The Best Perfumes With Cherry Blossom Notes In 2023

If you happen to be of the millennial generation, let us paint a familiar picture for you. The year is 2010, and you're perusing your local mall while Kesha's "Your Love Is My Drug" echoes around you. You've already spent way too much money at Hollister and Victoria's Secret, but you have one last stop to make. Arguably the best-smelling store in existence, Bath & Body Works lies just ahead, stocked with shelves full of the bestselling body spray in America: Japanese Cherry Blossom.


Love it or hate it, this ultra-sweet fragrance was absolutely iconic during this time. Featuring notes of Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear, mimosa petals, white jasmine, and sandalwood, the scent is still burned into the memories of millennials everywhere. And while many of us have since outgrown this popular fragrance from our youth, many still crave the nostalgic floral scent.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of perfumes available today that channel a more grown-up version of the classic perfume we all knew and loved. If you're looking to add a new flowery fragrance to your lineup, read on to discover the perfect cherry blossom perfume for you.

Estée Lauder's Dream Dusk will enhance cheerful emotions

Yes, you read that right. According to the Estée Lauder website, Dream Dusk is "infused with emotion." The beauty brand behind this highly rated fragrance states that they commissioned a scientific study to measure people's responses after smelling the perfume. The results? Apparently, for those who are drawn to the scent, it elicits cheerfulness both consciously and subconsciously. According to those results, it seems money actually can buy happiness — or at least a great-smelling perfume.


In addition to being a mood booster, Dream Dusk uses ScentCapture Fragrance Extender technology to ensure your perfume will last up to 12 hours after a single application. Because many traditional fragrances don't make it past the six-hour mark, this advancement in wear time is truly a breakthrough within the perfume industry. Dream Dusk features notes of cherry blossom, blackcurrant buds, and geranium to create its uplifting floral scent. And with its high ratings, this Elle Future of Beauty award winner should definitely be added to your wish list.

The Ritual of Sakura Hair & Body Mist is an ideal alcohol-free perfume

If you're someone who struggles with sensitive skin, you may have noticed that some fragrances can cause irritation when applied. This is often due to the presence of perfumer's alcohol, which is used as a carrier in the majority of perfumes produced today. The presence of this type of alcohol can also be damaging to certain textiles and jewelry, meaning that you should take care to avoid letting your alcohol-based perfume touch your clothing and accessories. But luckily, there are alcohol-free options like The Ritual of Sakura Hair & Body Mist by Rituals to help avoid these issues.


This light, fresh-scented body spray features notes of cherry blossom, making it the perfect fragrance for spring. It also includes rice milk, a fairly uncommon ingredient among perfumes. Intended to add extra hydration to the areas where applied, rice milk provides a little extra skin care while making you smell heavenly. And with a current price tag of only $24.50, this floral fragrance gives off luxury vibes while still being wallet-friendly.

Dior Sakura is the ultimate high-end cherry blossom fragrance

For those on the hunt for a luxury cherry blossom-scented perfume, look no further than Dior Sakura.  Formulated by the iconic French perfumer François Demachy, this top-rated fragrance provides a soft floral scent with muted musky undertones. Demachy explained that while in Japan one day, he was inspired by the irresistibly sweet scent of thousands of cherry trees in bloom. The resulting creation was this subtly intoxicating fragrance that has received high ratings on Dior's website.


Available in either 4.25-ounce or 8.5-ounce sizes, Dior Sakura comes in a stunning, minimally-designed light pink bottle. For those feeling extra luxurious, you can even opt to have the bottle personalized with custom engraving. The epitome of extravagance, you might walk with an air of sophistication by investing in this spring-inspired designer fragrance. And if you find that you just can't get enough of Sakura's scent, you can even purchase Dior's Sakura body cream, which is just as highly rated on the brand's site.

