The C-Cut Could Be The Secret To Getting The Look Of Long, Lustrous Hair Without The Actual Length

It seems like there's a new haircut trend every day, leaving us all wanting to dive in and chop off our hair at every turn. The viral c-cut, or "curve cut," can make your hair seem longer than it is. Reminiscent of choppy layered looks like "The Rachel," the u-cut, and the wolf cut, the c-cut creates movement and fullness in your hair by creating curved shapes near your face and along your shoulders and collarbone. 


If you want a cut that offers more fullness and volume, consider heading into the salon to ask for the c-cut. Stylist Jamie Wiley tells Real Simple, "This curved shape gives the impression of longer hair because the hair appears to flow smoothly and seamlessly, without any harsh lines or choppy layers that can make the hair look shorter." The cut has gone viral on TikTok with over 50 million views on videos about the cut.

What to ask for at the salon if you want to try the c-cut

The key to the curve cut is a lot of horseshoe-shaped layers with curves near your jaw and collarbone, depending on what length you're going for. When you go into the salon to ask for a c-cut, be sure to bring plenty of photos that demonstrate the look you're going for, and make sure you know exactly what you like about each of the photos so your stylist can do their best to achieve exactly what you want.


Celebrity hairstylist Dom Seeley tells Glamour UK, "It's like the revival of the Rachel, but it's much more soft and not as heavy on the face framing. It gives a more rounded, balanced haircut that's still fun to style and easy to do, but the hair has more intentional, rounded shapes and curves—instead of the V cut, where hair goes to a point."

The c-cut can be flattering on anyone

Because it makes your hair look thicker, the c-cut can look great on people with all different face shapes. Hairstylist Stephen Buller tells Refinery 29 that the c-cut can look good on everyone because of the number of layers. He adds, "Cuts like this are always on trend in some capacity because they look so good on everyone. Some of the more recent online trends seem to showcase more texturized ends – almost wispy."


Because the cut can be any length, you can also keep it relatively low maintenance, and you can style it by blow drying your hair at home or putting it up in a ponytail or an updo style using a French pin or claw clip while leaving out some tendrils near your face. Buller recommends styling your c-cut with a diffuser if your hair is curly. It's a great choice if you feel like your hair is weighing you down or you have a lot of hair and are unsure what to do with it.