Can You Manifest Love With Your Outfit Colors? Here's How To Try

Color is present everywhere in our lives. From the moment you wake up until you close your eyes to sleep at night, you're seeing hues of all kinds. The white curtains next to your bed might make you feel at peace, the yellow daffodils you pass while heading to work might add a spark of joy, and the green mug you drink coffee out of at work may make you think of the hike you took over the weekend. 

Whether we consciously think about it or not, colors have a way of affecting our mood. Sometimes, they even transport us back down memory lane to specific instances we thought we'd forgotten. This is probably why people in different cultures have even harnessed the power of colors for healing. Called chromotherapy, the use of colors as a form of alternative medicine was a practiced in Egypt and China, among other places. Additionally, color psychology is a branch of science that studies the impact colors have on human behavior. 

Whether you believe in chromotherapy or not, chances are you've at least looked up the best clothing colors for your skin tone. Even if you're picking up a gift for a loved one, color becomes a natural point of interest in the purchase. Is it a wonder then that some color enthusiasts believe that you can manifest love with the shades you choose to wear? If you're interested, here's what it's all about. 

The colors you choose to wear can invite, nurture, and grow love

You may have unconsciously chosen a red dress when you went on a date last night (granted that red has long been associated with love and Valentine's Day), but did you know that it isn't the only color associated with romance? According to New York City-based astrologer Lisa Stardust, pink, orange, purple, green, blue, and brown are all unique shades that can be used in outfits when you're manifesting the relationship you want. 

Red is synonymous with sexual energy, confidence, power, and desire, while pink is flirty, kind, and optimistic. "If you're looking for the ideal color to wear on a first date or something fun to put on when flirting with your crush, this [pink] is it," explained Stardust (via InStyle). If you want playfulness in a current relationship or security in a potential partner, orange is a good color to go with. Blue is for truth, loyalty, and trust, so wearing the color of the sky on a date could manifest an authentic connection. Purple is associated with courage and bravery, two important ingredients when you're opening your heart up to love, while both green and brown signal an earth connection. Green also helps us "to acknowledge the good in others," according to Stardust, and brown welcomes dependability.

Taking a minute and thinking about what you want from a potential date or even a current relationship before you choose your colors could be a good thing. 

How to incorporate the colors of love into your outfit

It's important to remember to have fun when you're experimenting with these colors. The goal is not to add stress to your life, but to welcome the positive energies these colors could bring. You don't have to incorporate all of the colors all the time, nor do you have to wear them all in your clothing alone. 

"The first step is setting a romantic intention, then incorporating any of the seven colors ... into your outfits, nail polish, or makeup look, which will help you attract the love you want," Stardust wrote in InStyle. Who wouldn't like getting creative when introducing these beautiful colors into your style choices? Admittedly, if you're prone to grabbing the grays and blacks off racks at clothing stores, this might be a bit of a challenge for you. But think of it as an exercise in moving out of your comfort zone. You might even end up enjoying it. Colors have a way of bringing out the best in us, and wearing an outfit with a shade we wouldn't normally pick might even make us feel bold enough to attempt something new in life. 

So if you want to start slow, the next time you get ready to go out on a date with someone you like, think about the best nail color for manifesting confidence. It wouldn't hurt to try experimenting just to see how you feel that evening.