The Cowboy Boots Trend Isn't Going Anywhere - Here's How To Style Them

Cowboy boots are steeped in history. Invented in 1875 by shoemaker Charles Hyer, they are as functional as they are voguish. Hyner designed the shoe in Kansas City for a Colorado-based cowboy who wanted a boot that was unlike anything else that had been produced up to that point. He asked for a pointed toe to make sliding his into his stirrups easier and other features to make riding his horse a breeze. Hyer obliged, and the cowboy boot was born. Cowboy boots later became ingrained in pop culture through Westerns and country musicians.

Nowadays, cowboy boots are considered the epitome of high fashion. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa have been captured rocking a pair of cowboy boots on the streets and social media. While cowboy boots represent classic Americana, there's more than meets the eye. Despite being created nearly 150 years ago, cowboy boots keep getting better and better and are a runway staple.

Caroline Maguire, a fashion director at Shopbop, told Refinery29, "The classic Western boot takes on new forms, reinvented into modern, sleek shapes, and a more novel return of this signature look." Cowboy boots can make or break any outfit. Whether you choose tall, short, colorful, or monochromatic cowboy boots, here's how to rock this iconic footwear.

Tap into your inner soft girl

The soft girl aesthetic is everywhere right now. Pastel shades and an ultra-feminine essence create the romantic, soft girl aesthetic. While cowboy boots may invoke images of America's rugged past, you can exude a girly and sweet look with the right outfit. For example, Instagram user @ohh.miaa wore tall white cowboy boots with a pleated denim skirt and a pink button-up cardigan sweater. On TikTok, @stazzylicious wore a baby blue tube top with a short flowy skirt with black and white mid-calf boots.

Choose an all-black outfit

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. It's perfect for any occasion, such as a night of dancing, a fancy dinner, or a casual outing. Celebrities like Kates Moss and Hailey Bieber are known to be fans of this color scheme. With that said, you can sport a sophisticated all-black outfit with a pair of cowboy boots. Instagram user @albajimnzbla wore a black turtle neck with a long black leather jacket, and her white and black mid-calf cowboy boots with a flame design added a contrasting touch to the look.

Wear denim-on-denim with your cowboy boots

In January 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore matching double denim outfits to the American Music Awards. While some find this trend cringe, denim-on-denim is making a resurgence on social media and in the fashion world. Instagram user @osnapitzsuzan wore a y2k-inspired denim pleated skirt with a denim jacket. Her bright red cowboy boots take her outfit from plain to daring, similar to TikTok user @hollygardnerx who wore a comparable denim-on-denim outfit with a tube top and mini skirt with hers.

Keep the outfit casual

One of the best things about cowboy boots is that they're eye-catching no matter what outfit you wear them with. Thus, you can keep your outfit as casual as you like. Instagram user @ardenne_ wore her mid-calf cowboy boots with a black turtleneck and an asymmetrical skirt. TikTok user @alissapeterfun showed how she styles her tall pair of black and white cowboy boots with a little black dress, jeans, and a long skirt. Due to their length, cowboy boots are a good option for tall boots you can wear if you have wide calves.

Wear a knit sweater with your cowboy boots

Lee Searcy, the marketing director of cowboy boot brand Miron Crosby, explained to The Zoe Report why cowboy boots are the "it" shoe of the moment. She said, "There is something undeniably romantic about the cowboy boot, something evocative of bygone eras full of trailblazing and wildness that appeals to all of us." However, if you prefer a snug and comfortable aesthetic, a knit sweater with cowboy boots will do the trick. TikTok user @riinm wore tall beige cowboy boots, a knit sweater, and a white skirt. Likewise, @mariana_meehan paired a knit sweater with jeans tucked into black cowboy boots.

Pick a pair of bold boots

Long gone are the days of dark solid-colored cowboy boots. Nowadays, they come in all shades and finishes, including pink and metallic. TikTok user @michelle_infusino styled her short blue metallic booties with denim shorts, a blazer dress, and a maxi dress, showing how versatile cowboy boots in a bold color can be. On Instagram, @greta_hollar wore tall metallic blue cowboy boots and a long-sleeved black dress. Another TikTok user, @sarasgoforth, showed how she styled her tall pink cowboy boots in three trendy outfits. When it comes to cowboy boots, don't be afraid to be bold.

Wear your cowboy boots with a mini dress

Tall cowboy boots paired with a mini dress are one of the best ways to style knee-high boots. TikTok user @elle_lashawn wore tall black cowboy boots with a short, white, cowl-necked silk dress, adding a leather jacket. On Instagram, @kaceesantana wore a long sleeve sage green mini dress with tall white cowboy boots. Lizzy Bentley, the founder of cowboy boot retailer City Boots, told D Magazine that cowboy boots are indeed for everyone. She said, "I don't care if you've never seen a horse. It's a great look."

