Seamlessly Grow Out Your Curtain Bangs With These Tips

If you've never thought about getting some form of bangs every so often, you're the exception to the rule. Bangs are a staple hairstyle, and reigning supreme amongst the current bangs trends are curtain bangs. Originally from the 1970s, the style made a triumphant return in the early 2020s and is still going strong. Curtain bangs can work for every face shape, which is why they're such a popular choice of hairstyle. Whether you want '70s-style blowout curtain bangs or more of a modern look, the beauty of curtain bangs is that they are super flattering, especially for those with heart and round-shaped faces.


However, there comes a point for most people where it's time to grow out your bangs, and that's when things can get tricky. No one wants to look like they've neglected hair wash day by having their growing bangs hang limply around their face, but the process of fully growing out your curtain bangs can take several months. In the meantime, here are a few tips and tricks to keep you (and your curtain bangs) looking your best until the grow-out is complete.

This technique will save you from having a bad hair day

No matter the growing out stage you're in, you'll want to make sure you're styling your curtain bangs properly so they look dreamy rather than dreary.

Speaking to Allure, hairstylist Matt Newman shared a way to style your bangs that will ensure you still look cute even in the most awkward of growing-out stages. According to Newman, "the best and most simple tip is to tuck (your bangs) behind your ears while wet and they will dry blended in with the next-shortest layer." This way, your bangs won't look out of place even when they're too short to fit in with the front part of your hair or too long to be considered a fringe anymore. 


Of course, this could be a little tricker is your hair isn't straight or has a little more texture. In this case, Newman states to "do the same thing but just after heat styling the section, while the hair is still slightly mailable." The two above tips will work until your bangs have grown to be a similar length to the rest of your hair, in which case you can just style them normally.

Get creative with how you style your growing curtain bangs

If you hate the feeling of hair in your face, there's no rule that says you can't clip back your curtain bangs. Accessories like 90s butterfly hair clips are a good way to stay on trend, as are headbands. A good tip is to clip the ends of your curtain bangs before pushing them back with your headband — this will prevent sticking-out hair pieces at each end. Using accessories to push your bangs back is also a useful hack to get them out of the way before they've grown out enough to be tucked behind your ears.


Once your curtain bangs have grown to a level where they can't really be considered curtains anymore, it's time to switch things up. Speaking to InStyle, TREsemme hairstylist Justine Marjan recommends using "no-crease clips" on your bangs. You'll end up with wavy bangs that appear very much intentional instead of bangs that look half grown out.

You'll probably have a few more bad hair days than usual when growing out your curtain bangs, but with the above tips and tricks the overall process will feel much less like a drag.