How To Remove Scuffs From Your Shoes Using One Simple Ingredient

It can feel like the end of the world when you're wearing your favorite shoes and look down to notice the mother of all scuffs staring back at you. After a failed attempt of the lick-and-wipe maneuver with your finger to remove the scuff, it's time to pull out extra reinforcement. There are many ways to clean your shoes depending on the shoe's color and material and the scuff level. The type of shoe that's scuffed is another important factor. But there are some basics to cleaning shoe stains.

One key to keeping your shoes pristine is regular wipe-downs. This technique can also help remove light scuffing, but make sure to check the manufacturers' instructions before starting. First, fill your shoes up with newspaper or plastic bags to keep their shape and create a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. Using a cloth, dip the rag into the solution and wipe down the shoe, gently scrubbing any problem areas until they're gone. But this method only works at removing shoe scuffs on some occasions and doesn't guarantee stain removal on all shoes. There's actually one simple element that is known to work better — and it's likely in your medicine cabinet.

The cleaning magic of toothpaste

In addition to cleaning and whitening your teeth, toothpaste is also a perfect option for cleaning shoe scuffs off various types, especially leather shoes. Just a little bit of toothpaste and a damp cloth can help your leather shoes look brand new. While toothpaste is credited with cleaning shoe stains of all materials, there is a difference depending on the type of toothpaste. Gel toothpaste isn't considered to be as effective at removing scuffs in comparison to paste.

Applying the toothpaste and rubbing it off with a cloth or toothbrush can work wonders on shoe stains and rubber soles. Remove the excess paste with a damp rag or cloth. The secret behind the cleaning magic of toothpaste lies in the different cleaning elements included in the makeup of the product. Elements like baking soda, sodium lauryl calcium carbonate, silica, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydroxide are all helpful ingredients when cleaning. For more stubborn scuffs, you might need to let the paste sit on the shoe to release and perforate it.

Who knew toothpaste was such a vital home improvement tool

Teeth and shoes aren't the only things toothpaste can clean. The dental standby has proven to be a useful home improvement solution that can clean nearly the entire bathroom. In fact, it can remove soap scum, polish fixtures, defog mirrors, and be used to scrub grout lines. Toothpaste can also be used to revamp your jewelry, remove the smell of food odors, and polish your kitchenware. Other ways toothpaste can work around the house are by removing wall stains and buffing out stains from your cell phone. 

The benefits of cleaning products with toothpaste include its pleasant smell compared to many harsh cleaning products, its easiness to use, and how easily accessible it is. Most grocery and convenience stores sell toothpaste and you likely have tubes at home. You can also keep a travel-sized tube of toothpaste handy just in case you need to remove scuffs on the go.