How To Get In On The Sheer Skirt Trend (Even If You Don't Want To Bare It All)

It's official: skin is in. At least, that's what the panty-revealing sheer skirt trend leads us to believe. The clothing has spread like wildfire throughout the fashion crowd, photographed on many trendy celebrities notorious for their headline-making styles, such as Florence Pugh and Kourtney Kardashian. 

While this fashionable clothing item might be right for celebrities on the red carpet, the skin-bearing nature of the sheer skirt can be intimidating to style in the everyday person's wardrobe. However, there is no need to fret. With plenty of ways to style a sheer skirt, they're suitable for anyone to wear on almost any occasion. 

Before embarking on this trend, do your research and you'll discover outfit-envy-inspiring sheer skirt looks that will give even the most staunchly modest dressers a reason to play with this fashion-forward item in their wardrobe. Whether you're picking out the perfect matching separates or looking for tips on how to wear your favorite maxi skirt year-round, these style suggestions will guide you on your path to creating an unforgettable sheer skirt outfit.

Style sheer using matching separates

If you're uncomfortable with the barely-there nature of the sheer skirt trend, then test out the look as a beach cover-up first. The light materials are a stylish godsend for staying comfortable and cool while enduring the summer heat. Nothing underscores this appeal more than the beach-ready looks by fashion brand Rat and Boa, similar to the set @rachellbode styled. The cult brand is known for its airy matching separates that are a must-have in any summer wardrobe.

Assemble a monochromatic look

The beauty of a solid-colored look is that it's deceptively simple to assemble. All you have to do to pull off the monochrome fashion trend is center the outfit around one color and make it interesting by mixing a variety of materials into the outfit for texture. It's easy to pull together cohesively, which is why a monochrome look is such a foolproof approach to styling. This outfit idea is especially great for taking a fashion risk, like incorporating a bold sheer skirt, into an outfit for the first time.

Lean into the underwear as outerwear trend

The popularity of the sheer skirt is couched within a larger trend: underwear-as-outwear. It has been popular since the start of the decade when stay-at-home mandates altered how we dressed up (more accurately, how we didn't dress up) for work. The under-as-outerwear trend consists of corsets, bra tops, and plenty of lace-trimmed clothing that was once associated with home wear, now worn as day wear. Sheer clothing fits well into this aesthetic and can be paired with corsets or bra tops to fully align with the trend.

Find a bright colored sheer skirt to try

Incorporate a pop of color into your outfit by opting for a vibrant sheer skirt. Discover the styling potential of these bright garments by searching for some #OOTD videos on TikTok where you're sure to find fashionista @styledbykimkj. Like Kim, allow your hot pink (or another color) skirt to stand out by pairing it with all-black clothing and accessories, including black boots, a shoulder bag, a knit top, and an undergarment. The result is an elevated casual outfit. 

Incorporate it into formal evening attire

Upgrade your evening wear look by incorporating a sheer skirt into the outfit. Whether it's a lace material or sparkling fabric, the sheer skirt will add flair to any formal wear look. Turn a regular evening into a special occasion when you take a style tip from fashion blogger @fleurfaffan. Accessorize your sheer skirt outfit for a night out with black platform heels, an oversized blazer, and a fun purse. Don't forget to throw on some sparkly jewelry as well. 

Pair it with a sturdy item, like cowboy boots

A sheer skirt lends itself to the lingerie-inspired clothing trend that seems to be dominating red carpets and high fashion runways. To incorporate this style into your casual everyday wardrobe, try styling a sheer skirt with something sturdy like @elliemariew, or opt for the shorts version like her friend. By incorporating cowboy boots and chunky gold jewelry into your skin-bearing outfit, you can transform the lingerie look into fashion-forward day wear.

Style the skirt with a sheer top

Double down on the sheer fabrics by styling your sheer skirt with a coordinating sheer top. There are plenty of ready-to-wear matching separates available on various shopping sites and in boutiques that take the guesswork out of styling your outfit, such as the pastel yellow look worn by @mia.ortizz. Emulate her style by pairing your sheer skirt with a matching long-sleeve top, strappy high heels, and a natural beauty look for an effortlessly elegant finish.

