The 'Skullet' Is The Shag/mullet Combo That Everyone's Asking For This Spring

Trends in hairstyles, haircuts, and fashion are constantly coming and going. One haircut trend that has come and gone in past decades is the mullet, though the cut has gone through many new iterations in past decades.


One take on this classic look that's gaining in popularity is the skullet, a cut also known as the shullet, or short mullet. The style is a mix between the mullet and the shag haircut, and it could be perfect if you're trying to decide if you want to get a mullet but you don't want to commit to it completely. 

Global educator James Ruiz tells The Zoe Report that the skullet is officially back. It was originally popular in the 1990s, and its low maintenance upkeep paired with the edginess of the look has brought it back to popularity. If you're looking to get the skullet, you'll want to know what to ask for at the salon and how to take care of your new cut.

What to ask for to get the skullet at the salon

Going into the salon for a trendy cut can be intimidating because you might not know exactly what to ask for. When it comes to getting your hair cut into this style, hairstylist Zobey Barker tells Latest Hairstyles, "Discuss your expectations like how wispy you want your bangs to be or how short you like your layers to be. Talk about the at-home maintenance and the interim between your salon visits." 


If you're looking to try out the skullet haircut, you should be prepared with plenty of photos of the look when you go to your stylist. You can also describe that you want a short mullet that has a lot of layers, but make sure you've researched your stylist before heading in so you know they're the best person to give you the look you're hoping to achieve. Don't forget to ask them how to style your hair on your own.

The skullet is low maintenance & can be easy to style

The skullet has a lot of layers while maintaining the length of your hair, and the reason for that is the number of layers required to get the look just right. Much like the new bixie haircut that replaced the mullet, the skullet is relatively low-maintenance and can be easy to manage. However, one style that might not work very well with the skullet is a ponytail or updo, Zobey Barker warns, since the style relies on layers.


To take care of your skullet at home, make sure you're brushing and detangling your hair each day since it's longer in the back. You can also use products that prevent frizz while also giving you a lot of volume. If your hair is dry, reach for some leave-in conditioner to keep your skullet looking shiny and moisturized at all times. And, be prepared to visit the salon around every six weeks for a trim.