The Viral Yves Saint Laurent Tote Bag Gives You Luxury For Less Than $100

With inflation, a possible recession on the horizon, and the usual pricey costs of designer goods, who doesn't enjoy a little luxury for less? One content creator is making a name for himself, dedicating his TikTok to authentic designer goods that he finds at affordable prices. Bryan Mund Jr. has garnered over 266k followers and nearly 8 million likes by sharing the least expensive items from Chanel, Prada, and Dior, to name a few. However, one recent discovery has gone viral on the app.

With a caption that reads, "Saint Laurent Logo Tote Bag under $100," it's no secret why his video attracted over 2 million views, becoming one of his most-watched TikToks. In the clip, Mund opens up a box, unveiling a little-known black cloth tote bag from YSL's Rive Droite collection, a line of lifestyle pieces. While it's not a super eventful satchel, the one featured in Mund's TikTok does feature the Saint Laurent logo embroidered on the front, distinguishing it from a typical tote bag found at your local department store. 

So, how can you snag one of these designer bags for under $100? And what can you actually expect to pay? 

YSL's Rive Droite tote comes in several options

While Mund sported the all-black YSL Rive Droite tote, the official Yves Saint Laurent site offers several interpretations of this shopper. Other styles for sale feature catchy phrases. The "Everything Now" tote follows the same simple design with the words printed in quotations at the top of the bag. Towards the bottom, the brand's name is printed in the same white font. An identical design is available, though the words are different. This time, YSL added, "I Wanna Do Bad Things With You."

As spring creeps in, white handbags are definitely a go-to. And while this Yves Saint Laurent tote isn't exactly a purse, it is meant to be carried around and is big enough to hold all of your everyday essentials. The white design of this bag is adorned with gold letters that read Rive Droite. Since white typically matches well with any hue, you may get the most wear out of this variation. With the vibrant colors making a splash this spring, think of every outfit in your closet that will look amazing next to this selection. The style possibilities are endless.

The price is irresistible

Though not embellished with a snazzy design, for those who want the status that comes along with designer goods without spending an arm and a leg, the YSL Rive Droite tote can scratch that itch. This tote costs only $75. Though a bit pricier than similar bags, such as the Pink Canva Tote at Victoria's Secret that goes for $24.95, the YSL's 100% cotton version is undoubtedly more affordable than YSL's Rive Gauche Tote Bag, which sells for $1,890. However, that price point makes more sense once you factor in the linen and leather it's made of. 

Ultimately, this lightweight tote is a steal, especially considering comparable bags are only available with more expensive high-end purchases. For instance, when buying from certain designers, you'll get a complimentary dust bag with your order, but that's only after you've made an expensive purchase of a Gucci handbag or Louis Vuitton pump. Therefore, adding this novelty piece to your wardrobe isn't the worst decision you'll make for the sake of luxury.