Effortlessly Style Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans With These Tips

Skinny jeans had their years-long moment, but they've recently been ousted in favor of straight-leg jeans thanks, in large part, to TikTok. Some people stopped wearing skinny jeans because they didn't like the look, while others felt they were too confining and uncomfortable. But there are also medical reasons to ditch your skinny jeans. Still, getting rid of your skinny jeans or just opting for straight-legged options instead means finding new ways to style them. 

Elle UK blames jeggings for the fall of the skinny jean, but no matter what made them go out of style, people are now leaving them in the closet for the time being and figuring out how to style their straight-leg jeans, also known as mom jeans, instead. While some people go with sneakers, others still want to reach for the favorite ankle boots they have in their closet. Luckily, you can easily find styles that suit both booties and straight-legged jeans because they're so versatile. 

Match your ankle boots to your top

One of the easiest ways to style your ankle boots with straight-legged jeans is to reach for an oversized coat and grab a pair in the same color. If it's too warm for a coat, you can also match your jeans with whatever top you're wearing. Because straight-legged jeans cover up a lot of the top of the boot, the actual foot should be the same color as your coat or top to achieve this effortlessly put-together look. 

Opt for jeans with frayed ends

When styling your ankle boots, consider reaching for jeans that don't have a harsh hem at the bottom, like some that are frayed, and pair those with your favorites. The frayed jeans soften the transition between your pants and your boots. This pairing works well with any combination of boots and jeans, but frayed jeans match well with boots that have an angled toe and a bit of a heel on them. 

Work it out with some work boots

You don't need to have a particular type of straight-legged jeans to pair with an ankle boot that looks like a work boot or industrial boot. These boots look great with any straight-legged jeans, but they really pop with a dark-wash pair. If you want to change up this particular style, you could opt for a pair of socks with a colored pattern or socks that match your shirt to neatly pull the entire look together. 

Grab ankle boots with a chunky heel

If you're planning to go for a more dramatic look or wearing boots and jeans for a night out, consider pairing ankle boots with a large, chunky heel with your straight-legged jeans. If your boots are black, opt for light-wash jeans, but if you're going with a lighter color for your boots, they'll pop with darker-colored denim. To make the look more cohesive, match your boots to your top.

White ankle boots really pop with straight leg jeans

White ankle boots can easily be paired with straight-legged jeans to obtain just about any vibe you might be going for whether it's professional, laidback, or just plain chic. To achieve this look, pair your white ankle booties with light- or dark-washed high-rise jeans and a tucked-in shirt. Use your ankle boots to stylishly contrast with the rest of your outfit, especially if you wear darker colors up top and lighter jeans and boots.

Have a monochromatic moment

Go for an all-black outfit by pairing your straight-legged black jeans with black boots, a black top, a black jacket, and a black purse. One huge pro of this look is that it eliminates any need for worrying about if your boots match your outfit. You could also achieve this effect in any other shade, too. The important thing to achieve the monochromatic look is to choose clothes and accessories that are all the same shade of the same color. 

Opt for super chunky ankle boots

If you want a less traditional style, you can use ankle boots and jeans to go super edgy. Like straight-legged jeans, edgy, heavy ankle boots have recently enjoyed a renaissance. Pair the heavy ankle boots, like classic Doc Martens, with ripped jeans to achieve that rock 'n' roll style. You can easily get this look with light, dark, or mid-wash jeans. Consider pairing them with a black crop top or bodysuit to complete the ensemble without taking too much attention away from your boots. 

Try cuffing your jeans above your boots

If your jeans are covering up too much of your boots, cuff the bottom of your pants to really bring attention to your ankle boots and show them off properly. This also helps eliminate any awkward wrinkling at the bottom of your straight-legged jeans if they're a bit too long to wear with your boots. You can dress this style up or down by pairing it with different tops and accessories depending on what kind of mood you're in. It's easy to go comfy and casual or more structured.

Mix it up with metallic ankle boots

Metallic shoes are the most stylish way to rock the super shiny trend, and they can be completely show-stopping. There's no reason you can't bring them into this trend too. Reach for your favorite pair of metallic boots and pair them with any straight-legged jeans you'd like to wear. To complete this look, include some jewelry that matches your boots, or, if you want a more over-the-top look, you could reach for a metallic jacket that matches your boots instead. 

Reach for ankle boots with a pattern

If you really want your boots to be the star of the show, reach for a patterned pair that will stand out against the rest of your outfit. Faux snakeskin, leopard print, or any brightly colored boot would be perfect when paired with an outfit that is more understated. To get this look, reach for a light or medium-wash pair of jeans, a white or neutral top, and minimalist accessories that don't take away from the rest of your outfit.