What Is A Lip Lift? Here's Everything You Wanted To Know About The Cosmetic Procedure

Your mouth says a lot to the world — beyond just the words that come out of it. The internet blasts you daily with ways to make that mouth fuller and more youthful through a multitude of products and TikTok lipstick hacks. But, it can take a lot of work to get that Instagram-worthy look on the daily. And what about the days you feel like going out with a bare face?

The lip lift might just be the cosmetic surgery you're dreaming about. In as little as an hour in-office, a licensed plastic surgeon uses various cuts along the base of the nose or corners of the mouth to lift the upper lip slightly. This little tuck not only makes the lip voluptuous but also gives you a younger appearance.

The procedure might be simple, but it's important to explore the different types of lip lifts to make sure it'll give you the definition and look you crave. You might also want to find out who this lip lift will benefit the most.

Types of lip lift procedures available

Natural-looking, pouty lips are all the rave. However, before you hop into your local office, consider the type of lift and look you're yearning for. New York Plastic Surgery notes that several lip lifts are available, each offering a different look.

The most common procedure with the least amount of scarring is the bullhorn lip lift, which is an incision made under the base of your nose. The lip is pulled up, and a small amount of skin is removed to give you that plump, lifted profile. A less common procedure is the gull-wing lift, where an incision is made between the upper lip line to give a more pronounced border. The scarring risk of this procedure makes it less common. Other options include the corner lift or V to Y lip lift. The corner lift is a procedure to upturn the corners of the mouth, while the V to Y lift is a V incision made inside the mouth that's closed in a Y shape to add more volume, noted New York Plastic Surgery. 

While the surgery might sound a little scary, it doesn't typically require anesthesia, just local anesthetic. And the benefits are instantaneous. You'll immediately notice fuller lips and a shorter lip line. Additionally, the procedure can improve the symmetry of aging lips. Are you wondering where to sign up? You might want to explore recovery and ideal candidates for this procedure first.

Is the lip lift right for you?

You're sold on a lip lift. But just because you want it doesn't mean it's for you. Before Googling surgeons, look at your lips in the mirror. To get the best results from a lip lift, you should have a longer upper lip where none of your teeth show when you smile. You might also consider this procedure if you have a natural frown.

Recovery should also be taken into consideration. Swelling and redness can take up to two weeks to resolve. The trauma to your lip area also requires you to forgo hard foods like apples and steaks for a few days. The stitches will also need to be removed before you can get back to your normal makeup routine.

Lip lifts can produce amazing results to give you that TikTok-worthy lip line you've obsessed over. However, this is a permanent procedure that costs a few thousand dollars. Therefore, if you aren't sure about going all out, you might want to try lip fillers first.