The Best Of Harry Styles' On-Stage Fashion

Calling Harry Styles fashionable is not a "hot take" by any stretch of the imagination. A quick Google search tells you that "Harries" (the nickname for his adoring fans) are high-key obsessed with chronicling his fashion choices, from exhaustive daily archives to fan-made lookbooks. With so many beautiful Harry Styles outfits to choose from, the mind blurs with dazzling sequins.

And while many celebs vie for the status of "fashion icon" on the red carpet, Styles' on-stage wardrobe is par excellence. Don't take our word for it. Of Harry's style, fashion expert Michelle Washington said he reflects "the zeitgeist of our time," offering young audiences a frenzy of inspiration (per CBS News). Nowhere can that influence be more seen than when Harry Styles is performing live at his most unabashed. Ready yourself for a scintillating display of self-expression! Here are Styles' most glam on-stage ensembles.

Harry Styles in Leather & Feather Boa // Grammy Awards, March 2021

Before winning his first ever Grammy for "Watermelon Sugar," Harry Styles took three minutes of our time to remind us how powerful a well-chosen accessory can be. Yes, we're talking about the green Gucci boa. Styles looked every inch the rock-and-roller, pairing the feather floor-length boa with a two-piece leather suit. Did we mention his conveniently-missing shirt?

In his now-famous 2020 interview with Vogue, Styles shared more about his style and flair for experimenting with fashion: "When you take away 'There's clothes for men and there's clothes for women,' once you remove any barriers, obviously you open up the arena in which you can play." The feathers and leather combination was a particularly playful tension, dialing up the sex appeal while also emboldening his stage presence with a bit of cheeky charm. Fans all over the world would agree. In the days following Styles' megawatt performance, feather boas saw a 1,500% increase in page views (via Lyst). Style(s) icon, indeed!

Harry Styles in Head-to-Toe Lace (Gloves included!) // BRIT Awards, February 2020

Harry Styles and Gucci have enjoyed a wildly successful partnership since Styles first joined one of their fashion campaigns in 2018 (via Fashionista). These days, Styles and Gucci designer Allesandro Michele never seem to run out of glamorous fabrics or ideas when it comes to experimental fashion. Styles' lace jumpsuit and matching gloves at the 2020 BRIT Awards ceremony were no exception.

The drama of Styles' ensemble was a perfect complement to the soaring emotion of "Falling," which he debuted on stage that evening. The frill sleeves, delicate gold accents, ivory suspenders, and pearl necklace really earned Styles the "Granny chic" moniker (via Pop Sugar UK). Nadiyah, one of the Harries behind @hsnewsupdates on Twitter, explained just how influential Styles' looks can be for fans: "[Harry] has shown us that there is no such thing as too feminine or too masculine, we can be both and we can be ourselves" (via Marie Claire). The effect of Styles' tailored lace ensemble seems a spot-on encapsulation of borrowing from both feminine and masculine aesthetics, to arrive at a brand of glam that is all his own.

Harry Styles in Skin-tight Sequins // Coachella Headliner, April 2022

As a musician, you know if you've been invited to appear as a Coachella headliner, you're working with some pretty significant mass appeal. This year, Harry Styles' opening night at Coachella saw some 100,000 people in the audience (per Variety). That's a helluva lot of ears and eyes! Styles not only delivered the musical stylings, but shined just as bright on stage in his rainbow sequin jumpsuit. Styles radiated an energy equivalent to that of a human disco ball (via People). The Grammy winner showed us once more that fashion is not only meant to be fun, but it's a high-octane tool for storytelling on stage.

Styles first appeared on the Coachella stage cloaked in a black feather jacket, all but shrouding his sequin getup. During the performance of his new single "As It Was," Styles dropped his jacket and revealed the sexy sequins beneath — complete with a deep-V showing off his many tattoos. There was no question if he was ready for the dance floor, and Styles erupted into a flash of joyful movement that was the perfect accompaniment to his charismatic outfit. It was a fashion crescendo that would make rock-and-roller Freddie Mercury proud, according to fans (via The Independent). 

Harry Styles Dressed in Ruffles as Pierrot the Clown // Harryween, October 2021

Harryween, a two-night "Fancy Dress Party" at Madison Square Garden, was announced way back in 2019, and was to take place in 2020. For obvious reasons, the much-anticipated set of New York shows had a long wait before the official festivities could finally take place in 2021. But like everything that Harry Styles does, it was well (well) worth the wait. Just ask Vogue, which called it "the best Halloween Party in New York."

The 28-year-old singer didn't go for just any pumpkin or vampire costume, of course. He's never one to miss a chance for flair, which is why no one was surprised that on October 31, he came out on stage dressed as a 17th-century peasant character famously known as the Pierrot — or sad clown – with a Harry twist, of course! He billowed around stage in metallic moon and stars, lots of lace and ruffles, and patterned boots and tights. Styles looked quite the opposite of a lovesick, harlequin clown; instead, he treated the audience to his swoon-worthy smile, accented by pearls for tears, and the witty sense of freedom so many of his outfits symbolize. His Pierrot rendition would've pleased another of rock-and-roll's fashion risk-takers: David Bowie, who used the Pierrot persona for his early album, "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps."

