Who Is Kaity Biggar? Here's Everything We Know About The Bachelor Finalist

As "The Bachelor" Season 27 starring Zach Shallcross comes to a close, all eyes are on the show's leading contestants. Kaity Biggar is one of them. The seemingly drama-free blond beauty is a fan favorite who has been an early frontrunner for Shallcross' heart this season. She's clearly friendly and down to earth with a good head on her shoulders and doesn't seem to take life too seriously.

So, we were totally bummed when — early on during their overnight date — Shallcross upset her after confessing to her that he had been intimate with one of the other women. Yet, we were impressed by how quickly she bounced back from this revelation, deciding to put it behind her and move on with the rest of their evening together.

From a quick look at her Instagram page, it's obvious that Biggar is an adventurous woman who loves to live life to the fullest, whether she's socializing with friends, traveling, or enjoying some sun and fun. Follow along as we fill you in on everything we know about "Bachelor" finalist Kaity Biggar.

Kaity is serious about finding her 'Prince Charming'

From what we've gotten to know about Kaity Biggar so far just from watching her on Zach Shallcross' season of "The Bachelor," it's evident that she's looking to find her forever person. As she herself put it in her ABC bio: "I truly hope to find love. I have so much love to give to the right man." According to the bio, she also wants to start a family, so any guy who doesn't want to have kids is definitely off the table for her.

Fortunately, Shallcross shares her same goals for the future. On March 7, 2023, Biggar shared some photos from her one-on-one date with Shallcross in Budapest, with the caption: "Had such an amazing time exploring this BUDA-ful city."

From the way these two look at each other in these shots, anyone can see why she's made it this far in her journey this season. The fans seem to agree, with one woman commenting on the pics: "[By] the way he was looking at you while typing your note oh my heavens. That's the way any man should look at his woman." We have to agree.

Kaity is a Canadian who lives in Texas

Kaity Biggar is proud to rep her hometown of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Checking out her Instagram page, we've learned that she attended Queen's University in Kingston, as Biggar shared photos from college as recently as 2019. In September 2022, she shared a few pictures of her hometown on Instagram, captioning them: "There's no place like home." Clearly, she was back in her old neighborhood, possibly after returning from filming "The Bachelor" with friends and followers alike welcoming her back home.

But there's another place Biggar could have very well been coming home from: Austin, Texas, where she now lives in her own apartment — which viewers got to see during her hometown date with Zach Shallcross on "The Bachelor". If Austin sounds familiar to you, it's because the Bachelor resides there as well. Shallcross apparently divides his time between Austin and his hometown of Anaheim Hills, California — just one thing the two have in common.

Nurse Kaity enjoys helping others

We know that Kaity Biggar is an ER nurse, as noted by her ABC bio. However, she refers to her job in her Instagram bio as a travel nurse. It's likely that she could be both — an ER nurse who travels to various cities to serve hospital emergency rooms that need her help.

Biggar completed her nursing school education at Laurentian University in June 2019, when she shared a graduation photo on her Instagram page. Alongside the pic, she wrote: "Nursing school survivor" which was followed by emojis of a graduation cap and a smiley face sticking out its tongue. One week before her official graduation day, she shared a photo of herself on Instagram dressed in white, donning a nurse's stethoscope around her neck and holding her graduation cap and diploma in her hand. She captioned this pic: "Well, that wasn't fun!"

From what we've heard about the rigors of nursing school, we can just imagine!

She loves taking risks

Kaity Biggar is clearly an adventurous person who has no qualms about taking risks. We could already tell this from her job as a traveling ER nurse — a career where you're constantly in a new place in the midst of a very hands-on, demanding shift in which you can expect anyone and anything to come through the door. 

In addition to her job and jumping into reality television to star as a contestant on Season 27 of "The Bachelor," Biggar has no fear of sliding into someone's DMs and absolutely loves roller coasters — "like, looooves them" — as noted in her ABC bio.

A quick look through Biggar's Instagram feed, and it's clear she is an adrenaline junkie. For example, in August 2015, she shared a photo of herself high above the clouds while skydiving! Another photo has her at Rock Dunder where she is positioned on a rock high above while holding her arms outstretched. In another pic, she's sitting at the peak of Sulfur Mountain, again with her arms stretched out, taking in the view.

Kaity lives an active lifestyle

While some of Kaity Biggar's hobbies may be on the adventurous side, there's no doubt that she's all about leading an active lifestyle. Biggar seems to love swimming  — yet is freaked out by sharks — and she also figure-skated while growing up. Pilates and hiking are two of her other hobbies, as Biggar shared with Women's Health. On her Instagram feed, Biggar can be seen engaging in goat yoga, rock climbing, doing a handstand in the middle of an open road, snorkeling in Thailand, steering a boat, and playing a game of tennis and miniature golf, while smiling through it all.