Pacifica Cherry Moon is the sweetest scent for spring

Truly a steal at around $20, Pacifica Cherry Moon is the perfect floral fragrance for anyone on a budget. The brand states that the scent is inspired by the pink full moon. If you've never heard of a pink moon before, you're not alone — we had to look it up, too. Named by The Old Farmer's Almanac, a pink moon is simply the full moon that occurs in April since it coincides with many flowers that begin to bloom around the same time. The more you know!


According to Pacifica Beauty, Cherry Moon boasts a bold, sweet scent. It features notes of cherry blossom and sugar (yes, sugar) to deliver an extra decadent, sultry fragrance. Symbolizing love and fresh stars, applying a spritz of Cherry Moon would be the perfect way to get in the right mindset at the start of a new moon cycle. And at such a low price point, it could easily become your go-to fragrance that won't break the bank.

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia is cherry blossom at its best

Part of Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria collection, Flora Cherrysia is one of the most environmentally-friendly perfumes on the market. Per the brand's website, it takes great measures to ensure that its products are as sustainable as they are luxurious. By using up to 95% naturally-derived ingredients, packaging its fragrances in bottles with up to 15% recycled glass, and organizing multiple programs related to bee preservation, Guerlain has made it its mission to lessen its impact on the earth. Even after all of the time and energy it commits to environmental causes, the brand still manages to make an exquisite product that doesn't sacrifice quality.


Created by perfumer Delphine Jelk, Flora Cherrysia features a cherry blossom scent, the essence of bergamot, and additional notes of watermelon, violets, nashi, and a woody base. If you're someone who loves lavish perfumes but is also concerned with their environmental impact, this Japanese-inspired fragrance is for you.

Floris Cherry Blossom was created by Queen Elizabeth II's perfumers

Cherry Blossom by Floris London is a lightweight fragrance that perfectly embodies a spring day in the Japanese countryside. The perfume features a wide variety of complementary fragrance notes, including cherry blossom, bergamot, orange, pink peppercorn, osmanthus, peony, rose, cherry, musk, and sandalwood. The perfect combination of floral and fruity, this light and airy perfume is perfect for everyday wear.


Founded in the year 1730, Floris is one of the oldest perfume companies in operation today. As experts in the craft, its perfumes are even widely known to be a favorite of the royal family. Edward Bodenham, the brand's director and descendant of founder Juan Floris himself, explained in an interview with Vogue Arabia that Floris has received 17 royal warrants throughout its history. Fragrances they created were even the preferred choice of the late Queen Elizabeth II herself. So if you're searching for a spring-inspired scent that's truly fit for a queen, look no further than this timeless fragrance from Floris.

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom is a luxurious French fragrance

Unlike many cherry blossom perfumes, L'Occitane Cherry Blossom is inspired by the hillsides of southern France rather than the countryside of Japan. The French-made perfume provides an indulgent scent with top notes of freesia, cherry, and lily of the valley. Beneath those top notes, the formula is rounded out with notes of amber and musk. For cherry blossom lovers who are looking for a high-end fragrance with a mid-range price point, this is the perfume for you.


Reviewers on L'Occitane's website describe it as being light and fresh, and perfect for spring and summer months. Multiple reviews also rave about how long-lasting it is after a single application. And to further extend the life of the scent, the brand recommends layering the perfume over the top of its Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion. Packaged in a beautiful muted pink bottle, L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette is a must-have for anyone who loves floral fruity fragrances.

Demeter Cherry Blossom pays homage to Japanese culture within America

Made in the United States, Demeter Cherry Blossom is a low-cost fragrance that rivals high-end cherry blossom perfumes created by designer brands. And perhaps the biggest factor that sets it apart from the competition is its multitude of fragrance options. For this single scent, buyers can choose from 10 different products, including different sizes of colognes, perfume oil, body lotion, body oil, shower gel, and even diffuser oil. And with Demeter's extremely competitive prices, cherry blossom fans could afford to buy the entire collection and drench themselves head to toe in their favorite scent for less than the cost of many designer perfumes.