Harry Styles Wrapped in Florals // San Jose, July 2018

Gucci florals seemed to be Harry Styles' gateway to high fashion. Let us explain: Before he was storming stages in high-waisted trousers and tasseled vests, Styles' foray into experimental fashion took the shape of tailored suits in colorful prints. One such memorable ensemble was a custom Gucci silk uniform that Styles wore on stage in San Jose back in 2018.

A veritable watercolor of floral hues in orange, blue, purple, and white, Styles' suit was a proud and playful rejection of mainstream menswear. The chart-topping crooner was growing ever more comfortable with his style as a solo artist and the statements such stylings made possible. He was proving to himself and the world alike that his wardrobe was not only an extension of his personality, but a palette he'd learn to use as an instrument of delight. While Styles has since evolved from his head-to-toe printed suits, his fashion sense still sits unapologetically in "ungendered territory," and offers to a great many a compelling alternative: Wear what makes you happy and to hell with the rest (via PopSugar). Can't think of anything more glamorous than that.

Harry Styles in Shimmery Pink Tinsel // Las Vegas, September 2021

Harry Styles can always be counted on to make a splash. Opening night for his 2021 Love on Tour was just one more moment for the glam cam. Backed up by his fully-Gucci clad band, Styles worked the Las Vegas stage in a shade that can only be described as hot pink. And who in this world doesn't need more glitter fringe in their lives? Decked out in his beloved high-waisted trousers, Styles was sleek and sexy in a fuchsia Gucci waistcoat that sparkled from every angle. The '70s-inspired ensemble was another rock-solid example of how effortlessly Harry fuses nostalgia and charismatic colors to dramatize his sex appeal. 

The bold outfit, a one-of-a-kind Gucci creation, was a (literal) shining example of how the former boy-bander's stylings speak to his personal artistic energy. Styles twirled, thrusted, and leapt in his shirtless uniform as his reputation for glam-rock performance was further cemented among the thousands of fans in attendance. Styles' fans, in fact, call his concerts their own Met Gala, where they too can experiment with their passion for texture, color, and trends, inspired as they are by the Grammy winner's wardrobe and unapologetic self-expression (via Fashionista).

Harry Styles in Green Velvet // LA Forum, November 2021

Few can sport head-to-toe green velvet and not give off serious Muppet vibes. The exception, it seems, is one Mr. Harry Styles. Sporting another shirt-free ensemble (here's to more of this trend!), Styles worked the stage at The Forum in Los Angeles dressed in another custom Gucci fit. This time, he rocked a jacquard vest straight out of a Victorian garden with a little 1970s tassel flair. The vest alone was a triumph, but what really seals the deal was Styles' pair of round-toe white leather boots. "Mod Squad" alert!

The acclaimed chart-topper cares a great deal for his fans, and his Forum appearance was no different. Between songs, he encouraged the crowd, "Feel free to be whoever it is that you've always wanted to be" (via LA times). Wise words to not only live by, but dress by as well. And although the rock-and-roller's wardrobe was once described as "classy grandma" (via HuffPost), we really must insist that Styles pulls it off. Who knew nostalgia could look so good?

Harry Styles as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz // Madison Square Garden, October 2021

If ever there was a doubt that Harry Styles cares what naysayers think of his feminine style, this campy tribute to icon Judy Garland answers a firm, "No." And since we're talking about Harry "Gucci" Styles, it'll come as no surprise that in addition to a flouncy gingham dress and matching bow, the singer completed the ensemble with a pair of ruby red slippers block-heeled boots designed by Gucci's Alessandro Michele (via Footwear News). The sparkly boots even gave the illusion that Styles was wearing a pair of blue socks, just like Dorothy did in "The Wizard of Oz." Glam is in the details, folks!

And while some critics have been quick to call Styles "unmanly," many media outlets have taken a different approach to Styles' fashion sense. In an essay written for Huffington Post UK, writer Adam Bloodworth argues, "For me, there is something intensely masculine about a man wearing a dress — or more, having the confidence to do so," emphasizing that, "Styles proves what I've always known: effeminate men aren't any less masculine." The "Watermelon Sugar" singer may not be the first or only man to wear dresses on stage, but he sure looks good flaunting them.

Harry Styles' Iconic Fine Line in 4D // Los Angeles, December 2019

The crowds at Harry Styles' three sold out shows at The Forum were treated to some top-notch looks back in 2019. Appearing on stage the same day as the release of "Fine Line," his sophomore album, "the inclusive king" wooed the crowd wearing the very outfit from his album's cover (via The Knockturnal). Styles radiated confidence wearing his ivory wide-legged trousers with flashy gold buttons, suspenders, and fuchsia silk shirt as he sang the album, start to finish. The ensemble itself, a brilliant mix of refined and splashy, has become a signature Harry Styles aesthetic, one that many can not only admire, but use for inspiration.

