Is A Fan Brush A Dated Makeup Tool Or A Must-Have In Your Collection?

Without makeup brushes, how ever would we manage to create our favorite looks? Makeup enthusiasts wouldn't be anywhere without our trusty brushes, which is why a lot of thought goes into buying them. The sturdiness of the bristles, their shape, and the material used to make them are very important factors to consider when choosing brushes that work. To any outsider, makeup brushes can all be used for the same thing, but true beauty gurus know the difference between a powder brush and a blush brush. We know why it's sometimes necessary to buy the best brushes on the market and not opt for the cheapest ones around.

We all have our most-used brushes, and some brushes we haven't touched for months. Some makeup tools have become outdated and widely unused, particularly because other ones have taken their place. One such brush is the fan brush. The fan brush is on a tipping scale when it comes to being useful today. Is it antiquated or a must-have tool in your makeup kit?

Fan brushes are best for highlighting and applying mascara

Fan brushes have a unique design that can serve many functions. The bristles of a fan brush are spread out from the base into a fan shape, hence the name. They also come in different sizes and thicknesses. The shape of the fan brush gives it the power of precise application which makes it ideal for angular features like your nose and cheekbones. This makes it the best way to apply your highlighter onto contoured areas.

Per Cosmopolitan, the fan brush can be used to dust off loose makeup from under your eyes. If you go for a slimmer fan brush, you can use it to apply highlighter onto smaller surfaces like your nose. Thicker fan brushes can be used to brush highlighter on wider surfaces like your cheekbones. With a smaller brush, you can put on mascara in a way that makes it clump together a lot less. To use a fan brush, you just move it from side to side along the area you're rubbing makeup on.

With all of these uses considered, it's hard to imagine why anyone would want to toss out their fan brush.

Remember to clean your brushes regularly

The fan brush is a great wand to keep in your makeup bag at all times, so throwing it away wouldn't be a wise decision. Although you may not put it to frequent use like your foundation brush, you still need to clean it as frequently as you do your other tools. The best way to keep your makeup brushes sanitized and ready to go is by washing them with warm water and soap until all the makeup color runs out, and then gently squeezing the bristles dry. You can even use a makeup brush cleaner on your brushes before washing with soap in order to properly dissolve stubborn makeup substances.

Your makeup brushes should be cleaned periodically — at least once a week. Remember, whatever you use on your face can affect your skin health. This is especially important if you have acne or any other skin conditions.