True to its American roots, Demeter states that its cherry blossom fragrance is inspired by the cherry blossom trees that famously grow in Washington, D.C. Brought to the states as a gift from Japan, this grove of cherry blossom trees represents friendship and the celebration of Japanese culture.

Floraïku I See the Clouds Go By smells as good as it looks

Transport yourself to a serene spring day in Japan with this stunning cherry blossom perfume from Floraïku. I See the Clouds Go By is a luxury fragrance that delivers a perfectly balanced blend of floral, fruity, and earthy scents. The formula features a top note of blackcurrant, a heart note of white musk, a base note of cherry blossom, and additional notes of bergamot essence, petitgrain, davana essence, and cedarwood.


While this perfume is certainly on the higher end of the price scale, it's easy to see why it's worth the cost. The product's beautiful bottle features a delicate cherry blossom tree detail, and it comes packaged in a unique carrying case. Additionally, it includes a 10-milliliter travel-sized bottle of the fragrance to accompany the main 50-milliliter perfume bottle. For those seeking a fragrance that embodies serenity and luxury, I See the Clouds Go By could be a fantastic option.

Solinotes Fleur de Cerisier is a popular fruity-floral fragrance

An excellent budget-friendly option, Fleur de Cerisier by Solinotes is a fantastic French-made perfume. Available in 15-milliliter and 50-milliliter sizes, this lightweight perfume claims to be purifying in nature, providing a moment of relaxation and serenity for the wearer. Reviewers describe its scent as being fresh and flowery, with many stating that it has impressive staying power when applied to the skin.


Contained in a minimally designed pink bottle, Fleur de Cerisier is very highly rated on the Solinotes website. The fragrance includes top notes of lemon, mandarin, and cardamom, middle notes of cherry, rose, blackcurrant, and raspberry, and base notes of musk and apple. The addition of the apple base isn't something that is commonly seen among other cherry blossom perfumes, but it lends itself well to the sweet springtime vibe of this delicious fragrance. If you crave a fruity yet fresh scent, look no further than Solinotes Fleur de Cerisier.

Smallflower Cherry Blossom will take you back in time

While Smallflower brands itself as being a "modern apothecary," many of its fragrances draw inspiration from glamorous eras of the past. The Outremer collection includes a wide variety of perfumes, one of them being the ever-so-popular Cherry Blossom. Described as embodying the fresh scent of spring, the fragrance features pure floral notes to deliver a bright, fresh scent.


While Smallflower's Cherry Blossom scent is to die for, the perfume's packaging may be even more appealing than the smell. All of the products in the Outremer collection feature visually stunning art deco designs that transport you to early 20th-century France. With beautiful floral illustrations and vintage-inspired typography, you will look forward to reaching for this beautiful bottle every morning.

For a perfume this lovely, you would generally expect it to come with a high price tag. But Smallflower offers its fragrances at incredibly low prices, with a 50-milliliter bottle of Cherry Blossom costing a mere $20. If you're looking for luxury scents at a bargain price, Smallflower fragrances are definitely worth trying.


Les Vides Anges Fleur de Nuit is inspired by the night

The French Canadian company Les Vides Anges hit it out of the park with its signature cherry blossom scent, Fleur de Nuit. Translated as "the night flower," this long-lasting scent is said to be inspired by a busy night out in Tokyo. The perfume brand states that Fleur de Nuit features notes of cherry blossom, jasmine, and "a sandy beach in the summer." While we aren't exactly sure what essence was used to capture that last note, it sounds absolutely lovely, and the formula has received only positive reviews on the company's website.


Les Vides Anges is also committed to donating a portion of its sales to multiple different charities. For every 50-milliliter bottle of perfume sold, the brand donates $5 to Charity: Water and Fashion Makes Change. Additionally, its Fleur de Nuit fragrance is vegan and cruelty-free, allowing buyers to feel good about their perfume purchase. And for true lovers of the cherry blossom scent, the company also offers a Fleur de Nuit body lotion.