Neon Jelly Nails Are On Trend As The Perfect Spring Manicure

Spring fashion can be predictable, and pastels, florals, and lace may feel pretty tired. But the energy of spring will never lose its magic in those first warm days, whether you're experiencing melting ice and cherry blossoms or simply the renewed hope that comes with more hours of sunlight. Naturally, your style should reflect the warm feelings around you, plus some of the nostalgia the season brings. That's where jelly nails can come in.

Flower power nail art may be the manicure trend of the moment, but since last summer, Y2K-inspired jelly nails have been coming back in style, and the neon look is our favorite spring 2023 update. Whether they're dead ringers for the actual jelly sandals that everyone owned in the early 2000s or are a holographic update, there are so many ways to realize your spring manicure goals with the neon jelly nail trend.

Celebs are in on the trend already

Editorial manicurist and JINsoon Spas and Nails CEO Jin Soon Choi shared his expertise on jelly nails with Byrdie. "[Jelly nails are] often seen on celebrities and [are] a great way to make your nails look unique and stylish," he explained. And it's true — Jennifer Lopez has rocked blue jelly nails and Selena Gomez went for a neon orange to usher in spring of 2023. Choi also added about jelly nails, "They are trending right now because they can be completely customized in many different ways with all different designs."

It's also easy to accomplish a jelly manicure on your own. JINsoon's sheer gloss collection is a one-step option for achieving the look, but you can also combine two polishes for the same effect by mixing your nail color and a clear top coat or base. This will help dilute the polish, according to Choi, in order to help you achieve that translucent jelly effect. You can also get in on some creative detail work to shake things up by using an array of your favorite electrifying neon colors.

You've got plenty of options to match your mood

In order to add dots, sparkles, or whimsical designs to your jelly look, nail artist Jin Soon Choi has helpful suggestions. "If you want to add more depth to the jelly finish, add a few sprinkles of glitter to your homemade jelly nail polish (or a pre-made one) and shake or stir with a toothpick or dotting tool." For this, you could use Butter's jelly preserve and combine it with a sparkling topcoat, then make a design in neon from Nails Inc.'s naked collection. Orly Beauty also has a sheer pink-red jelly that looks sweeter than a strawberry. 

For an all-out jelly look, you can't go wrong with the neon jelly collection from L.A. Colors, which boasts every sparkling shade you would've rocked as a kid in jellies shoes. Last but not least, for easy press-on nails, KISS's jelly fantasy set includes multiple shades of hot pink, glittering, and coral options, perfect for a playfully femme step into spring.