Big Hats Are Back In For Spring. Here's How To Style Them

Accessories make or break your outfit. They differentiate who has style and who just has good taste. Accessories pull your outfit together and can define your look. The same black dress can go from casual to formal, depending on the accompanying jewelry, shoes, and bag. One accessory that needs to be on your go-to list is a hat. They aren't just for cold weather. Although, they serve a purpose in the fashion and practical parts of life. Big hats are trending to make your spring wear unforgettable.

Hats can save you from the sun, protect you from the rain, help retain your body heat, and most importantly, cover up a bad hair day. "Hats suit everyone, it is just a matter of choosing the right hat that suits you," deputy chairman of Lock & Co. Roger Stephenson told Country & Town House. With so many designs and styles, you're sure to find the big hat that will become a staple in your wardrobe.

Big and furry hats optimize size and texture

Big hats are all about making a statement. They are your crown jewel. And playing with texture is a fun way to add dimension. Use your bold and furry hat to carry out a color in your outfit. Accent shades in your top and bottom come together when they are highlighted in your accessories. This styling method avoids disjointing your hat from the rest of your ensemble. Instead, it will tie in to be the big, cozy cherry on top.

A beach hat that can walk the runway

Beach hats have always been big and floppy. They have to be. Not only are these pieces fabulous, but functional. They keep the sun from melting your makeup and your outfit from being basic. But you can throw on your bouncy beach hat even if you're not spending a day on the sand. A big woven hat completes your attire with a trendy bohemian aesthetic. Pair it with your favorite flowy dress and summer accessories like sunglasses, sandals, and silk scarves to complete the look.

Big boater hats embrace main character energy

If you're worried about your hat concealing your face or hair, fear not. Boater hats are the ideal headwear to center at the back of your head. The brim creates a symmetrical silhouette to frame your face, so it will accentuate your features. Styling a little off-center also lets your bangs or fringe be on display. Since the boater hat has a simple, structured design, it pairs well with anything. You can keep it casual or bring out elegance by pairing it with a modern blouse and fun pumps.

You don't have to be from the wild west to rock a cowboy hat

Cowboys have phenomenal style. The boots, the fringe jackets, and of course, the hats are dapper garbs adopted into the world of fashion. An oversized cowboy hat is a great way to embrace big hats. Trendy ways to style your cowboy hat include going full western or the complete opposite for a chic, modern take. However you choose to complement your headwear, just remember the hat is the star and it doesn't have to be a traditional brown cowboy hat. Pastel colors, prints, or leather all work for a big country glam headpiece.

Patterned headwear is big on another level

Big hats don't just have to mean big in size but grand in personality too. Oversized headwear with funky designs falls into both categories. Its trendy style quickly elevates any casual outfit. However, they make the perfect alternative to plain straw beach hats. The wide brim allows more space for pops of color and playful patterns. A monochrome outfit will highlight your printed hat while maintaining a vogue look. You can carry out a color in the design to complement your head covering or wear a different shade for contrast that makes the hat stand out.

You can't mention artisan luxury without crochet ruffle hats

Hats can be one of the most versatile accessories, from western cowboy hats to French berets. And with crochet hats, the craftcore aesthetic is given new life. This crochet ornament is over-the-top. Kiss the simple, symmetrical brim goodbye, and say hello to eccentric ruffles. Made from yarn, these crochet ruffle hats scream chic artisanry. Style them with other knit or craftcore pieces, like a shrug or earrings, to carry out that handmade detailing throughout your outfit. You will look tailor-made from head to toe.

Printed bucket hats are big in a loud way

Fashion icons from the '90s popularized garments like acid wash jeans, bomber jackets, and overalls, which are still hot trends. While mood rings are a '90s accessory that has faded out of style, bucket hats are quite the opposite. This streetwear staple is a feature in more than just casual outfits. And with loud prints and patterns, it is perfect for this big hat trend. Style it with another closet staple, the white button-down and denim jeans, for a sure-fire outfit. 

Fedoras are back and bigger than ever

When we think of classy, timeless headwear, the fedora tops the list. Its big brim is head-turning and fashionable. For the naysayers who trash fedoras, they probably just don't know how to style them. A monochrome outfit is a great way to dip your toes into the hat lover's paradise. And one color doesn't limit you to one shade. Keep your grand fedora bright and match it with a darker purse and shoes, or vice versa. With a brim that branches out to your shoulders, you'll embrace this trend flawlessly.

Color blocking is a must for any spring trend

The spring season is all about bright colors, so we must incorporate it with this big hat trend. Color blocking packs in the most color without mismatching or looking tacky. Choosing solid-color garments and varying hues is the key to styling your rainbow outfit. Save the pattern and prints for another day. Plus, pieces with similar shades run too close to a monochrome ensemble. A blue shirt, green pants, and orange purse complement each other perfectly. Don't forget your big hat with shoes to match.

Feathers make the ultimate statement

Big hats will make a statement whether you want them to or not. And you know what they say — if you can't beat them, join them. Put an exclamation point at the end of that statement by going above and beyond with your big hat. Feathers are a deluxe way to exemplify your statement hat. You can keep your outfit muted to really let your hat stand out or wear a matching accessory to push the boundaries of maximalism. Just be prepared for all the attention you and your big hat will get.