Music editor Philip Cosores put it brilliantly when he said, "there might not be another pop star on earth right now as good at emboldening their fans to be themselves as Styles." As celebrated as Styles is for his fashion, the magic is really in how every time the style-icon takes the stage, his fans become a part of the show. And not just because they're singing along at top volume. Styles offers his fans carte blanche to discover who they are and what they are here to say. Styles is a world-builder in both his music and fashion, and it's part of the reason he's so beloved. We respect an artist whose wardrobe is not the only thing worthy of a standing ovation.

Harry Styles' Black Feathers & Chest Tat Energy // Madison Square Garden, October 2021

We're all for Harry Styles in a flurry of colors. In fact, there doesn't seem to be a color that doesn't look good on him. But the alluring combination of his tatted chest and a black feather blazer while on stage in New York City is exquisite. Styles' sex appeal seemed almost effortless in this particular ensemble. He was simultaneously serving cozy, refined, and smoldering looks in his feathered sleeves and patent leather shoes. You know who wears suits like that? Number one hitmakers, that's who.

When you call to mind the word "swagger," Harry Styles shirtless in all black should appear. Styles' fashion evolution is nothing if not courageous, and it's led him to a real sweet spot: lookin' good and revvin' people up. There's an innocence to Styles' feather detailing — they're a fun texture after all — but in the jacket's pairing with his b-a-r-e chest, we have rock-and-roll at its finest. Sultry, edgy, and oh so fun!

Harry Styles in Maximum Gucci Glitter // Milan Spain, April 2018

Harry Styles was completing the European leg of his first solo tour when he busted out on stage wearing a whimsical purple glitter suit. The former One Direction star had not yet debuted in his first Gucci campaign, but it was evident the high-fashion brand had found its muse. We're talking wide lapels, iridescent glitter, a gold collared shirt — With! Pleated! Bow! Liberace himself would've lusted after such a shiny display, no doubt. The suit had a wonderful nostalgia to it, while also playing up Styles' youthful vigor.

All a-shimmer on stage, Styles looked the exact opposite of restrained in his tailored suit, letting his fans know that he was not just another pop star dressed in typical men's fashion. It's easy to see how Styles would later become the "face of gender-neutral fashion," experimenting as he was with society's expectations of a well-dressed man (via The Guardian).

Harry Styles in Custom Gucci Silk & Satin // Dallas, September 2021

Harry Styles knows just how to work a monochromatic look. His creamy ivory outfit featured an eye-catching collared shirt, high-waisted trousers, and matching leather boots. The ensemble practically shouted "romance" from the stage in Dallas, Texas. And we bet more than one person fell in love with Styles that night. The fit, another custom Gucci, was a delightful take on a glamorous cowboy. Silk button-down and a cowboy hat? Make way country boys, there's a pop legend on the scene.

We think this is what Vogue meant when it reported, "Few high-profile stars rival [Styles] in his taste for adventurous fashion." The Gucci model knew what he was doing when he wore textures and fabric that were more akin to, say, negligees, and reworked them into a high-gloss interpretation of a marquee cowboy. Stealing hearts and headlines alike! More, please.

Harry Styles in Pink on Pink on Pink // Coachella, April 2022

We didn't know we needed Harry Styles in monogrammed pink leather trousers, but here we are. And certainly if you're going to duet on stage with three-time Grammy winner Lizzo, you best believe you need a memorable frock. Styles, unsurprisingly, delivered the goods –many times over.

Crystal appliqués and a fruit-embellished vest were only half of his vibrant look. We can't forget the oversized pink feather coats both Styles and Lizzo sported on stage. The fantastically pink duo found just the right fashion elements to match their high-energy collab. The two-time Coachella headliner really was drenched in fun, from head to toe (via The Desert Sun). We just absolutely adore that Styles chose such an adventurous hue for a career-defining moment like Coachella, a festival that plays host to innovative musicians who are always forward-thinking with their art (via The Guardian). The only thing that we'd add to The Guardian's claim that Styles is one of the world's biggest musicians on the scene is a "Best Dressed" moniker, too.

BONUS: Harry Styles in Whimsical Cottagecore // The TODAY Show, June 2020

And just before you're tempted to judge Harry Styles as a one-note fashionista of fantastic glamour, we give you: Styles in Cottagecore. For those wondering what Cottagecore is, picture the charm of slow rhythms, rural dirt roads, baby sheep, and whimsical romance. In their ode to Styles' patchwork sweater he wore on stage at The TODAY Show, Refinery29 noted that the "As It Was" singer was serving some real hygge vibes, inspiring us to bake up a family recipe for apple pie or practice our knitting skills. In other words, he nailed it. His laidback vintage look is just one example of many that illustrates just how varied Styles' aesthetic can be.

One thing's for sure: Harries the world over love a dressed-down Styles. As a testament to the English-born singer's far-reaching fashion influence, designer JW Anderson released the sweater's knit pattern so fans could crochet their very own Harry Styles cardigan. Make it fashion, y'all.