Jill Duggar Dillard Carries On Family's St. Patrick's Day Tradition With Her Own Kids

There are a slew of family and holiday traditions out there, and a sense of pride that comes with passing a tradition on to your own children when the time comes. This is no different for members of famous families, such as the Duggar family.

You may recognize the Duggars from their show "19 Kids and Counting," which ran for 15 seasons on TLC. The show (originally titled "17 Kids and Counting" and then "18 Kids and Counting" until the family grew by one more) was a reality show that chronicled the daily lives of the large family. 

Although the show ended in 2015, some of the Duggar family members — many of whom have their own families now — are active on social media. Jill Duggar Dillard, now a mother of three, took to Instagram to share one childhood tradition for St. Patrick's Day that she does with her kids now.

St. Patrick's Day with the Duggars

A Duggar family, St. Patrick's Day, did not consist of beer drinking or corned beef and cabbage eating, but it did include a different kind of specialty holiday food. 

In the 17th episode of the second season of "19 Kids and Counting," titled "Duggars and Dentists," viewers at home got to see a glimpse of the Duggar family celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The Duggar's enjoyed a holiday breakfast consisting of green everything — pancakes, syrup, eggs, cinnamon roll frosting, and even green milk straight out of a "Star Wars" movie. The episode also showcased the whole family dressed in green outfits during their breakfast celebration, carrying on one of the most treasured of St. Patrick's Day traditions. 

This morning, Jill recreated a miniature version of the Duggar's St. Patrick's Day green breakfast feast with her own family. She even included some Duggar family traditions.

The tradition continues

Jill posted a photo on her Instagram story of a St. Patrick's Day breakfast plate from her household. The image was captioned, "Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We are having green eggs for breakfast over here." The plate featured a serving of scrambled eggs in a bright kelly green shade, perfect for the holiday and just like the ones from her own childhood. This tradition is a great way to reminisce and celebrate the day. 

However, Jill has not kept every tradition from her upbringing. For example, she announced a few years back that she was sending her son Israel to public school instead of homeschooling him. She and her husband Derick also dressed up for Halloween with her kids in 2019, even though Halloween was a big no for the Duggar family due to their religious beliefs.