Here's What You Need To Know About The Bachelor's Body-Shaming Controversy

Though ABC's hit show "The Bachelor" started as a beloved dating series, in more recent years the franchise has found itself steeped in controversy and backlash. While last season was intended to help bring much-needed diversity to the show by way of casting the first Black bachelor Matt James, the historic season instead revealed the show's deep-seated race issues (via BBC). This time around "The Bachelor" is facing criticism for the Women Tell All episode of Clayton Echard's run (via TV Insider). Though the special featuring revelations about Echard's brother, false accusations leveled against standout Genevieve Parisi and other explosive confessions, most of the chaos centered on the season villain Shanae Ankney.

Throughout her screen time, Ankney managed to find herself at odds with just about every other woman in the house. During the tell-all, the women both sought out apologies from the 30-year-old and fired off their own insults — some of which deserve apologies of their own.

Bachelor Nation calls out bodyshaming on Women's Tell All

During "The Bachelor" Season 23 Women Tell All special, Shanae Ankney was subjected to especially cruel body shaming (via Cosmopolitan). One woman even told Ankney that she looked like she was wearing a "diaper." 

Despite the relationship analysts' bad behavior on the show, fans felt that the comments made about her appearance were uncalled for. One Twitter user wrote, "She was mean on the show and an a****** at best, but the way they are tearing into her tonight is shameful. To say 'look at her a** it's ugly, are you wearing a diaper?!' ..yal that's low. To say I hope you literally rot..that's just wrong. Check yourselves ladies."

Even members of Bachelor Nation stepped in to express their disappointment in what unfolded on their television screens. "Bachelorette" and "Bachelorette in Paradise" alum Joe Amabile tweeted, "Diaper comment was b*******. If some these women keep it up they are going to steal Shanae's villain edit in one night," (via Twitter). Fellow "Bachelorette" alum Jason Tartick said, "Imagine [Kaitlyn Bristowe] hosting this #WTA...feel like she'd check 95% of this b******* specially the body shaming."