MAC's Viral 'Putter Blush' Is A Cross Between Powder And Putty Textures - And It Gives The Smoothest Finish

Out of all the makeup products on the market, blush has gone viral on TikTok time and time again. This is especially true for blush with non-powder formulas. Sephora's beauty director, David Razzano, explained why that particular formulation was so popular (via Glamour). He said, "We've seen more and more clients gravitate toward cream blush because its creamy texture creates a smooth, natural, and skinlike finish that blends seamlessly into your complexion." Razzano added, "Cream formulas also often have the added benefit of creating a dewy glow and flushed appearance, which is so covetable — and trending — right now." However, putty-to-powder blush formulas are also becoming a sensation on social media.

Popular products with this formula include e.l.f Cosmetic's Putty Cream BlushPatrick Ta's Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush, and MAC's Glow Play Blush. In February 2022, Vogue's YouTube channel posted a video of actor Maude Apatow doing her skincare and makeup routine, and one of the products she used was MAC's Glow Play Blush. The blush has since become a fan favorite on TikTok. At the time of this publication, #macglowplayblush has millions of views on the app, many being reviews and tutorials. The blush costs $33, and MAC describes the product as having a pillowy texture.

MAC's Glow Play Blush has shades for all skin tones

MAC's Glow Play Blush comes in 11 shades and includes nude, pink, peach, and purple hues. One of the shades that have gone viral is an unconventional blush shade called "Totally Synced." In a TikTok, makeup artist @xoxodoseofjos said that she uses this soft lilac shade on top of her makeup, including her lipstick and powder products (noting that the blended products don't separate). TikTok user @valeria_deldinova bought the same shade and credited @xoxodoseofjos for influencing her. @valeria_deldinova said that MAC's Glow Play Blushes are "not crazy pigmented, but they are so easy to blend." She added that it gave her a great cold girl look, perfectly nailing TikTok's winter blush trend. In her caption, she described "Totally Synced" as stunning.

But not everyone shares the same excitement about "Totally Synced." TikTok user @leilanikeaa posted a video she captioned, "Let's test this viral @maccosmetics glow play blush on brown skin ... Wait till the end, I wasted my money." @leilanikeaa said that the shades "Totally Synced" and the light pink-toned "Cheeky Devil" are not great for deeper skin tones. Although she did not like how they looked on her skin, she at least praised the formula.

In another TikTok, @leilanikeaa tried "Heat Index," a bright pink shade, and a coral shade called "Groovy," which she said worked much better for her skin tone. @bonitravo also tried on "Heat Index" and said it worked for her dark skin.

Consumers are fascinated by the feel of the Glow Play Blush

MAC recommends you put on their Glow Play Blush with either a finger or a brush of your choice. The company notes that this product has a shimmery finish that is sleek and smooth. One of the most significant selling points of the Glow Play Blush is its distinct formula that is not quite powder and not quite a putty. In a TikTok, user @mtttttthw shows how bouncy and delicate the formula is. MAC called the Glow Play Blush "the best blush to wear and touch" on TikTok. Fans agree, as there are countless videos on TikTok of users putting their finger in the product and swatching it.

In her TikTok, user @misskrissym said that the texture was similar to Play-Doh and speculated that this formula could be the next blush trend in her video caption. TikTok users like @_alyssa_lorraine_ love the glow the blush gives. Likewise, @leilanikeaa said that the formula is skin-like. If you're looking for an affordable dupe for this product, TikTok user @misskrissym said that Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush is nearly identical. However, this product is no longer available on Maybelline's website and is only sold by third-party retailers.

The Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush by Kaja, sold at Sephora, looks to have a similar texture and appearance as the Glow Play Blush. A cheaper alternative to the Mochi Pop Bouncy Blush and the Glow Play Blush is Colourpop's Super Shock Blush, which has a bouncy cream-to-powder formula.