Cowboy boots with a 60s-inspired outfit

The 60s were a transformative time, culturally and otherwise. Unsurprisingly, several 60s fashion trends are making a swift comeback in fashion — including short mod dresses. Instagram user @phoebe_toups wore metallic green cowboys with a beautiful 60s-inspired outfit. Her blue and yellow-green dress features a visually abstract pattern, and her round glasses ooze a vintage feel. Nevertheless, her green metallic cowboy boots are the star of the show. TikTok user @ashleybrookey also turned to retro inspo. She wore a short floral long-sleeve silk dress with tall pink cowboy boots.

Modernize the western look

Cowboy boots can retain their western roots without looking outdated. TikTok user @candidlychan shows how she did this in a few country-inspired outfits that are ultra-chic. In one of her many ensembles, she wears an all-denim jumpsuit with black and white cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. In another, she wears her white and black cowboy boots with white jeans and a sultry black top. Tap into your inner cowgirl and go for a fresh take on western wear.

Choose an outfit with patterns

A visually appealing outfit proves that cowboy boots are necessary for any ensemble. TikTok user @katiehoylee1 wears blue cowboy boots with a strapless blue dress featuring hearts and other patterns. In another outfit, she rocks black cowboy boots with a gray skirt and a sheer green and gray top with squiggly lines. Alternatively, @jaynelson20 wore her brown cowboy boots with a long red paisley-patterned skirt and a red crop top. These looks are inspired by y2k fashion and are just right for a warm spring or summer day.

Add a blazer to your cowboy boot outfit

TikTok creator and cowboy boot lover Lily Chapman told The Zoe Report what appeals to her the most about cowboy boots. She said they represent "independence, strength, and a 'take no sh** attitude.'" You can radiate this frame of mind by creating a modern, minimalistic outfit with cowboy boots. All you need is a blazer. TikTok user @lexx.aguirre paired tall light brown cowboy boots with denim shorts, a brown top, and a brown leather jacket. You can also add a blazer to an outfit with a mini dress and cowboy boots like Instagram user @ardenne_.

Fall vibes with cowboy boots

As the leaves change during fall, the weather cools, but it's still warm for light clothing. If you want to wear your cowboy boots with a comfortable outfit, turn to fall inspiration like supermodel Kendall Jenner, who is known to love cowboy boots. TikTok user @gabbybringass recreated a simple fall outfit worn by Jenner. She paired black biker shorts and a cropped black sweater with sleek white cowboy boots. Another fall outfit to consider is wearing cowboy boots with a long skirt and sweater like TikTok user @clairerose.

Pair your cowboy boots with a long dress

A sundress with cowboy boots is a typical ensemble choice. However, you can refine this look by choosing a polished and elegant dress to go with your cowboy boots. TikTok user @abbyzabbs wore a long silk green dress with gorgeous Mermaid Doodle Cowboy Boots from the brand Brother Vellies. Another user, @madisenlynnvideography, wore a black sleeveless sweater dress with brown cowboy boots, and @andreadiazstyle paired black cowboy boots with a silk polka dot dress. Regardless of the dress, know that your cowboy boots will likely be the focal point of your outfit.

Keep it classic with denim jeans or shorts

There's nothing wrong with choosing an outfit that is basic and straightforward. TikTok user @hermela_solomon wore a black T-shirt with denim shorts and black cowboy boots, and @prettyreflection also kept it simple with denim shorts, a cropped white peasant top, and brown cowboy boots. Also, @thenataliez wore her brown cowboy boots with a white t-shirt and high-waisted mom jeans. Despite their simplicity, these outfits are classic while still appearing contemporary. Moreover, these no-frills looks will look amazing without putting too much effort into them. Feel free to accessorize with jewelry and a cute purse.

There's no need to keep your outfit neutral

Lee Searcy told The Zoe Report why cowboy boots will continue to make an impact, saying, "They allow for individuality ... and since fashion is the best form of self-expression, this western-adjacent aesthetic is always appealing to creative souls who, ultimately, make brave choices — in fashion and beyond." With that said, you don't have to opt for a neutral or clean girl aesthetic with cowboy boots.

TikTok user @dont_worry_bre_happy paired red cowboy boots with a matching top and skirt and added a light green fluffy coat for even more color. Also, @ohhelloamanda wore white cowboy boots, denim shorts, and a neon green top with a colorful cardigan. With cowboy boots, sometimes more is more!