The Denim Maxi Skirt Is Back - Here's How To Style It Without Looking Outdated

Trend alert! While mini skirts have slipped onto the fashion scene, maxi skirts are continuing to top trend charts because you can style them all year round, and because they're as versatile as they are practical. Denim maxi skirts are extremely adaptable to your wardrobe with a variety of styles and washes of denim, making them perfect whether you're on a trip to Trader Joe's, or out to brunch with the girls.

Simply put, the term maxi means that the skirt at least grazes your ankles, if not the floor. The style has existed in both bohemian and vintage styles, but you can transform a denim maxi into a modern look with new silhouettes that flatters almost any body type, as Vogue gushes. Some styles include flare, peasant, or side-slit options. Plus, with A-list names like Gigi Hadid reviving the style, the trend appears to keep cycling back, but this time, with more styling options than ever before. So, with so many versions of the skirt to choose from, here's how you can modernize your next maxi denim skirt.

The peasant

One variation of the maxi denim skirt is the peasant skirt. This style is a full-length, tiered skirt in that works well with your boho outfits. This skirt is best paired with a cropped sweater or tight-fitting top. However, just because it's called peasant doesn't mean it doesn't have to be casual. Adding small, delicate pieces like accessories, or even metals or a variation of fabrics can instantly glam up your skirt for any formal occasion. Among the pieces that can make the skirt look a bit fancier are sunglasses, clutch purses, and fine-fabric sweaters (like cashmere or wool).

Go for the curve

The mermaid — or flare — maxi denim skirt is a fitted style in the waist and thighs, with seams running down the face of the skirt. The fabric then flares out past the knees, closer to the ankle. This particular style is popularly paired with cowboy boots for a dash of western flare (no pun intended), however, can be styled in many other ways. To modernize the look, go for dimension with tops or sweaters that have longer, billowy sleeves, or even off-the-shoulder, asymmetrical tops. Pastel and neutral purses, belts, or sunglasses also make for a great modern twist.

Vest please

Pair your maxi denim skirt with different types of vests, either as stand-alone blouses, or layered with something underneath — like a white tee or turtleneck. Depending on which vest you opt for, you can dress your outfit up or down, and accessorize to the nines with your favorite gold jewelry like hoops or necklaces, or vintage pieces like sunglasses and hats. Crochet vests in pastels or creams style well with denim maxi skirts, as do solid, black dress vests. 

Denim on denim

A great rule of thumb for styling a maxi denim skirt is to go all in. Who says denim on denim is reserved for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake? Playing into the denim and rocking a classic Canadian tuxedo is a great way to modernize the skirt. Pair it with a denim vest or cropped jean jacket to accentuate lines and create cohesiveness in the look. To break up all that blue, add a pop of color, either in the shoes, lip, or other accessories like headbands or hats: you can always follow in Timberlake's footsteps and opt for a cowboy hat.

Boots and more boots

Go boot or go home for an instantly modern, maxi denim skirt look. As they are with jeans, boots instantly complement the maxi denim skirt and are especially versatile for season-round styling. Yes, they can even be you can even style boots in the summer. Boots offer different look variations, from kitten heels to super high heels. The style of boot is also interchangeable depending on what occasion you're aiming for. Choosing a pointed-toe boot instantly gravitates towards '90s chic, while going for a white, go-go style (usually with a block heel) pays homage to the early 2000s. 

Embrace the bodysuit

Bodysuits work well with maxi denim skirts because of the variety of waist rises for the skirts. Thus, they can tie into a plethora of styles while also offering both maximum, or even minimum coverage. This is due to modern bodysuit styles like lace, corset, or other sheer materials. Opting for sweetheart or smocked bodysuits too, can make your denim maxi skirt go from merely a trend, to timelessly modern. Among the popular bodysuit style choices are bright pastels (when going sheer) or classic black (when opting for minimalist, or chic).

