The Purple Tooth-Whitening Serum That's Like Purple Shampoo For Your Teeth

There are many reasons our teeth may look yellow or not as white as we hope. It can be due to the foods we eat staining our teeth, plaque buildup, or our enamel being worn down. Often, reaching for a simple whitening toothpaste just doesn't do the trick, and strips, mainly those that contain chlorine dioxide, can actually make matters worse.


To whiten your teeth safely and naturally, you can brush daily with baking soda, consider oil pulling, and add more fruits and veggies into your diet, per Healthline. Unfortunately, none of these are a magic cure to whiten teeth to the level we all hope for. In the past, trends have shown the use of apple cider vinegar or even charcoal for whitening teeth, but with no actual evidence that they work, those who use these methods are likely left disappointed. If you are looking for an easy whitening product that doesn't require time in the dentist chair, this purple tooth-whitening serum may be just what you are looking for.

What is purple tooth-whitening serum?

If you have blonde or lighter hair, you likely have already dabbled in the purple product trends. Purple shampoo is used to brighten our locks — and now, the same can be true for our teeth. Similar to the way the purple color in the shampoo keeps hair from looking yellow and brassy, purple serums and toothpastes can do the same. According to Women's Health, a popular toothpaste option is the Popwhite Purple Power Duo created by Pop White Smile. Ideal for those with sensitive teeth, this is a good option for a temporary brighter smile.


But if you want white teeth for longer, you may want to consider the Hismile V34 Color Corrector serum. Unlike toothpaste, this purple-based serum uses the purple hue to cancel out the yellow tint in your teeth. The product is water soluble, so you won't see any purple residue after rinsing. According to Dentaly, this is a great product, but is best used after a whitening treatment, either one done professionally or at home. Even still, people are loving the product — and taking to TikTok to let others know.

What TikTok is saying about the Hismile Color Corrector serum

If you are worried about plastering a purple product all over your teeth, let TikTok try it for you first. While there are critics out there who feel the only way to whiten your teeth is with professional products or at the dentist office, the results everyday people are seeing may just have you running to Hismile to order your own serum. Darcy Angel on TikTok shows how she uses the product, smearing it on her teeth with an electric toothbrush for about 30 seconds saying that the product makes your "teeth look visibly whiter and makes me feel way more put together." Kait Rogers on TikTok agrees, saying that after using the product regularly for two weeks, it has now become part of her daily routine.


Others are a bit skeptical, like this TikToker who says he didn't quite notice a difference in his teeth. It's important to note that if your teeth are naturally more yellow, this may not work for you, as it is not a bleach product but rather a color-correcting product. If the serum doesn't work for you either, consider one of these whitening products, which are our picks for the best whitening products of 2022.