Flower Power Nail Art Is The Manicure Trend Of The Moment

In general, flowers are a symbol of joy, renewal, and friendship. They also bring a spring-like feel to any time of the year. The floral print is embraced in fashion, interior design, and even makeup. These hugs from nature are often associated with femininity and come in tons of vivid colors that are all equally stunning. And it's not just the crown of petals either. Long stems, twisty vines, and grand leaves all contribute to the flower's allure. 

Perhaps that is why floral nails are consistently trending. Flower nail art is represented in a variety of different ways. There are so many species of flowers that can be added to any nail design. And choosing ones that have special meanings to you creates a truly personalized manicure. So, whether you like to have every single nail packed with a pattern or prefer a barely-there manicure, we have a set you'll love, from roots to petals.

Basic floral nails are far from boring

Clean girl nails meet the '90s supermodel minimalist manicure for a classic take on this trend. The shimmering baby pink polish is lightly kissed with daisy petals. These neutral nails complement every complexion and match every outfit. The tiny white petals with a pink center are simple decals that add a subtle feminine flair. Any nude shade will work as the background to achieve this minimalist aesthetic. Stick with shorter nails and a round or almond shape to pull off that natural look.

Precious marble flower petals

Since spring is the pinnacle of color, we're bringing as many shades as we can into this nail art. However, this take still stays faithful to the clean girl vibe. Marble petals create a whimsical feel and give your nails a burst of several different colors. The intricate floral details make it look like you spent loads on this design, yet this manicure is not over-the-top. It's all about having a neutral background with light shades of tan or pink and keeping the flowers small.

A rainbow garden for your nails

If you like color and want the flowers to be the star of your manicure, this is the design for you. Make every blossom a different color and big enough to cover at least half of the nail. But the fun doesn't stop there. One color creates the center of the flower, another is for the petals, and another outlines the whole piece to create a trifecta of vibrant wins. Mix and match different flowers on each nail to truly embrace this groovy design.

French tips just got floral

A French manicure is a great base for more intricate nail art. It's been reinvented many times over, such as with the invisible and outlined French tips. The classic manicure has even inspired designs like the iridescent alien nails. Now, it's getting a spring upgrade. Trade in those white nail edges for a full garden scene. Adding flowers to just the tips is a subtle way to incorporate this trend. For a more minimalistic approach, paint the base of your nail a soft pink or white. Or, go for a bold look and pick a bright purple or orange for the background instead.

Have your nail art in full bloom

You can stick to just having flowers on the tips or fill the whole nail with petals. Realistic flowers transform your nails into a garden in full bloom. Glitter and watercolor details will keep the floral art from getting lost in the colorful background too. With all the thoughtful designs, this manicure is far from minimalistic. Don't just stick to the popular daisy prints either. Daylilies, orchids, and hydrangeas have unique petals that make for beautiful decorations. If the color doesn't make your nails stand out, your flower choice sure will.

Each nail gets its own flower

One flower is painted in the middle of each nail — there isn't a more straightforward design than that. This floral detailing is straight out of the '70s, almost like a hippie in tie-dye was your nail tech. To upgrade the manicure, paint each flower a different color. Contrasting colors like purple and yellow or red and green will create a vibrant pattern. However, this simple detail lends itself to an equally simple manicure. Have each blossom the same color, or create a gradient for a plain design that is anything but basic.

Spring at night

Spring is known for its bright colors, but that doesn't mean your nails have to be by the book. A dark base color emphasizes the vivid flower details. Even the inverse of a bright background with dark flowers is a great example of the trending girly goth style. If a fully black backdrop is too edgy for your aesthetic, then French tips are the way to go. Just keep the tips dark and floral to join in on the flower-power movement but with an edgier take.

Reverse French with a garden twist

The cuff of your nail deserves just as much attention as the tips. A reverse French manicure creates some serious drama around the bottom of your nails. Flowers and leaves sprout from your cuticles to turn this trend on its head. You can keep the blooming art strictly to your nail's half-moon or let the flowers climb to the halfway point. It is the perfect design to highlight leaves, vines, thorns, and stems. After all, the petals aren't the only beautiful part of the flower.

Increase your flower power with 3D charms

To amp up your flower game, exchange 2D painted art for 3D floral charms. It might be extra, but that's why we love it. The flower-power trend goes hand in hand with embellished nails. Mix and match floral charms with stones, gems, and hardware. Colorful petals effortlessly complement gold wire and pearls. Long nails are a great canvas to squeeze in more gems. Different shades of white for the base keep this manicure modest, even with lengthy acrylics and textile flower charms.

Who says flowers only mean bright colors?

There's no color pairing more classic than black and white. Naturally, the mighty duo has infiltrated this nail trend, and we are thankful. Yes, flowers are colorful, but sometimes a manicure without showstopping hues is the way to go. However, your black-and-white nail art doesn't have to fade into the background. Choose funky patterns, like a polka dot border, or interchange petal colors — black for the "he loves me" and white for the "he loves me not." It might be muted, but it's not an understatement.

Don't let daisies have all the fun

The '70s daisy flower design dominates the floral nails trend, and for good reason. But it's our due diligence to also show tulips, carnations, and other non-daisy plants some love. The elongated diamond-shaped petals of tulips mimic the outline of almond-shaped nails, making them a perfect match. Highlight your favorite flower with a contrasting ombré background. A pastel blue fading into green will make pink and orange petals really pop. Or, add a white frame around your blossoms to make them really stand out.

Mix and match trending nail art

Flowers are easy to tie into any nail trend. Whether you are a pierced nail fan or lip gloss nails are more your style, just add a flower. Contrasting shades for the floral design will help your florets shine. Black and white checkerboard prints need tiny yellow flowers, while brown swirls look terrific with a bundle of red blossoms. Pierced nails, meanwhile, are just begging for a floret charm. Mix and match your favorite nail art with flowers for perfectly chic and summery digits.

A blooming silhouette

If you're looking for a simple and chic design, try floret outlines. This detailing has a one-line artistic approach that is minimalistic and clean. Opt for a neutral backdrop to carry the simplicity all the way through. Or screw simple and layer on color. Just keep in mind the negative space within your flower outline will take on the style of your background. The less crowded your background, the easier the flower design will be to read. Go for the same outline on every nail, or switch it up to complete your garden.

Glitter? Yes, please

Glitter and flowers go hand in hand. It's like the sparkles were made to bedazzle roses and hydrangeas. For a subtler manicure, put the glitter just on the flower decal. You won't blind anyone when the sunlight hits your hand, but the flowers will be dressed in the finest shimmer. For a more dramatic style, go full glitter on each nail bed and add glitter to the flower nail art too. Just don't drown your blossoms with shimmers. A glittering border will keep your flower design intact without sacrificing the glitz and glam.

The flower trend just got real

For all the die-hard flower fans, you're going to fall head over heels for this more-is-more manicure. It's not just painted 2D designs or 3D floret charms, but real pressed flowers. Yes, each nail houses a piece of nature. Reminisce on drying flowers between textbooks every time you wave your hand. Pressed flowers bring a truly botanical feel to this trend and the beauty of each petal will speak for itself. Long acrylic nails let you spotlight the flower stem and all. It doesn't get any more flower-power than this.