Does Bellafill Really Last For Five Years? Why You Should Try It If You Want A Longer-Lasting Filler

Aging is an age-old phenomenon that everyone faces regardless of status or background. We begin to age once we are born and the journey never ends, no matter how hard some of us may wish it to. People everywhere long for their youthful days and wish they could turn back the clock. While going back to your sweet 16 sounds a little too "Back To The Future," cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers can fill out those aging lines to give you a more robust glow.

Getting dermal fillers is one of the most sought-after ways to reduce aging signs today because, unlike cosmetic surgery, fillers can be dissolved. Filler injections are also far cheaper than surgery, making them a comfortable option for a lot of eager customers. However, they can still be on the expensive side since you have to pay per syringe. When done right, however, you will confidently walk out of the clinic looking decades younger.

While there is a range of fillers available to the public, Bellafill is all the rave. Word on the street is that its effects last up to five years, but is this really the case, or is it all hype? Here is what you need to know about Bellafill.

Bellafill lasts five years

Bellafill was approved by the FDA in 2014 and has since been used widely to temporarily alleviate signs of aging. However, the big question on everyone's mind is, does it really last five years as people say? Well, the answer to that is yes! The American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) reports that the effects of Bellafill can last at least five years on the face, a fact which makes its $1,000 price tag per syringe bearable. So, before you rush to your doctor, you need to be sure you can shoulder the cost of the fillers.

While Bellafill has an effective expectancy of five years, this also depends on what you are looking to fix. For treating acne scars, this number comes down to 12 months.

Bellafill costs a lot more than most other popular fillers such as Juvederm which clocks in at almost $700 minimum per syringe. Don't forget that the cost of procedures like this is likely to increase depending on the location of the clinic and the doctor who administers it. If you're planning on visiting a celebrity doctor, then get ready to pay top dollar.

Bellafill near me

It is important to note that before you can get Bellafill, you have to check with your doctor to know if you qualify as a candidate. This dermal filler is a fix for aging lines, especially nasolabial folds, so if you are still very young or in your 20s but still want facial fillers, then talking to a professional and getting other opinions is the best way to start.

If you think Bellafill is right for you, but are still unsure as to how to locate a clinic that provides this service, you can use the Find a Provider tool on Bellafill's website. After inputting your location, choose any provider in your desired location. Bellafill is also popular because of its ease of wear. The ASPS maintains that the filler isn't known to have many side effects and patients experience minimal complications. You can go back to your normal routine immediately after receiving the fillers.