Inner Corner Eyeshadow Is The Timeless Makeup Look You Need To Master

Let's face it, perfecting your makeup look is trial and error. Certain aspects of the process, such as contouring and blending, can make or break the finished product. But even when mastering these two vital skills, your face may still appear dull despite pulling off your most promising blush shape. That is where eyeshadow comes in. You can go crazy with blues, pinks, and yellows or keep things simple with neutral tones on your eyes. Typically applied to your eyelids, there is one location where some remain weary of using this colorful powder, though there is nothing to fear.

Inner corner eyeshadow makes a bold eye statement that people are beginning to gravitate towards once more. It entails just dabbing a tiny dot of powder to the inner corner of your eyes closest to the upper bridge of your nose. It may not seem like a big deal, but this small detail will make your eyes pop. Even better, inner-corner eyeshadow can be extremely diverse, with many opting for bright hues or shiny illuminators. No matter your style, this is one trend you should master.

If you want your eyes to glow, go with highlighter

If you've gone for a full glam makeup look with heavily pigmented glitter on your eyelids, you may want to add even more pizazz. That's where the highlighter in the inner corner will come in. Also known as "eye strobing," this makeup technique is not hard to pull off but does take a steady hand.

U.K. makeup artist Lima is an expert in this specific glam look. A quick glance at her Instagram shows numerous examples, including multicolored eyeshadows, often with glitter included, and flawlessly executed accompanying inner-eye accents. She doesn't choose simple eye looks with a splash of color. Instead, much of her work demonstrates the use of dreamy inner eye pigmentation, favoring sparkles and illuminators.

Celebrity makeup artist Raoúl Alejandre pulled off a more toned-down version of Lima's work for Zendaya's look when she attended the premiere of her film "Dune" in 2021. He applied a dark eye with a light pink shadow. However, the purple glitter and highlighter dabbed in the corners of her eyes stole the show.

A little goes a long way

Peter Philips, creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup, showcased just how little you need to pull off this gorgeous effect. During the Fall/Winter '22 Paris runway show in March 2022, he incorporated silver inner corner highlights on the models walking the show. Philips combined the silver shade of the Dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette in 001 Universal Neutral with 100 Nude Look Dior Addict Lipstick to create the eye look. Just as this concept was not overpowering on the runway, it should not be in everyday wear. "A light dot on the corner of the eye" is how Philips described this look during a chat with The Zoe Report.

Inner eyeshadow or highlighter can be applied using your pinky finger. However, if you do use a brush, it should be a small fluffy brush. You can even use the end of the brush to make a perfect dot in the corner with little mess to clean up. This gorgeous makeup-saving tool will illuminate any complexion. When you try your hand at the "Goth Fairy Makeup" trend, don't forget to add the finishing touches to those inner eye corners. You won't regret it.