The Best Bath Oils For A More Rejuvenating Soak

You've had a long, hard day. Your body craves nothing more than grabbing your favorite book, a glass of bubbly, and heading in for a warm, relaxing bath. But you don't want just any soak in the tub; you want to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Level up your soaking game by adding a bit of bath oil. In addition to adding an enticing fragrance, it's a game changer for hydrating your skin and giving you an all-over rejuvenation. You can literally feel the stress melting off you right into the water, allowing your worries to go down the drain and your mind to feel clear and happy. 

However, don't just throw any old bath oils into your tub. Find out the perfect oils to relax and soothe your muscles while giving your skin the extra moisture it craves. If you don't have time for a bath, that's not a problem. Most of these oils can be rubbed on the skin during the shower for the same effect.

Rejuvenate your soul with a revitalizing body oil

There is nothing better than stepping out of the bath to plump, hydrated skin. Tata Harper's Revitalizing Body Oil guarantees to deliver just that. Using 20 high-performing ingredients like mango, red algae, and rosehip seed oil, this bath oil lifts and firms wrinkles to reduce their look on your skin. It also works as a natural plumper to give your skin that fresh and hydrated look.

In addition to being wonderful on your neck and arms, it also works to hydrate dry hair. However, it was noted that the smell can be a bit overwhelming for some individuals. It's also more expensive than several bath oils out there. 

Chill out with the best relaxing body oil

When it comes to bath time, it's all about relaxation. Add an oil to your water that will help you de-stress from the day and get ready to slide into those sheets. Ren Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil uses the power of kelp and plankton to help your body and mind find zen.

In addition to the perfect chill, it has a soothing sea scent that makes you feel like you brought the Atlantic to your bathroom. It's also designed to disperse evenly in the bath to leave your skin feeling plump and radiant without a greasy film. Just remember it's important to shake the bottle well before using it, or you might get some white sediment straight from the Atlantic.

Best bath oil for a good night's rest

You want to get a good rest, but the thoughts of the day are refusing to go away. Grab your Midnight Storm Bath & Body Oil and head to your tub. This detoxing and restoring formula uses sunflower, sweet almond, ginger, basil, and jojoba oil to soothe your senses to get you ready for dreamland. In addition to soaking, you can rub this oil directly on the skin to reap the relaxing rewards.

Sunday Soak boasts the uses of recyclable glass packaging and cruelty-free creation to make this a truly guiltless pleasure. However, this product comes from the U.K., so you'll want to order your next batch with plenty of time to spare.

Fragrant bath oil to delight your nose

A soak in the bath is about more than just rejuvenating your mind; it's nice to lose yourself in your favorite fragrance. Dior J'adore Shower & Bath Oil elevates your bath using their signature J'adore floral scent. You can also lather it on the skin. Just sit back and let your nose enjoy.

Since this oil is designed to give the skin a slight perfume smell, it can be a little harsh when applied to more sensitive areas. Additionally, the liquid comes out fast, so you have to use a careful hand when pouring. You only need a few drops to appreciate the fragrance.

Add a bit of exotic to your bath with a premium bath oil

You can't go wrong adding a little more Estee Lauder into your life. Youth Dew surrounds you in roses and lavender while giving you all those sexy Jasmine vibes. It even adds a bit of patchouli to help bring this oil together. It provides just the right touch of fragrance to your skin without being overbearing. 

For an added benefit, you can add a few drops to your favorite shampoo to give your hair a makeover. However, a little can go a long way. A few drops are all you need to spice up your bath time routine.

Best bath oil to keep your skin hydrated and healthy

Who doesn't want healthy skin? Loutrosoak Blooming Bath Oil uses the power of sweet almonds, apricots, and avocado to repair your skin while gently soothing. The fatty acids of avocados also add antioxidants to protect you all day.

While this soak can go a long way to rejuvenating your skin, it will not fill your bathroom with fragrance. It's more geared toward providing those hydrating milk bath vibes than a fragrance explosion.

Invigorate your morning with rejuvenating body oil

Muscle aches and pains are no joke. Sometimes getting up in the morning takes a whole routine just to get moving. Ease your pain with the power of lime, primrose, and rosemary oil found in Chagrin Valley Sore Muscle Bath, Body & Massage Oil. Designed to relieve aches and pains, this bath oil uses juniper berries to rejuvenate your senses and ginger to soothe and relax all your muscles. It's the restorative soak you've been craving in the morning. Just remember this oil is designed for a good soak to get everything loosened up.

Sooth your skin with budget-friendly bath oil

You want to soak your arms and legs and not have a bath oil that costs an arm and a leg. The gimmicks can get you, though. A few Facebook ads later, and you've spent your paycheck on bath oils. Rather than go broke, try the tried and true Dr. Teal's Bath and Body Oil. It provides a soothing lavender scent that works to rejuvenate your bath-time routine.

Dr. Teals boasts a jojoba, lavender, and almond oil combo to moisturize and repair skin while giving you those relaxing vibes your soul craves. However, the scent is a bit sweet and can be a bit overwhelming if overused.

Deep relaxation pine bath oil to invigorate your night

The scent of the outdoors invigorates your whole body. Bathing among the trees would be a thing of dreams. You aren't the only one that wants to jump on the "forest bathing" bandwagon. Get the Japanese art of forest bathing in your apartment bathroom by trying out the Moon and Bloom Starlight Forest Bath Oil. In addition to quelling your need for tranquility, it leaves you with soft skin with just a hint of passionflower and oak wood.

This oil is designed for you to breathe in the power of the forest with every bath. Just remember the forest does have natural sediment that can make its way into your bathtub.

Best body oil to restore mental clarity

As the heat from the bath billows around you, your brain begins to relax, and things become clearer. Or at least that's the goal, right? Elemental Herbology Rejuvenate Bath and Body Oil works to make that come true with the power of lemongrass. While the ho leaf and nutmeg relax and soothe your muscles, the lemongrass offers a renewed focus. It's that rescue pack you need to finish your night right at the end of the day.

Bath oils have all the benefits of bath bombs, from hydrating your skin to providing an overall feeling of wellness without the actual bomb part. Try out a few of these bath oils to figure out the type of rejuvenation you need right now.