Jeggings Are Making A Comeback - Here's How To Modernize The Look

The resurgence of skinny jeans and departure of low-rise denim has brought with it its formerly begotten and somewhat estranged sibling: the jegging, a combination of jeans and leggings. While leggings remain supreme in comfortability for women, jeggings have emerged as a worthy competitor, especially in versatility and style. This is why, though they are a recycled trend, jeggings are rising in rank amidst a never-ending cycle of denim cuts and waist rises. Still, how you wear (and appreciate) your jeggings depends on your activity level and curated style.

According to The Star Tribune, jeggings can be worn with a variety of shoes, tops, and layering pieces, making it an adaptable and easily transitional piece in any wardrobe. Since making their fashion comeback, jeggings have also received a makeover in style, comfort, and colors. So, the next time you find yourself wondering what to wear with your jeggings: remember that because they're so versatile, there's many cuts and vibes to choose from. 

Tuck it, girl

A popular favorite when styling jeggings is the boot and sweater combo. The beauty of jeggings is that the amount of boot-to-pant combos you can wear is limitless. You can tuck jeggings into tall boots (riding, knee-high boots) or into shorter ankle or combat boots. You can also tuck in your favorite oversized sweater, front-tuck style, or even up-tuck it into your bra for a cropped look. However, choosing the opposite and going for a cropped sweater is just as effective at showcasing your waist and line. 

High waist heaven

Go high waist or go home, people! While low-rise jean or jegging is also making a controversial comeback, you can never go wrong with choosing a high-waisted pair of jegging, especially when pairing it with a crop top and sandals. Today even claims that certain brand jeggings are bound to hold everything in, defining your silhouette and accentuating all of the right places. This is also a great look with a pair of classic stiletto heels or wedges, great for formal occasions, or that long office work day.

White never goes out of style

Everything has its risks, especially white jeans or jeggings (user beware of sauces). However, choosing a pair of white jeggings adds a pop of classic color for any occasion. These neutral-colored jeggings also go great with other seasonal accessories like infinity scarves, sheer cardigans and kimonos, or hats like berets or beanies. These pants can also be dressed up or down, even with rips. If your white jeggings have holes, pair them with Doc Martens for an edgier approach. Plus, wearing all white — blouse, jeggings, and shoes — is a great statement outfit that remains versatile.

Patterns, please

While patterned jeggings aren't as popular as solid colors, there are some prints making an equally solid impression. Pair a checkered jegging with loafers or pumps for instant flair. You can also pair these types of jeggings with boots (particularly of the ankle variety) and an oversized cardigan for a dark academia look. Additionally, you can also wear these jeggings with a hat (like a beret), silk scarf or ascot, and cat-eye sunglasses for instant vintage vibes. The styling possibilities with these checkered pants are endless.

The classic tee

Printed t-shirts and oversized tees are also popular and great for accenting your silhouette. Oversize tees that cover the waist or even dare to drape below the butt can create an effortless look that is comfortable as it is practical. Plus, those wanting to front-tuck the t-shirt can do so, too. Either look can be paired with platform sneakers, or a classic close-toed silhouette like loafers or converse for an effortless, go-to street style. 

Jackets galore

A great way to style jeggings is by dressing them up. Following the "third layer" rule (which emphasizes adding outerwear, like jackets and coats, to your base) will help elevate the look. Styles can vary, but popular favorites include oversized flannels, denim or leather jackets, long trench and pea coats, teddy jackets, and different kinds of blazers (patterned, solid colors, cropped). Larger jackets make it easy to layer a turtleneck or t-shirt, or even another jacket. You can never go wrong with a Canadian tuxedo.

The right top

To complement your tight-fitting bottoms (and, ahem, bottom) opt for a standard graphic tee shirt, or a longer blouse like a peplum. It's all about dimension here, the goal of which is to make your waist look smaller and your legs longer. You can also try a waist belt (neutral or colored) with a dress shirt or shirt dress. Or, wear your button-up open like a jacket over a light t-shirt. This is an especially chic and casual look (especially if the button-up is oversized). 

Flared and fabulous

Going for the untraditional might be the peace to resistance when it comes to jeggings. Flare jeggings are the combination of flare jeans and jeggings, and are a great choice for anyone wanting a splash of vintage flair to their outfit. Plus, the silhouette is flattering as it is comfortable, fitting in the thighs, but billowy and roomy at the bottom. Plus, these jeggings come in a variety of washes and patterns that can suit any occasion, season, or time of day. 

They're the one that we want

Leather jeggings are a casual and elevated jegging option. Pair with a white, crisp t-shirt or boxy sweatshirt during the day, or a crop top for a night out. Leather jeggings also come in a multitude of colors, and wearing darker browns or blacks can go well with daytime outfits for either the office or for a coffee date. Though leather jeggings may not be entirely breathable, they're a great option for colder months, or even running errands in a pair of chunky sneakers. 

Winter made simple

Jeggings are a great pant for an ideal capsule wardrobe because they're able to be worn year round. Some jeggings are made of thinner material, which is perfect for layering with tees and light weight sweaters. Others are made of a thicker material and can be layered with long sleeve tops and coats like flannels or fleece jackets. Tucking your jeggings into Chelsea boots also make for a great day to day outfit. That's the power of versatility!