Here Are The Best Makeup Brushes On The Market, According To Mikayla Nogueira

Massachusetts born makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira has been dominating TikTok with beauty hacks and tutorials since 2020, generating over 5 million followers (via TikTok). The young beauty guru has been exploring a passion for "beating her face" since she was just 15. In a 2021 interview with Allure, Nogueira revealed, "I entered a competition called DECA and made a 50-page business plan for freelance online beauty consultations and services. I entered the Boston competition and I won."

We're not surprised by Nogueira's early hustle. Her work ethic was apparent in her first viral beauty video, in which she described how she covered her acne. The video began with a clean faced Nogueira bravely showing off her flawed complexion for the camera. By the end of the video, Nogueira had successfully concealed every inch of imperfection, stating, "Sorry, did you say acne? Yeah, we don't know her." The influencer's Bostonian accent and refreshingly candid honesty earned the video over 1 million views (via TikTok).

Nogueira's beauty expertise has been proven time and time again. From eyebrow tutorials to foundation hacks, she has saved many a follower from a makeup meltdown. All heroes really don't wear capes. So, when it comes to choosing high quality makeup brushes, our first stop was Nogueira's page.

Mikayla Nogueira's first makeup brush was a drugstore brand

As a professional makeup artist and TikToker, Mikayla Nogueira revealed that she has to "film [sponsored content] in advance because they have to be shown to the client" (via Allure). Luckily, Nogueira still makes time for organic content to guide followers toward worthwhile products. In Nogueira's TikTok video titled, "What makeup brushes are actually worth your money?" she does just that. 

If you're looking to ball on a budget, check out Peaches and Cream. Nogueira called this brand "the best of the best" for high-quality brushes to tackle any medium. Peaches and Cream is also made from synthetic fibers which makes them vegan (via Fabulous Makeup). Speaking of cruelty free, Nogueira recommended the affordable Colourpop brand for its a "massive selection" of face and eye brushes. Finally, for another "ridiculously affordable" option, Nogueira called on the long-lasting Juno & Co. brushes.

For those willing to splurge, opt for professional-grade Anastasia Beverly Hills or the classic Sigma brushes. These are more luxurious (a.k.a more expensive) brush brands, but the quality is evident. Nogueira called these brushes "an investment," so if you're without disposable income, try out Sigma's lower-cost Practk line. As far as specific brush mediums, Nogueira suggested using P.Louise eye shadow brushes and drugstore brand Real Techniques for cut creases. Real Techniques is also the first brush set Nogueira ever used! Follow in her footsteps and you'll be a wicked beauty guru in no time.