Is The Monochromatic Gray 'Groutfit' Making A Comeback?

Though some people couldn't wait to ditch monochromatic outfits in 2022, in 2023 the monochromatic look has been firmly established back in the fashion scene. Every color has been spotted, from dreamy all-lilac 'fits to classic all-black and all-white outfits. According to the spring 2023 color trend report (via Marie Claire), striking azure blue, soft pastel yellow, fiery scarlet red, and a whole variety of pinks ranging from baby to hot are just some of the shades you'll soon be seeing everywhere.

However, the latest sub-genre of the monochrome trend shies away from such bold washes of color. Originally emerging back in 2015, the "groutfit" is fully back, and, unlike its mid-2010s predecessor, here to stay. As you may have guessed from the name, a "groutfit" is exactly what it sounds like — a completely gray outfit. If you're searching for ways to pull off this latest addition to the monochrome fashion trend, look no further. We've got all the details about the groutfit and how to rock it. 

The name is a catchy way to remember the trend

The good news is that your groutfit can be made up of several different shades of gray, from light to dark, rather than just one. The same also goes for wearing any pieces you like instead of just skirts or pants. The only condition to step out in a groutfit is that no colors other than gray can be incorporated into the outfit (certain shoes, such as white sneakers, are obviously an exception).

It isn't just for influencers and everyday looks either — celebs have been known to hop on the groutfit trend, too. Kim Kardashian posted an all-gray look on her Instagram, but she broke up her monochromatic look by choosing a bra top and a low-rise jersey skirt with a thigh split. Even her belly chain and necklace were gray (well, silver), proving that when you opt for a groutfit, you have to go all in.

Not sure how to hop on the trend? There are a few ways you can style the look so you can feel confident in your best groutfit. 

Your groutfit doesn't have to be too out there

It's always better to start casually with a trend before committing to it fully. An all-gray look may not be as intimidating as one with a brighter monochrome color palette, but it can still feel overwhelming. If you're not sure about how to pair different shades of gray together, a gray sweatshirt and matching sweatpants are one of the easiest looks both to find and to pull off. 

Give your outfit more of a street-style vibe by choosing pieces with an oversized silhouette, especially on your top half. Finish the look off with chunky sneakers. If you want to dress your groutfit up, a blazer is always a good choice. Gray blazers have been a workwear staple for years, but the trick to making them feel more suitable for brunch than the office is to opt for a blazer with either a cropped or oversized style. 

A cropped blazer will break up your groutfit, much like Kim Kardashian broke up hers with her ultra-crop top, whereas an oversized blazer will give your look a more chilled, laidback vibe. Regardless of how you style it, this is one of the easiest 2023 trends to follow, so what are you waiting for? Start pairing your gray wardrobe items together now.