Every Outfit From Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Ranked

As Swifties know all too well, the Eras Tour is the biggest Taylor Swift event in history. It's been almost five years since the star last hit the road with her Reputation Tour and since then, she has released four new studio albums. In the Eras Tour, Swift travels through each of her albums to date — it is, as Swift wrote on Instagram: "A journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present!)."

The Eras Tour, which kicked off in Arizona on March 17, 2023, and runs until August, has left fans eagerly devouring every fan video of Swift on stage they can find. So far, the tour has completely exceeded our expectations, with a setlist of over 40 songs, spectacular production design, and era-specific looks that go beyond all of our wildest dreams. 

Fans have been desperate to find out what Swift's style would look like on the Eras Tour — and so far, her dozens of outfit changes do not disappoint. Swift has managed to capture each of her distinct eras while keeping a cohesive "Midnights"-inspired look (think sequins everywhere) throughout the show. From "bejeweled" bodysuits to gorgeous sparkly ballgowns to a delicate floaty maxi dress, Swift has left her fans completely enchanted. Long story short, Swift has more than delivered on the fashion in her latest tour — and we are going to be haunted by these looks forever and always. Ready for it? Here is every look on the Eras Tour, ranked from worst to best.

Fearless: a gold and silver fringed dress

Let's be clear — there are no bad looks on the Eras Tour. But, if we had to pick one outfit that was a little underwhelming, we would have to go with this custom Roberto Cavalli dress that Taylor Swift wore on the second night of her tour in Glendale, Arizona. Swift wore this brown sparkly midi dress during her "Fearless" set and while the fringe and the color certainly capture the essence of the era, we much preferred her cowgirl-esque mini fringe dress from the opening night. 

Lover: the sequined blazer for The Man

Taylor Swift's song "The Man" is all about questioning gender stereotypes and challenging sexist power discrepancies. Just like in her music video for the song, Swift opted for a Versace blazer while performing the hit women's empowerment anthem during her "Lover" set on the opening night of her tour. She paired the silver sparkly suit jacket with a pair of dramatic red-soled custom Christian Louboutins. Swift looks undeniably fierce, but this isn't quite a look that blew us away.

Lover: a black pinstripe blazer for The Man

On Taylor Swift's second night in Glendale, Arizona, she swapped out her silver blazer by Versace for a black and white pinstripe blazer. Much like her silver blazer from the previous night, this black blazer is all about playing with gender roles — it's the perfect ensemble for this song. Plus, the pinstripe detail on this blazer is definitely giving corporate boardroom. But of course, Swift didn't skimp on the sparkle — like most of her looks, this blazer is covered in sequins.

Red: a red and black sparkly bodysuit

Taylor Swift wore a number of gorgeous sequined bodysuits during her three-hour-long performance. During the "Red" segment, she donned this gorgeous red and black ombre sequined number. This bodysuit has a retro vibe with its square neckline and brief-style hemline. As Cosmopolitan noted, this look might have been a subtle nod to her famous ringleader outfit, which she wore at the 2012 MTV EMAs while performing songs from "Red." We love this chic, understated body suit, but again, it's not quite at the top of our list.

Red: the iconic t-shirt and hat

The Eras Tour is a nostalgic ride back through Taylor Swift lore and this outfit is a total blast from the past. The singer famously wore a white t-shirt that read: "Not a lot going on at the moment" paired with a black hat and black shorts in her "22" music video during her "Red" era. On the opening night of the Eras Tour, she recreated the look almost exactly — although this time, the shirt read: "A lot going on at the moment" with the word "lot" in read. On the second night, she switched things up with a shirt that featured: "Who's Taylor Swift Anyway? Ew." Some fans have even speculated that the red letters on her two shirts are part of a word puzzle for fans.

Midnights: a sparkly blue mini dress

On the second night of the tour in Arizona, Taylor Swift donned a bright blue sparkly mini dress for the song "Anti-Hero" as part of her "Midnights" set. While, the fun, eye-catching dress emulated Swift's sparkly "Midnights" era style, the boxy style of this dress isn't our favorite look of the tour so far, especially in comparison to Swift's more fierce fitted bodysuits that dominate the rest of the tour.

Lover: the gold sparkly bodysuit

Taylor Swift opens the Eras Tour with a set of songs from her 2019 album "Lover." On the first night, she wore a silver and purple sequined bodysuit, but on the second night, she wore a matching bodysuit with gold details. Both bodysuits were designed by Versace. We absolutely love this look. Swift looks like a walking mirrorball — and what could be more perfect to open her Eras Tour?

Evermore: a golden maxi dress

During Taylor Swift's "Evermore" set, the singer wore a gorgeous golden maxi prairie custom-made dress by designer Etro. With a ruffled corset bodice and floral embroidery, this stunning dress was perfect for this low-fi, woodsy era. On the first night, Swift went viral in this beautiful dress for acknowledging a fan theory about the album. "The 'Evermore' album [is] an album I absolutely love... despite what some of you say on TikTok," the singer said (via the Independent).

Acoustic set: a pink maxi dress

Each night, Taylor Swift performs an acoustic set, which features two surprise songs. On the first night, she sang "Mirrorball" and "Tim McGraw" and on night two, she sang "This Is Me Trying" and "State of Grace." On the first night, Swift wore a deep berry-colored tiered maxi dress with ruffled detailing by Jessica Jones. This gorgeous floaty dress is fit for a princess and gives a subtle nod to Swift's debut album — which only gets some brief representation during this set.

