'Goth Fairy' Makeup Is Trending - Here's How To Get The Look

You have probably heard of the trendy fairycore makeup aesthetic that incorporates pastel colors, soft lines, and bedazzled details. Or maybe you prefer the dark tones and sharp lines that a goth makeup look offers. While these two trends may seem like polar opposites, makeup artists have discovered the magic that happens when you combine the fairy and goth aesthetic.

According to Vogue, makeup artist James Kaliardos was inspired by the gothic fairy movement at the Rodarte fashion show that kicked off NYFW in Brooklyn. Models sashayed down the runway wearing thick, bold eyeliner with multiple wings that flared off in different directions and black lipstick. Kaliardos perfectly combined the gothic color palette with fairy-like shapes, creating a chic version of a makeup trend that is usually reserved for Halloween. 

Since the fashion show, the goth fairy trend has exploded amongst makeup TikTok. Creators and makeup artists have been inspired to put their own creative spin on the look.

You'll be turning heads with this gothic take on fairy wing eyeliner

To really pull off the goth fairy trend, pay attention to the tiny details. Makeup artist and TikToker @ellekernmua stitched her own video of a fanciful fairy makeup look she created last Halloween, hoping to recreate the look with a dark twist. She painted beautifully detailed black fairy wings on both of her eyelids, being careful to add the same dainty curls and signature speckles from her last fairy look. Adding a black lip, silver rhinestones, and faux freckles, Elle perfectly captures the gothic fairy look — we hope she is rocking that look while out on the town, because it deserves to be seen! 

This look is the perfect blend of dark and whimsical

We love seeing artists make a makeup trend their own, which is exactly what creator @bellastyyle did with her fairy goth look. She posted her process on TikTok, beginning with a simple base and a black and red smokey eye. The look takes a sharp twist when she adds eyeliner that creeps up the middle of her eyelids and "cuts" her eyebrows in half, no doubt inspired by the cracks in earth that dark fairies lurk around. To complete the look, she adds soft freckles, a mauve lip, and a smudged symbol that looks like a fairy emerging from the ground. Talk about a unique take! 

Don't be afraid to play with vibrant colors

Makeup artists are some of the bravest among us, like creator @yashface2310, who let a TikTok filter determine her makeup look. Excited to see that it landed on the ever-popular fairy goth trend, she got to work using shades of purple and holographic glitter to create the base for her unique look. She created cutouts in the eyeshadow lined with rhinestones and accentuated with a sharp single wing of eyeliner. Paired with the right shade of lipstick and the perfect outfit, we would wear this look absolutely everywhere! 

The blue hues in this Y2K-inspired look are stunning

Not all looks need to be overstated and bold to achieve the goth fairy aesthetic. TikToker @itgonnabemae proved that with her Y2K-inspired take on the gothic fairy makeup trend. Inspired by a drawing of a dark blue fairy by a lake, she begins with a shimmery white eyeshadow on her top lid, and a soft blue lining her bottom lid. With only a small wing of eyeliner and a soft pink lip to accentuate her natural glow, the look is complete. While this is a drastic difference from the other goth fairies we've seen, the MUA still perfectly captures the trendy vibe while making it her own. 

Go all out with this e-girl take on a gothic fairy look

If you're craving a makeup look that will really turn some heads, @sarahnewsfx had you covered. The makeup artist shared her process for achieving a gothic fairy look with an e-girl aesthetic twist. Her look pulls similar inspiration from the examples above — sparkly eyeshadow, over-the-top eyeliner that curls outward in different directions, and a face covered in faux freckles for an extra touch of whimsy. 

What makes her look totally unique is the addition of details like facial jewelry, sharp lines painted around the lips and forehead, and of course the addition of foggy contact lenses and pointy fairy ears! The finished look is straight out of a dark fairytale.