Layer with leather

Leather jackets are a must when styling maxi denim skirts, transitioning from classic to edgy with a snap of your fingers. This is especially true for cropped styles like moto or bomber jackets. Another piece that pairs well with the maxi denim skirt— if you don't have a cropped leather jacket — is a long, leather blazer. It pairs especially well with a crop top or bandeau (usually in the same color as the blazer) or other neutral bases like browns or creams. Adding a wide leather belt (with a solid metal buckle) also looks great paired with a leather blazer and maxi denim skirt.

A day at the office

Wearing a blazer is a great layer to add to your denim maxi skirt. The length of the blazer (especially if it's oversized) will complement the tight fit of the skirt. You can wear the blazer with a thin layer underneath (like a tank or tee) to accentuate the blazer's loose fit, and therefore, your waist. Plus, to make this a modern, preppy look, add a pair of flats or loafers — both of which could be of solid-color leather, like white, black, chocolate brown, or burgundy. 

The skinny scarf

It's a given that maxi denim skirts are '90s inspired. So, when styling the piece, it never hurts to lean more into that decade's trends. One popular option is to incorporate the skinny scarf into your look. Skinny scarves are usually of a knit or crochet material and are often not only thin but also really long. Wearing a neutral top like black (as well as something modest or covered) and pairing it with a brightly colored or patterned skinny scarf will instantly modernize your denim maxi skirt, as well as add a splash of nostalgia to the look.

Hello, shacket

Shackets are a great way to both modernize, and play down your maxi denim skirt. Colors like burnt browns, rusts, or blacks complement darker denim, while creams and teals tend to complement lighter denim. Shackets also come in a variety of fabrics, though denim and corduroy are top favorites. This is a great look for anyone who wants to remain laid back and have that jean feel but does not want to slip on a pair of actual pants. Finish the look by adding a graphic tee or a crop top as the base.

Button on the button up

The button down is as classic a staple as the denim maxi skirt. There are a handful of ways to incorporate the piece into your look, as well as modernize your denim skirt. Tuck the blouse into the skirt as you would high-waisted denim, or wear it as an unbuttoned, top layer over a crop top or bandeau. Button ups can also be long or short sleeve, and can range from solid colors to pinstripes. 

Black and white

Just like jeans, denim maxi skirts range in a multitude of washes other than your typical shades of indigo. Black maxi denim skirts, for example, are great staple pieces that pair well with oversized, cream sweaters, cardigans, and even tube tops (but more on those later). The darker denim also pairs well with boots, kitten heels, as well as dark, graphic sweatshirts (cropped and full-length). If opting for the sweatshirt, utilize the black skirt by adding a pop of color in accessories, like a purse or sunglasses.

Try a tube top

Tube tops are essential layering pieces for denim maxi skirts, because of their versatility as a base. They can be worn under leather jackets, cardigans, blazers, or sweaters. They are also pairable with almost any style of maxi denim skirt. You can also build on top of your tube top with accessories, most notably hats, sunglasses, necklaces, and scarves. Tube tops can also be worn as a stand-alone blouse, which instantly modernizes your denim maxi skirt by giving the look a slight edge. 

The white tee

Nothing beats a crisp, white t-shirt, especially when paired with a denim maxi skirt. The white tee can be either solid or graphic, oversized or cropped, and either tucked into the skirt or left out. As mentioned before, the white top can be a button down if you so choose, but opting for a white tee or top and pairing it with a belt and sneakers, or even loafers modernizes the denim maxi skirt by making it an easily casual, transitional, and errand-running worthy outfit choice.

A cropped moment

Cropped tops are always a great option for denim pieces, especially maxi skirts. They come in a variety of looks, like sweater tanks and tie cardigans. They work well with denim maxi skirts because of the contrast in skin ratio — which creates both an edgy, and casual outfit worthy of your next Target run, or brunch. They're popularly worn with low-rise denim skirts and low-slug belts (like chain belts). They also pair well with leather boots, usually ones with a kitten heel or pointed toe.