Red: a sparkly blazer for All Too Well

Taylor Swift released a record-breaking epic ten-minute version of one of her most beloved songs "All Too Well" on "Red (Taylor's Version)." The emotional roller coaster of a song quickly became a fan favorite, so naturally, it earned a spot on the Eras Tour. For this autumnal, reflective number, Swift wore a maxi red and black sequined coat over her matching bodysuit. The coat is designed by Ashish Gupta, a designer who has worked with Swift for years.

Lover: the silver sparkly bodysuit

The very first outfit to appear in the Eras Tour was this gorgeous Versace silver and purple bodysuit. This spectacular look is the perfect "Midnights" and "Lover" mashup with its excessive sparkle and its pastel purples and blues. We love the corset-style ribbing and the nod to Swift's "Bejeweled" music video bodysuit. As Donatella Versace wrote on Instagram, this look is nothing short of "breathtaking."

Fearless: the fringed mini dress

Taylor Swift kicked off her "Fearless" era set on night one with this stunning gold fringed mini dress by Roberto Cavalli. This dress is giving a 1920s flapper vibe — and paired with those knee-high sparkly cowboy boots, it's the perfect homage to her fashion from the "Fearless" days when she was all about the tassels and fringes. The dress is a direct reference to a dress from the original Fearless Tour. As Cavalli designer Fausto Puglisi told Vogue of the dress: "We chose a beautiful champagne colour, which is very Taylor."

Speak Now: a dramatic ball gown

Taylor Swift only sings one song from "Speak Now" during her Eras Tour set — "Enchanted" — but during that one song, she certainly pulls out all of the stops with her fashion. This gorgeous hoop skirt ballgown is like something out of a fairytale, which is perfect for the "Speak Now" era. Designed by Nicole + Felicia Coture, this pale pink gown is covered in sparkles and sequins. As Elle notes, it's probably a direct nod to a dress from the original Speak Now Tour, for her songs "Ours," "Fifteen," and "Love Story."

1989: the Roberto Cavalli set in green

This sparkly geometric look by Roberto Cavalli is one of our favorites on the tour. On the first night, Taylor Swift wore this set in bright pink — on the second night, she opted for a lime green version of the outfit along with a pair of matching green ankle boots. The outfit was designed as a tribute to Swift's "1989" era when the singer famously wore plenty of crop top mini skirt two pieces.

Speak Now: a fairytale pink ball gown

While Taylor Swift's first Nicole + Felicia Coture ballgown for the "Speak Now" era was stunning, on the second night, she wore this pink showstopper. Designed by Zuhair Murad, this breathtaking gown featured a starburst sequin design around the fitted waist and a cross-strap back, per the designer's Instagram. According to Harper's Bazaar, the dress took over 350 hours to make and features a staggering 50 meters of tulle.

1989: a Roberto Cavalli pink sequined set

And now for the stunning magenta Roberto Cavalli set. Taylor Swift wore this incredible ensemble during her "1989" set on night one of the tour. This gorgeous two-piece is one of the most eye-catching outfits on the tour. Its sharp geometric pattern, bright Swarovski crystals, and fringe detailing make it utterly unforgettable. As Roberto Cavalli's official Instagram put it, this outfit made Swift "shine on stage like the living musical legend she is."

Midnights: a sequined mini dress and a furry purple coat

In Taylor Swift's "Midnights" segment of the Eras Tour, she brings all of the dark glitter and '70s glamor of the album to her fashion. In this gorgeous ensemble, which the singer wore for "Lavender Haze," Swift paired a sequin-covered t-shirt-style mini dress with a fluffy purple faux fur coat with delicate crystal embroidery, both by Oscar de la Renta. The coat is a direct nod to the very similar purple coat by Free People that Swift wore in the music video for the same song.

Folklore: a flowy white caped dress

On the second night of the tour, Taylor Swift wore this ethereal white maxi gown during her "Folklore" set. Designed by Alberta Ferretti, the tiered gown offers the perfect amount of floaty elegance for the singer's famous understated sound on "Folklore." As Alberta Ferretti's Instagram noted the dress is "a custom tiered cream gown with voluminous sleeves and delicate crystal and micro-beading embroideries."

Midnights: a black fringed mini dress

Taylor Swift continued her "Midnights" set dressed as "Midnight Rain" personified with this unbelievably gorgeous midnight blue body suit by Oscar de la Renta, covered in sequins and a sparkly fringe paired with knee-high Louboutin boots — perfect for "Vigilante S***" and "Bejeweled." Oscar de la Renta's Instagram wrote that Swift "wears a custom Oscar de la Renta midnight sequin and crystal embroidered bodysuit with draped fringe necklaces." There's no doubt about it — this has to be one of our favorite looks from the show.

Midnights: a sparkly fringed coat

As if the Oscar de la Renta bodysuit wasn't enough, Taylor Swift added a truly incredible fringed coat with a multi-color sparkle effect for her final song, "Karma." This unusual coat is absolutely breathtaking and is up there with our favorite Taylor Swift looks of all time.

Folklore: the pleated purple maxi dress

This exquisite lavender-colored maxi dress by Alberta Ferretti is one of the Eras looks that will stick with us for years to come. The "Folklore" era gown from the first night of the tour turned Taylor Swift into a mystical, woodsy princess. The designer's Instagram described the elegant dress as "a custom, chiffon crystal embellished mauve gown with flutter sleeves, plunging neckline and lace inserts." What could be more perfect for Swift's magical, floaty "Folklore" set?

Reputation: the one-legged snake bodysuit

This is one Taylor Swift look that is sure to go down in history. For her "Reputation" set, the singer wore this bold one-legged, one-armed body suit by Roberto Cavalli embroidered with sparkly red snakes in reference to her famous imagery from the revenge-fueled album. As Fausto Puglisi told Vogue: "It's more of a badass, rock and roll look." And as the designer's Instagram put it, this look gave us "a moment of pure magic."