All The Hallmark Movies You Can Expect To See In April 2023

The Hallmark Channel is synonymous with romantic, family-friendly movies. The quantity of movies they release per year has increased drastically over time: in 2009, the network released a humble nine original Christmas movies. In 2021, they released nearly five times that many, airing 40 new holiday flicks.

Hallmark does not only release movies at Christmastime, however — people can fall in love all year round, around any holiday or season! This April, the Hallmark Channel has a lineup of love stories that span a variety of interesting locales and careers. Whether you want to see people fall in love in the Maldives, on the set of a cooking show, or at a wedding cottage, they have a movie for you.

No April Fool's Day joke here — the inaugural April 2023 Hallmark movie release, "Love in the Maldives," drops April 1. The film stars Jocelyn Hudon as Rae and Jake Manley as Jared. Rae is a travel writer sent to the Maldives on an assignment, and while there, she asks guest experience expert Jared to help her find a lost treasure. But will she find love too?

The first few releases of April include wedding themes and an Easter flick

The next release is "The Professional Bridesmaid," dropping April 8, 2023. The movie stars Hunter King — known for playing Summer in "The Young and the Restless" – as Maggie, a bridesmaid-for-hire tasked with helping a wedding go smoothly for the mayor's daughter. Not revealing her true identity becomes more difficult for Maggie when she begins falling for a reporter named Henry, played by Chandler Massey. 

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, a separate channel from the original Hallmark Channel, is releasing an Easter movie on April 9 called "The Blessing Bracelet." This film stars Amanda Schull as Dawn, a single mother struggling to make ends meet, and Carlo Marks as her love interest Ben. Dawn's blessing bracelet features four beads and is meant to foster gratitude for the good in her life. When the bracelet catches the eye of someone in town, she begins making and selling the bracelets, helping turn her luck around.

On April 15, Hallmark releases "The Wedding Cottage" starring Erin Krakow of "When Calls the Heart" fame as Vanessa and Brendan Penny as Evan. Vanessa writes wedding guides, and Evan is an artist and the homeowner of a wedding cottage that has seen better days. Vanessa needs Evan to renovate the house so it can be used as a contest prize for a lucky pair of fiancés and sparks fly.

The final three April movies feature cooking, baseball, and spring break

The next April release is "A Pinch of Portugal," premiering April 22. The movie stars Heather Hemmens as Anna, a prep cook given her own cooking show when a celebrity chef quits. Her fellow protagonist, probable love interest, is the show's cameraman, played by Luke Mitchell.

On April 29, Hallmark will release "Hearts in the Game," originally titled "The Spin Cycle." This movie stars Erin Cahill as Hazel, a publicist forced to work with professional baseball player Diego (Marco Grazzini), who happens to be her ex-boyfriend from high school.

The final April 2023 release is "Spring Breakthrough," dropping on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on April 30. In this film, Monica (Keesha Sharp) travels to the Gulf Shores to celebrate the engagement of her daughter, Vivian (Rhyon Nicole Brown). On the trip, Monica begins to fall for Clark, the future groom's godfather. Clark is played by Demetrius Grosse, and Vivian's fiance, Shawn, is played by Akono Dixon.

If you are looking for a wholesome love story this spring, the Hallmark Channel has plenty of options for you!