John McCook And Katherine Kelly Lang Recall Their Favorite Storylines On The Bold And The Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook have been staples of "The Bold and the Beautiful" since the very first episode premiered back in 1987. Many characters (and actors) have come and gone over the years, but Lang's Brooke Logan and McCook's Eric Forrester are still consistently in the middle of the soap's drama. While viewers don't see as much of Eric as they do Brooke when he does make appearances, they're important, and the storylines are hugely entertaining. 

Brooke has always found herself in the thick of it, and her love triangle with Ridge Forrester (now Thorsten Kaye) and Taylor Hayes (now Krista Allen) has generated numerous legendary moments. Even though the love triangle came to an end with Brooke and Taylor's big Ridge move, which featured them ending their romantic involvement for good, Brooke is still just as relevant as ever. 

There's no shortage of Brooke and Eric moments on "Bold" and with so many decades worth of soapy scandals to choose from, it's hard to pinpoint what their best storylines were. However, even if it's difficult from a fan's perspective to recall which moments outweigh the others, Lang and McCook are speaking out and naming their favorite memories from their lengthy tenure on the show. 

Certain recent storylines were among their favorites

After spending nearly 40 years working together on "The Bold and the Beautiful," John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang are dishing on their favorite storylines with Soap Opera Digest. Despite having a wealth of moments to choose from, McCook didn't have to dig too deeply into the well for his favorites, instead choosing plots from the last year as his top choices. McCook said, "My favorite is the last one I had with Eric's ED, and the complicated solution he came up with, which turned out to be the wrong decision. I thought that was a clever way for that story to move on, and then Eric realized he'd made a mistake."

Lang, however, selected some of Brooke's most iconic business moves as her top picks, noting, "There have been so many wonderful stories to play. I loved when Brooke was a businesswoman and created the BeLieF formula and also when she created the men's line, Taboo, with Thomas. Of course, the best was when Brooke launched the Brooke's Bedroom lingerie line, and all of the shenanigans that came along with it."

The soap star also argued that her character's current storyline involving Brooke and Taylor Hayes possibly becoming more than friends after kicking Ridge Forrester to the curb is something she's really loving. Lang shared, "The most recent surprise was that Brooke became friends with her longtime rival Taylor. It's quite refreshing for Brooke to have a real woman friend."