The Practical Reason You Should Own A Skin Care Spoon

If you're anything like us, you are constantly seeking out the latest beauty and skincare trends. You have likely tried it all. From the TikTok trend of "skin flooding," which helps keep your face moisturized by applying layers of your favorite creams together, to "skin cycling," which requires users to cycle out retinoids and exfoliating oils to allow your epidermis to heal, there has been an uptick in new skincare routines.

On top of the various processes to help your skin, there are several tools on the market that are making headlines. Ice rollers are all the rage, which battle inflammation. The gua sha, a tool made of various crystals like rose quartz or amethyst, has also become a staple in many skin care routines to remedy puffiness.

There's another tool some are turning to, called the skin care spoon, but it's not what you may think it is. Here's why you should add one to your collection.

They can save you money

Skincare products can be pricey. Dr. Barbara Sturm, whose impressive skincare line is available at Sephora, told South China Morning Post that with high-quality ingredients comes a steeper cost. "Personally, I set out to make the best skincare in the world, and that is an expensive proposition," she shared. "It is inevitably going to be a 'splurge' because it is so expensive to make it that way. I do think people are beginning to appreciate and understand that process." If you set aside a chunk of your budget to spend on the best cleansers and moisturizers on the market, you may want to invest in a skincare spoon.

A skincare spoon, according to board-certified dermatologist Lindsey Zubritsky, MD, can help you save money on your favorite products by allowing you to get that very last drop out of every container. She told Well and Good, "Skincare spoons are a great way to save money because the spoons help you to get every last drop from your product, by spooning it up," adding, "You can get several more uses out of a jar of skincare product by using a skin-care spoon, which adds up over time."

Plus, they're more sanitary

Investing in our skin is something we all should do. While high-quality products can break the bank, for many, it is worth the price tag. By using a skincare spoon, you can ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. The product works by scooping out the last bit of product that can be hard to reach with your fingers alone. The skincare spoon Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky recommends costs only $7, but you can find them in varying prices online.

Getting the very last drop of a product is not the only benefit of a skincare spoon. If you're a little iffy about constantly putting your fingers into your product's containers, the skincare spoon offers a more sanitary option. "It's much more sanitary to use compared to using your fingers to remove a product," Dr. Zubritsky says. "The skin-care spoon helps to eliminate bacteria, dirt, and debris from our hands transferring into our skincare products." Of course, just be sure to wash the spoon often to keep it clean!