Baggu Or Lululemon: Which Popular Brand Offers Better Crossbody Bags?

As the warmer weather draws us outdoors, there is nothing like a lightweight crossbody bag to compliment your spring look. Nearly every brand that offers handbags will have this bag style in their collection. Crossbody bags have stood the test of time because of their sheer convenience. The hands-free sack typically features an elongated strap that can cross over the body. They may not be the "It Girl" bag, but we can assure you they'll make your life easier. Suppose you're looking for a bag that holds your valuables without the burden of toting it around and potentially leaving it at the bar. Baggu and Lululemon are two brands you should consider.

The beauty of Baggu and Lululemon is that many of their crossbody selections are gender-neutral. They come in various sizes and styles, but how do you know which is the best? Well, that depends on what you're looking for in a crossbody bag, your budget, and your taste. Luckily, both have much to offer their customers, which is why they've skyrocketed in popularity.

Baggu is heavily focused on sustainability

If you're looking for a bag with a strong focus on sustainability, Baggu is the company for you. Founded in 2007, Baggu uses minimal waste in each design while still finding a way to deliver durable handbags. Every bag is not entirely made of recycled products, such as its heavyweight nylon and recycled canvas bags.

Regarding crossbody bags, Baggu offers different variations, such as the Bucket Bags, Sport Crossbody, and Nylon Crescent Bag. Each includes a long, adjustable strap that securely wraps over you and keeps your valuables in place. Baggu's famed Fanny Packs are incredibly versatile and can be strapped to the front of your body or across the chest. Made of nylon, they are also extremely easy to clean. Another component offered by Baggu is the incorporation of fun prints outside of the standard color palettes.

The price point is also impressive, starting at just $24 for the Mini Nylon Bucket Bag. This smaller pouch can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody style. If you need a bit more room, the Medium Nylon Bucket Bag is also available in medium for $30.

Lululemon bags are made with active customers in mind

With Lululemon being an athletic brand, it's no surprise that their handbag selection is also geared toward physical activity. This is especially seen in their crossbody bags. Like Baggu, Lululemon offers its versatile line of fanny packs known as Belt Bags. Customers have several options, including the Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L and the slightly smaller version, Everywhere Belt Bag 1L. Both are made of water-repellant fabric, perfect for the gym and errand running immediately after. 

Another brilliant Lululemon crossbody is its All Night Festival Bag. You might not have plans to attend Coachella in your lifetime but think of what you'd want from a bag if you were attending an outdoor festival. This sack is available in two sizes, 5L and 2L, and features a wide opening and zipped compartment that protects virtually everything you'll take with you during your day-to-day.

Baggu is better for those on a budget

Compared to Baggu, Lululemon costs a bit more. The least inexpensive crossbody bag on their website, which happens to be the Everywhere Belt Bag 1L, is priced at $38. In comparison, the least expensive crossbody on Baggu's website is the Phone Sling which is just $14. Granted, these bags are two vastly different sizes, but it's important to note that Lululemon doesn't have a crossbody that small. Another component to consider when deciding which brand is best for you is accessibility. 

Baggu only has storefront locations in SoHo, Brooklyn, and San Francisco, while Lululemon has over 400 stores in the U.S. In the age of online shopping, this is not an issue for most, but if you'd like to see the products in person, that may be more difficult with Baggu. Both brands have much to offer, which is why their customers continue coming back. The determining factor depends on how much you'd like to spend and what you need from your crossbody. Try buying one of each and using a purse planner to switch between purses. This could let you know if Baggu or Lululemon is the one for you.