How To Add Trendy Tassels Into Your Wardrobe In 2023

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You can call them tassels or fringe, but either way, the trend is back, baby. Among the trend alerts, Vogue reports that Copenhagen Fashion Week enjoyed a flurry of fringe, and Harpers Bazaar featured Katie Holmes having a tasseled moment of her own at the opening of her Broadway show, "The Wanderers." 

In the recent fringe frenzy, it's easy to find classic inspiration — tassel work and fringe that is thinly segmented. But Holmes added a chunky ripple to the sea of fabric with a leather skirt cut into broad sections, perfectly demonstrating the ins and outs of fringe wear. The actress likely chose wide tassels for a reason. Fringe gives garments lots of swooshy, swaying action; the thinner the segments of fabric, the more swooshing sound, and movement. Of course, this is part of the joy of fringe, but you may want to dial that up or down. 

Prepping for a night out on the town? Go all in on that blingy, bouncy action that steals the spotlight. But for more subdued scenarios, like work or, let's say, a demure Broadway show opening, you might opt for more conservative fringe. In the end, fringe melds together the "yeah, rah-rah" of tasseled cheerleader pom-poms with edgy cowboy-biker-rock-star vibes. So — yes — some strategic choices will be made along the way. But no matter the setting, you can be confident that you'll be fierce in fringe.

Pay homage to Harry Style's Grammys look

This custom Gucci silver fringe look is definitely among the best of Harry Styles' on-stage fashion. It looks like someone put the world's most expensive disco ball through a paper shredder, and it's utterly fabulous in every possible way. If you're looking to get that same level of blinged-out bliss, Shein makes a Fringe Trim Sequin Cami Dress which also combines both sequin and silver fringe. And its longer tassel effect will have a similar swooshy movement as the singer's iconic outfit.

Cash in on the fringe benefits

Well, if Harry Styles wasn't proof enough that music-inspired vibes and tassels are a perfect pair, plus-size fashion TikTok influencer @plussizehacks seals the deal. She brings together a side tassel maxi skirt and a cropped tee inspired by the legendary 1991 movie "Boyz n the Hood," starring rapper Ice Cube. Plus, she gives an impromptu tutorial on how to get your tassels twirling. Altogether, it's an on-trend fringe look that delivers a little sass while keeping it chic — and fun.

Get creative with runway inspiration

Runway looks help set day-to-day trends. But if your bank account suggests you should think twice before buying Versace, no worries. You can still use this look as a jumping-off point for creating your own tassel-tastic fashion moment. For example, Forever 21 has a super cute asymmetrical leather fringe skirt in black. Or, if you want that pop of color, Gypsy James Boutique has a faux pink leather fringe mini skirt with three tiers of tassels. And as an added inspiration bonus, the brand pairs it with a neutral-hued cowboy boot.

Incorporate long fringe for elegance

Instantly, this wedding dress gives heirloom vibes with its beaded, long-fringe veil. It adds a hint of vintage couture styling, making it beautifully unique. It also speaks to the depth of tassel work on garments — from the rock 'n' roll stage to the bridal aisle. Here, the design illustrates how elegant longer strands of fringe look when used somewhat sparingly in specific areas of the garment. This contrasts the higher density placement on some edgier looks, which would have more visual movement that some brides might find distracting.

And don't forget the classic western fringe, of course

It wouldn't be a proper fringe story without a western moment, and TikTok influencer @pricklyblonde1 posted this classic look we can't resist. If you want to incorporate tassels into your day-to-day rotation, a black-on-black western-style pairing is an easy way to achieve the goal. She went cozy with a green sweater, but there's plenty of room to play. You could add a distressed tee, crop top, or this OG Wrangler button-down.