Tennis Necklaces Are The Old-Fashioned Jewelry Trend Making A Major Comeback

Full of class, sophistication, and practically screaming old money, the tennis necklace is a classic jewelry piece that naturally commands attention. However, you might never have heard of it, and that's because it was first in vogue during the '80s and '90s. Much like how pearls, the latest hot accessory trend of 2023, were previously viewed as something your grandma might wear but are now on-trend, older jewelry styles like the tennis necklace are coming back. Pearlcore is exploding in popularity, and has been seen everywhere from tops to bags and, of course, necklaces, so there's no reason why other gemstones can't do the same.


Unlike the bigger is better jewelry trend that was all over the 2023 runways, this jewelry trend combines the delicate nature of a pearl necklace with the ultimate elegance of diamonds. The '90s choker made its triumphant return in the 2010s and stuck around, and now the tennis necklace is having its second moment in the spotlight. This time, though, it's anything but old-fashioned. Here's who has been spotted bringing back the style and several tennis necklace options to suit every budget.

The necklace style exudes relaxed elegance

It may seem like a random name, but the tennis necklace actually got its moniker back in 1987 during the US Open, when player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet while playing. She made officials pause the game until she found it, and it was from then on that the bracelet's association with the sport began. The tennis necklace quickly followed suit due to its similar design and style.


The necklace itself is simple in design — a row of diamonds that are designed to sit at the base of the neck or at the top of the chest. @locaeclectic was one of the first to predict that the tennis necklace was making a comeback in a major way, and the style has been spotted on celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, Zendaya, and Hailey Bieber. 

Its understated look makes tennis necklaces perfect for styling with everyday pieces such as a white t-shirt and jeans, but they can also be worn formally as seen on Brooklyn Beckham, who wore his tennis necklace peeking out from under his mesh white shirt and suit at the 2022 Met Gala.

Versatile and fresh, there's a tennis necklace for every budget

As the original tennis necklace is a row of real diamonds, it isn't the most affordable jewelry piece. Luckily, there are plenty of tennis necklace designs at a range of price points. 

If you have a mid-sized budget, this cubic zirconia and gold-tone brass tennis necklace is under $100 but still retains the classic elegance and slim silhouette of a more expensive tennis necklace. If spending in the low hundreds isn't an issue, the Swarovski deluxe tennis necklace is sleek and sophisticated and will make you feel like a million dollars even if you just wear it with sweatpants. Like the look but don't want to spend a ton? This micro tennis chain is perfect for day-to-day looks and costs under $50. It comes in four chain lengths, and in several colors, so you can switch things up every so often.


If there's one jewelry trend you want to try out, the look of a tennis necklace is timeless enough to make it the perfect one to style for yourself.