Go bold in beige

Opt for a beige look that's anything but boring by styling it out using a sheer skirt. Take @regan.leDoux's approach to wearing a sheer skirt as an example. Spice up your beige look with a sheer cheetah print skirt, a simple tank top, and layered gold jewelry. You can dress the pencil skirt up with heels, or go for more of a streetwear style with some fashionable and comfortable sneakers you can wear while running errands. 

Incorporate elements from your everyday style

You might not wear a sheer skirt every day, but you can incorporate elements from your everyday style into a sheer skirt outfit. Though @andrea___ricci styles her sheer skirt ensemble with all-black pieces, you can opt for color and fun accessories. Belts, vests, and pointed-toe shoes are great closet staples you can use to style a sheer skirt. Combining these everyday clothing items with trendier pieces results in a casually cool outfit that will become your go-to. 

Wear micro shorts underneath

Some people might find the sheer skirt look to be too revealing for them. If that's the case for you, then take a more modest approach to the sheer skirt trend by styling it with micro shorts underneath. This compromise allows for extra coverage to keep you well within your comfort zone, without sacrificing the visual impact of the sheer look. Take a style note from @reneeherbert_ and wear your skirt with a blazer for an elegant evening look.

Switch up the style with a fun color

Don't skimp on style to beat the heat when on your next warm-climate vacation. Instead, opt for a sheer ensemble rendered in a color that doesn't absorb heat, like pale yellow, for example. While any light hue will do, incorporating a fun pastel color in your sheer look can liven up the already stunning outfit and take the outfit to the next level. Follow the lead of one of the fashion industry's most prominent influencers, @camillecharriere, and style your sheer pastel skirt with a matching knit top and colorful sandals.

Pair it with an ultra-glam makeup look

When in doubt about what to wear on a big night out, err on the side of romance. At least, that's what @theaudreypeters did for her evening in Paris. Peters embraced the sheer fashion trend, pairing a lacy black tank top with a panty-revealing skirt and black heels. Take a styling tip from the blogger and finish off your evening look with a Parisian-inspired glam moment, complete with loosely curled hair and a bright red lip. If it's a chillier night, or you just want to cover up a bit more, add a leather jacket. 

Take a less is more approach

Wearing a sheer skirt is a fashion statement in and of itself, so an outfit that includes one doesn't need any flashy trappings to make it pop. You can still style a look that makes a bold statement by going for a less is more approach and pairing your sheer mini skirt with a simple neutral tank top, and understated jewelry. The look will give an effortless appearance with a sophisticated touch perfect for summer. 

Style it with a chunky knit sweater

Swap out your winter coat for a spring knit to create a comfortable sheer skirt outfit that's perfect for the warmer seasons. Embody the spirit of the season when you opt for a pastel color palette, like the pink sheer skirt worn in the outfit of the day video by @shrutislookbook. Steal this TikTok fashion influencer's sophisticated spin on the style by pairing your sheer skirt with clear embellished heels and a silk tank top.

Opt for visually compelling fabrics

Give your evening attire a makeover with the sheer skirt trend, as @hoskelsa demonstrated. A fashion-forward set encourages us to forget everything we know about formal wear and opt for something a bit more out of the box. The boundary-pushing outfit is most compelling because it's made with a sheer, crocheted material. What was once closely associated with DIY and craft aesthetics is transformed into a red carpet-ready look that's begging to be recreated for your next special occasion.

Find a three piece ensemble

Anyone with a closet full of clothes but "nothing to wear" knows the problem-solving power of matching separates. Opting for a collection of them is a great styling hack for people who want a simple yet effective way of assembling a look that requires zero guesswork. It's an excellent way to try out a trendy fashion item, like a sheer skirt, since the outfit is already pre-approved by the designer who made it. Simply add your favorite accessories to the look for personalization, and you're ready to go.

Add feathers to your look

In case of a party, add feathers. The purple feathery outfit that @camilacoelho wears is a testament to the power of a bit of plumage to transform any outfit into a party-ready ensemble. Like Coehlo, you too can opt for a feather-trimmed sheer skirt embellished with crystals and style it with a matching top, clear sandals, and a coordinating bag. If you're looking to tone down the revealing aspect of the sheer skirt trend for your night out, pair the sheer midi skirt with a mini underneath. 

