The 'Witchy Perfume' Trend Is Just What It Sounds Like. How To Find Your Scent

Finding your own personal perfume scent can be a tricky task. From sophisticated floral scents to candy-like perfumes, there's so many perfumes out there that it can feel overwhelming when it's time to choose. However, some scents are more popular than others. In an exclusive survey conducted by The List about fans' favorite types of perfume scents, it was revealed that most preferred fresh fragrances, closely followed by floral perfumes.

If you have ever been on "perfumetok" (that's Perfume TikTok, for the uninitiated), you'll know there's a perfume recommendation for everyone, from everyday scents to perfumes that will make anyone fall in love with you. The latest scent recommendations you'll see on "perfumetok" are perfumes powerful enough to cast a spell, i.e. "witchy perfumes." Whether you prefer sweet gourmand perfume scents or are more of a musk fan, we've got all the info on the "witchy perfume" trend so you can embrace your inner witch with just a spritz or two.

Witchy perfume isn't just about casting spells

Tarot reader Sarah Potter spoke to Glamour about how the mystic association with perfume actually makes a lot of sense. In her words, "in witchcraft, we invoke air, water, fire, and earth, all elements that also make up a perfume, in rituals to heighten our senses and raise the energy," which is also why perfume's "powerful presence" sticks out to us despite it being invisible to the eye. Potter also went on to link casting spells and creating perfume, explaining that "oils, resins, and incense" are put together in perfumes for a specific purpose, whether that is "to allure, to seduce, to feel more powerful, (or) to feel protected." 

Part of the witchy perfume trend is finding perfumes that take inspiration from the oils and resins of thousands of years ago and that evoke the same sense of wonder and mysticism. Don't worry though, as you don't have to cast any spells while wearing these perfumes (unless you want to). Below are a few of the best witchy-style perfumes that will have you feeling powerful enough to do some magic.

Smell just as powerful as you feel with these witchy scents

Incense Rose by Tauer is described as "an elegant oriental fragrance" that's "vibrant, rich, (and) mysterious." If the deep purple/electric blue bottle wasn't quite witchy enough to convince you, the fact that this perfume will turn heads wherever you go will surely do the trick. It has base notes of cedar wood, vetiver, and balsamic, a heart of incense with orris root and castor, and top notes of bergamot, clementine, cardomon, and, of course, rose. 

Need some mystic courage lately? Witchy Woo by Vyrao is designed to "wake up the powerful alliance of your courage and creativity." Its core is Moroccan orris, but it also features notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, rose, patchouli, frankincense, and opoponax with musk. Each ingredient is designed to activate a different feeling within you which, when paired with the other ingredients, will give you more courage. Plus, each bottle contains a Herkimer diamond, thought to "clear, amplify and raise energy," that has been personally activated by Vyrao's healer.