The Skinny Scarf Is The Latest Questionable 2000s Trend To Come Back - Style It Right This Time

Picture your favorite celebrities in 2001: layered tank tops, low-rise jeans, velvet sweatpants, and trucker hats probably come to mind. While we're grateful for the return of '90s butterfly hair clips and the Marc Jacobs Stam bag, the revival of retro skinny scarves is turning heads. But when fashion icon Bella Hadid wears a skinny scarf, you know the trend is back.

The skinny scarf definitely seems like a pointless garb. It does little to keep your neck warm in any season. However, accessories don't have to be functional. Not every belt is for keeping your pants up. It's called fashion. A skinny scarf is a fun cousin to the tie. A necktie is knotted tight and all regal, while this Y2K scarf resembles a choker with stretchy arms. Styling this mini accessory can go terribly wrong. So stay out of the fashion police's clutches with these tips on sporting your skinny scarf.

What's a scarf without a matching hat and gloves

How can you wear a scarf without its partners in crime — the hat and gloves? Since the skinny scarf is light fabric, a matching hat and gloves won't overpower your outfit. An unlikely but fashionable partner for skinny scarfs is spring's trending big hats. You can even double up on your skinny scarf and wear one as a headband and the other around your neck. Plus, fingerless gloves are cute handwear for any season. Wear this trio to top off baggy jeans and sneakers, and add a graphic crop top to pay homage to the original Y2K trendsetters.

Use your skinny scarf to bring in texture

The skinny scarf is a great way to add texture to your outfit. Let it be a kiss of leather, silk, denim, or feathers that your ensemble is missing. Adding different textures is especially important with monochrome outfits, but even colorful garbs benefit from distinct materials. Wearing versatile fabrics lets each garment breathe and stand out. A skinny scarf can tie together a lace blouse, a fuzzy purse, and suede booties. You can throw on any of your favorite pieces. Just by mixing and matching fabrics, your outfit gains dimension. 

Tie in a skinny scarf to your preppy aesthetic

Although the skinny scarf is used to elevate casual outfits, it also has a place in sophisticated attire. Think of it as an alternative to a formal tie. It is ideal when you want that preppy look but don't have a collar to ground a necktie. Layer a sweatshirt over a turtleneck and go for slim trousers before adding a skinny scarf. Or perfect the sweater-over-dress look with chunky loafers and the Y2K neckwear. It's classy with a little twist.

The skinny scarf spices up a neutral look

Accessories are an easy way to incorporate a distinct taste into your style. Just one accessory can prevent a simple look from fading into the background. And this is where the skinny scarf comes in. Add this matching neckwear to spice up any neutral outfit (ensembles of heavy black, white, or gray). Strapless tops are perfect for matching a thin scarf. It drapes gently across your skin for a chic and effortless look. Pair it with your favorite jeans and stand-out footwear, like floral heels, for a pop of color.

Take it old school with a retro outfit

Like any vintage trend's revival, pairing it with other retro pieces is a stylish idea. Straight from the '70s catalog, it's a denim maxi skirt. It is a bold fashion move, but if you can pull off a skinny scarf, you can sport anything. A long jean skirt brings the hippie vibe, while the slimming neckwear takes it to the 21st century. For more accessories, add in a necklace, but keep it simple to avoid your neck from being too busy. Whether a vintage, Y2K, or modern look, the skinny scarf is a flattering garb.