Belts Are Going To Be Everywhere This Spring - Here's How To Style The Flattering Basic

We love functional fashion. What's the point of sky-high heels if you can't wear them all night? And that hat can't do much for your outfit when it's mostly sitting on the table. Belts are the epitome of practical style. Thanks to this accessory, those baggy jeans can sit comfortably on your hips. Your favorite dress that swallows your shape now gives you an hourglass silhouette with a belt cinching at your waist.

Until suspenders start trending, your wardrobe must have at least one belt. You can integrate this flattering basic into almost any outfit, whether you wear it to keep your bottoms from falling or for extra bling. In an interview with Byrdie, celebrity stylist Grace Van Cleave says, "Think of belts like you would a piece of jewelry." Even the ones you DIY from shoestring are like precious metals and gems. Van Cleave, the CEO of Amazing Grace Styling, explains a belt can complete your outfit, and true belt lovers feel naked without one. Join the pro-belt team with these style tips for Spring's favorite accessory.

The classic leather belt and jeans combo

Probably the most popular way to wear a belt is through the loops of your favorite jeans. Leather and denim are best friends. Varying textures add dimension to your outfit, and a rich black belt pops against the standard blue jean. To keep this outfit simple, throw on a neutral top and shoes that match the belt. Leather booties and a white turtleneck elevate this casual look. Layer on jewelry with hardware that compliments the belt buckle to take your style to higher heights.

Chains you'll want to be wrapped in

To truly embody a belt being like jewelry, try a chain belt. The metal links mimic a jumbo necklace. It is the perfect body accessory to bring some edge to your outfit. Go full goth or embrace the trending girly goth aesthetic. Platform boots and black attire lend to the grunge style, while a chain belt brings a kiss of femininity. You can carry out the softness with a skirt and tights. However, a hardcore vibe of distressed jeans and fishnets works too.

Don't waste an opportunity for a belt at the waist

Take it up a notch (literally) and move your belt from the hips to your waist. A dress is a perfect opportunity to execute this look. Let the belt work its magic by keeping the dress simple. A corset or harness belt pairs best around your waist. They are typically statement pieces, so keep the other accessories simple unless you're a maximalist. We recommend a plain hat and shoes. If you can't leave the house without jewelry, a pair of earrings won't hurt.

A simple belt that is far from basic

If you love a belt around the waist but don't love dresses, a jumpsuit is your dream come true. This one-piece garment combines the beauty of a blouse with the comfort of pants. They are stylish pieces that you can dress up or down. Adding a patterned belt is a great way to upgrade the look. A romper, which is also a one-piece attire but with shorts, plays well with this style. A great spring look for the beach, picnic, or a walk.

Tie in your belt with matching accessories

A belt is that extra oomph you didn't know you needed. Just match it with your other accessories to tie it into any outfit. Regardless of the belt's color, wearing shoes, headwear, or a purse with the same hue will instantly finish the outfit. It doesn't have to be an exact match, either. Similar shades with light or dark variations pair just as well. However, to step outside the box, you can juxtapose your belt with contrasting accessories. Try an orange belt and blue arm cuffs for color contrast or a cool undertone belt and warm undertone sandals for temperature contrast.

Two are better than one

You know what your belt outfit needs? Another belt. Doubling up on your belts can barge into tacky and gaudy territory if it's not styled properly. The key is to keep the belt simple. Two statement pieces is a war nobody wins. Wearing two leather, thin, or plain belts will create a runway-ready outfit. Keep the two just a few inches apart, and secure them around a long skirt. Skirts are the way to go with this look since pants only have a set of hoops for one belt.

Baggy streetwear needs a belt

Baggy jeans and sneakers are chic streetwear. Add a belt, and it is the streetwear aesthetic of Gen Z dreams. Don't be afraid to go loose, comfy, and casual. Stellar fashion doesn't mean stiff garments and shoes you can barely walk in. A belt ties together a knit sweater, mom jeans, and chunky sneakers. And it's all items you can find in a vintage thrift store. Don't forget to tuck your sweater behind the buckle or in your jeans to frame the belt.

Chains that belong in the office

Being able to jump from streetwear to workwear is why belts are incredible. A belt is an everyday accessory you can easily add to spice up your office outfits. Booties, a long skirt, and a blouse start to sing when you wrap a chain belt around it. This look is especially great for patterned tops that are too loud for a necklace. Keep the skirt plain but play with the fabric. Opt for a leather or satin skirt as the perfect backdrop for your belt.

The perfect excuse for a pop of color

When you do not know what to wear, go for all black and pull off that monochrome look. A monochrome outfit looks chic every time, even if it is sweatpants and a crop top. Let your belt match your one-color theme, or change the hue and let it stand out. Your belt will be a pop of color and have an effortless vogue look. All-black outfits or any monochrome ensemble allow flashy belt buckles to shine. The bigger the belt buckle, the better.

Tying the knot never looked this good

The one fashion struggle with belts is it ending in an awkward position. You know, when the buckle is centered, but the tail doesn't reach that fourth loop, so it's swinging from the third. Not cute, but not the end of the world. There are ways to tie the belt end into a stylish knot to kiss the awkward swing goodbye. This TikTok tutorial includes the Texas-T knot, the invisible end, and the end loop to stylishly secure the belt's tail. It's not just what you wear with your belt but how you wear it that makes all the difference.