Make it beachwear for your bachelorette party

A sheer skirt doesn't exactly shout bridal wear, but it does go swimmingly with a bride-to-be's wardrobe for her bachelorette party. Suppose you're taking your bridesmaids to a far-flung beach destination for your celebration. In that case, take inspiration from @ninasandbech for the perfect bachelorette party outfit. Pair your dazzling sheer skirt with a matching crisscross bikini and sunglasses. Finish off the look with a fun bag and you're ready to hit the sand.

Don't be afraid to add sparkle and shine

We all know it's true: the person wearing the sparkly sheer skirt is the life of the party. This unspoken rule is evidenced by the disco-ready look worn by @ninasandbech. Creates a compelling evening look by mixing materials, like a liquid metal bag and crystal-encrusted earrings. The combination of items in this look adds a ton of texture to her outfit, which is ideal for making a bold fashion statement at a birthday party or night out with friends.

Add ruffles for an ultra-feminine finish

Adding a sheer skirt to your wardrobe is the perfect way to cultivate femininity in your everyday style. A sheer skirt gives the wearer a chance to tap into characterizations of femininity in fashion design with its combination of soft silk and flowing ruffles. The result is a romantic skirt with dimension that anyone could wear with a blouse or with a light button-down sweater on a warm spring or summer day. Throw on a pair of kitten heels and your ready for whatever the day throws at you. 

Create contrast in your outfit using color blocking

Breaking up an outfit with opposing colors is an easy way to create contrast and make your look more visually compelling — take, for example, the light and dark colors worn by @jacquiealexander. To produce rich contrast in your ensemble, pair a black vest with a sheer white skirt and black shoes. Not only is this simple style formula easy to recreate, but it's also a great lesson on how to wear a sheer skirt.

Go for a ground-grazing maxi skirt

Slipping on a sheer ground-grazing skirt unlocks the barefoot beauty aesthetic that so many of us pine for while in the throws of our bustling day-to-day lives. The unlined maxi skirt worn by @talia_hanse is a perfect example of this aesthetic with its earthy color, relaxed fit, and airy style that could double as a beach cover-up. Take a styling cue from the creator and pair your sheer maxi skirt with a simple tank top and a fringe-filled crossbody bag to complete your look.

Pair it with an interesting belt

Elevate any sheer skirt outfit by pairing it with an interesting belt, as @arianeclover has. The TikToker opted for a dark crimson-colored skirt for her outfit of the day and styled it with an oval metal chain belt in silver. These two pops of color were toned down with all-black styling pieces that consisted of a simple tank top, an undergarment, and cowboy boots. This look can easily be recreated with items you probably already have in your closet, so get styling, and have fun with it. 

Style a self-fastening tie top

Pair a sheer skirt with a self-fastening tie top to add a whimsical touch to your outfit of the day. This serene matching set has the frills and ties of your dreams. The ruffle-lined top and bottoms are feather-light to the touch, and they're both secured with mini hooks under self-fastening ties, making the flowy outfit look even more relaxed and airy. Recreate the look with a similar tie top and high slit skirt in any colorway you can find. 

Use lining to maximize coverage

If the sheer element of the sheer skirt trend is too revealing for you, don't fret. Sheer doesn't have to mean see-through, and the outfit worn by @annawinck is a great example of that. The floral print matching separates are created with two fabrics: a sheer material embossed with black velvet florals and a lightweight fabric used for lining. This thin layer of lining is an excellent option for people looking to partake in the sheer skirt trend without having to bare all.

Keep it simple and streamlined

Use this outfit styled by @andrea____ricci for inspiration when putting together your sheer skirt look. Take a less-is-more approach to your sheer skirt styling by pairing the item with sunglasses, flats, and a sleeveless turtleneck top. The look works well with all black, but don't be afraid to play with other colors. This chic outfit for spring and summer is an excellent option for anyone looking to elevate their style with trend-forward fashion pieces. For a streamlined finish, tuck your hair into your turtleneck like Ricci.