work-life balance in society. The line between work and life has blurred in recent years thanks to our newfound ability to work from home post-COVID-19 and the mindset that we should somehow monetize our hobbies or seek out other ways to earn supplemental income. Rising prices for everyday things like groceries and gas might even force people to work longer hours.

When we are relaxing, we seem to do so in our own homes with the on-screen entertainment that seems endless. Perhaps our fear of missing out drives us to try to keep up with the latest sensations, from Netflix's "Wednesday" to "Yellowstone." Perhaps the ease and affordability of spending time in front of a screen keeps us from other activities as well. Whether it is a work-life imbalance, fear of missing out, or financial constraints, society as a whole seems to do the same things every day, even during time away from work. However, a new wellness trend taking over TikTok could be changing this.

People are sharing their after work activities on TikTok

Though some humans chase adrenaline rushes, many enjoy safety and comfort. This safety and comfort often come from watching our favorite shows or movies in our own homes — or scrolling on TikTok. Ironically, TikTok is leading a trend that involves getting out of this rut of mundanity.

The after-work fun challenge encourages people to do something out of the ordinary in their free time in order to not just forget about work for a while, but also to break away from the pattern of work to couch every day, and Danielle Vizcarra is credited for creating this trend (via PureWow).

Vizcarra (@daniellevizcarra22) chronicles her activities on TikTok, sharing her post-work adventures, and encouraging others to seek out adventures of their own. Other TikTok users have commented on Vizcarra's videos explaining they feel inspired to find fun activities that can even have positive effects on their moods.

Remember the quote, 'life begins at the end of your comfort zone'

As previously mentioned, finances weigh heavily on a majority of people. Though this can prevent people from participating in the after-work fun challenge, there are affordable activities that can still offer a much-needed change of pace. Some examples include walking or hiking through a park, visiting your city's library, or volunteering.

If the internet has taught us anything, it is that people love viral internet challenges. Think back to the ice bucket challenge or the more dangerous cinnamon challenge. However, a wellness challenge such as the after-work fun challenge could help people discover new passions, meet new people, or just get out of their comfort zone. After all, author Neale Donald Walsch once said, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Maybe keeping up with the latest trends is not a bad thing when trends encourage us to lead more fulfilling lives.