It's a given then that any relationship she has needs to have a sense of adventure. So far, it seems as if Bachelor Zach Shallcross can keep up with her. One thing is for sure: If Biggar is his final pick, he surely won't be bored!

The Bachelor star loves exploring new restaurants

Just as she loves exploring the world, "The Bachelor" star Kaity Biggar loves exploring new restaurants at home in Austin, Texas, and back in her hometown of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She even considers herself a foodie. As she told Axios: "I love Aba, Launderette, Red Ash and Terry Black's BBQ!" These happen to be a few of her favorite spots in Austin.

We're sure Biggar was able to explore her fair share of restaurants while on her Season 27 "The Bachelor" adventure, even though it's largely known that the cast does not actually eat the food while on one-on-one dates — they eat before or after.

A peek at her Instagram feed shows her out with friends with a drink in hand at many an establishment — in one photo from January 2023, she's holding an espresso martini and captioned the pic: "Espresso martini connoisseur." In another from May 2022, she's pictured at an outdoor bar in Austin, writing alongside the pic: "Chasing drinks and dreams." We bet!

She's a dog lover

As an ER nurse, it's a given that Kaity Biggar enjoys helping people, but apparently, she also has a thing for animals — dogs, that is.

In several photos posted to her Instagram feed, Biggar is seen surrounded by her favorite pups. In one photo from May 2021, she's pictured smiling alongside two of them, referring to the dogs in her caption as "The boys." In an older pic from April 2015, she's seen with an adorable, tiny dog, noting in the caption, "Throwing it back with this monster." Here, she makes it clear she's a dog lover all the way — adding the hashtag "#catssuck."

Unfortunately, it seems as if she may have had to say goodbye to this furry friend of hers. Alongside a photo posted to Instagram in August 2016, she wrote, "Had to say goodbye to the best furry friend a girl could ask for. Rest easy."

The reality TV star loves being with her girlfriends

It appears at least on screen that Kaity Biggar got along swimmingly well with her fellow "Bachelor" contestants. On Instagram, she's shared photos of her and Bachelor Zach Shallcross' ladies of Season 27. One photo shows her and the girls sightseeing in London, while another shows them posing outside of their bus in the Bahamas and posing for a group shot in the clear blue water. Though she's captioned the two photos "Drama in the Bahamas," it doesn't look like she was referring to any drama she was necessarily involved in. Having watched this season, we know Kaity must have been calling out the drama that involved contestants Anastasia and Kylee after Kylee attempted to steal Zach away from Anastasia — and succeeded.

In other photos from Kaity's Instagram feed, she's seen with her girlfriends from back home in Austin, Texas, and Ontario, Canada. In the pictures, she and her friends always look to be having a great time, whether having some drinks or chillin' at Coachella.

Kaity may dabble in modeling

Though this has yet to be confirmed, we have an inkling that Kaity Biggar may have dabbled in modeling. While it wouldn't surprise anyone, considering she's a contestant on "The Bachelor," we happened to spy a couple of gorgeous professional photos of herself she shared with her Instagram followers. In one photo from May 2017, she's seen wearing white lingerie and looking down while posing on a bed with crisp white linens. Biggar captioned the pic: "Can't thank @niche.photography enough for this experience! Message her to get in on the June marathon sessions."

Shortly prior to posing for this photo shoot, she took part in another photo shoot in March of that year at the All Suites Whitney Manor. In the black-and-white pic that Biggar shared on Instagram, she's seen sitting on a fluffy blanket surrounded by furry pillows and looking out the window while again wearing lingerie. In the top comment, one user wrote: "Gorgeous photos," and we have to agree.

She can usually be found at the beach

While it's clear that Kaity Biggar of "The Bachelor" Season 27 loves to travel and see the world, there seems to be one place she values most of all: the beach.

In a number of the photos she's shared to her Instagram feed, Biggar is seen on the beach — whether it's at The Pier smiling widely, in Miami Beach, Florida, where she's seen looking pensive, or in Malibu, California, while adjusting her bright yellow bikini. Alongside that pic, she wrote: "The only B.S I need is bikinis & sandals."

Could she be at her favorite spot soaking up the sun and sand to get away from some guy drama? Could be. Our girl has no time for that — and it's clear that Zach Shallcross can tell. Whether she'll receive his final rose or be left sulking in a limo, only time will tell. However, from what we can see, Biggar is going places, and we can't wait to see what she does and where she goes next.