How To Get The '90s Midi Flick Cut That's Ideal For Voluminous Hair Types

There's nothing like getting a trendy new haircut to revive and freshen up your look. Sweeping curtain layers, fluffy and wispy bangs, and voluminous hair blowouts have become viral trends. Now, there's another haircut trend resurfacing and making its rounds on social media. Lately, '90s hairstyles are making a comeback, and that includes the iconic midi flick cut.

With models like Kaia Gerber and Matilda Djerf recently rocking this look, the midi flick cut is the haircut of the season. This cute, '90s-inspired haircut is a fresh, shorter take on the infamous supermodel blowout that has garnered over 150 million views on TikTok. If you have thick hair and have a hard time styling it or finding a cut that suits you, the midi flick cut could be the solution you've been looking for. Whether you already have voluminous locks or are looking to add more bounce to your hair, you'll want to try this trending style.

What is the '90s midi flick cut?

The '90s midi flick cut is a layered haircut that's longer than a bob and has a stylish flick of the ends. Fae Norris, a hairstylist at Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles, tells Bustle, "It's a cousin to the mid-length hair trends we're seeing now and delivers a choppy texture around the face, layers up top, and usually falls at the collarbone or just below it."

The haircut is known as a more grown out bob that has a cute, retro look to it. Think of the iconic '90s hair trend of Rachel Green from "Friends." With the midi flick, you'll also have bouncy layers that flip out and give your hair an elegant, nostalgic look with a modern twist to it. According to Byrdie, this style has a messy, effortless look to it that you can rock anywhere — whether you're heading out for a fancy dinner or to the grocery store. The midi flick is a go-to style for any day.

Who should get the midi flick cut?

If you have quite thick and voluminous hair, you're in luck. Celebrity hairstylist David Lopez tells Real Simple, "This haircut looks great on medium to thick hair types as it keeps its shape and hold." Many haircuts suit all kinds of hair types, but when it comes to the '90s midi flick cut, hair types that have a natural wave and good amount of thickness look best. Although this hairstyle looks super effortless and easy, it's important to style it correctly to make sure the ends flick out and give you that bouncy look.

When you're at the salon getting the midi flick cut, use your collarbone as a guide and let your stylist know you'd like a cut that sits just at the top of it. You'll also want to ask for wispy layers throughout. At this length, your cut will be extra bouncy, full, and voluminous with your flick.