The Bold And The Beautiful Brings Back Patrick Duffy And Linda Purl

Logan family patriarch Stephen Logan was originally played by Robert Pine from 1988 to 2001, on "The Bold and the Beautiful." In 2006, Patrick Duffy took over the role, and he's been recurring ever since. Duffy's last appearance as Stephen was in November 2022 and the character brought a surprise with him to Los Angeles. When Stephen originally left town in 2011, he was engaged to Pam Douglas (Alley Mills), but upon returning last year, he was accompanied by a very special guest — his new love interest, Lucy (Linda Purl)

While Duffy became a pop culture icon when he played Bobby Ewing on "Dallas," Purl, his real-life partner, also made her mark in several movies and TV shows, as well as joining the hit series "Happy Days" as Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli's (Henry Winkler) girlfriend, Ashley Pfister. She's even dabbled in the soap opera world herself by playing Claire Wright on "Port Charles" in 2000, and was also part of a pivotal story for Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), as Peyton Honeycutt, on "General Hospital," in 2022. 

When Stephen and Lucy visited L.A. last, his daughters Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Katie (Heather Tom), and Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), were not only happy to see him but also warmed up quickly to his fiancé too. The real-life couple only appeared for two episodes together, but they made a major impact on the fans and thankfully, more good news for the Logan family has since been announced.

Stephen and Lucy will arrive in LA just in time for Brooke

After years of fighting over Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kay), Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) have become best friends since they both dumped him. But now that Ridge is back on the canvas and secretly working with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) to take down the diabolical Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), it's only a matter of time before everyone knows he's in town again. After getting kicked out of the women's lives, Ridge claimed he was leaving to do some soul-searching. Yet, it's now apparent that he's been doing more than re-evaluating his life. 

Bill and Sheila have been together for months with everyone scratching their heads as to why. Ridge's return may bring up some difficult feelings for Brooke to deal with. Soap Opera Digest (via has reported that Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl are returning to "B&B" as Stephen and Lucy on March 22 and that they'll have scenes with Brooke. She recently tried dating again, having dinner with Paul "Hollis" Hollister (Hollis W. Chambers), and they even shared a kiss. 

But Brooke quickly put a stop to it, acknowledging that she just wasn't ready yet. It's well within the realms of possibility that seeing Ridge will ignite her old passion for him, but Stephen has never liked Ridge so he'll probably try to talk some sense into his daughter. Whatever the outcome, we're just thrilled to see Duffy and Purl returning!