Hot Glue As Eyeliner? What To Know About The Latest Beauty Trend

Graphic eyeliner and chrome designs are popular makeup trends that aren't going anywhere. If it's not using gold leaf to glam up your eye look, or metallic peel-and-stick decals, then at least it's glittering eyeshadow. It might be thanks to shows like "Euphoria" and the revival of Y2K fashion. Now a new look, created with an unconventional tool, is hitting the beauty industry and taking social media by storm.

As a crafter, a hot glue gun is a typical tool to have on deck. For a makeup guru, probably not. However, thanks to content creator Vanessa Funes, this has changed. The TikTok creative, better known as Cutcreaser, went viral for her makeup look that featured 3D chrome eyeliner. Since then, makeup lovers are following suit with their own versions of the futuristic look. We have everything you need to know about this hot DIY trend and how you can get the look.

How this hot glue beauty trend came to be

Content creator Vanessa Funes confesses she might have got the masses talking about hot glue eyeliner, but she wasn't the first to rock this look. She was inspired by beauty influencer Elaine Corredor, makeup artist Stella, and makeup content creator May Akhtar, among many others in the industry.

The look is similar to what e-makeup artist Ines Alpha pulled off for Charlie XCX's "Charli" album cover. In an interview with Dazed Digital, Alpha reveals, "When I create something in the digital world, it needs to be impossible to create in the physical world. Sometimes I create pieces that you wouldn't be able to wear because it would slip or it wouldn't stay on your face."

However, talented artists are bringing similar visions to life, and the 3D makeup creator is all for it. She says, "People find a way to make it possible, so that's pretty exciting." After seeing Funes' video, Alpha admits she wants to bring her digital version of the look to real life. And creating this viral hot glue eyeliner is easier than you think.

How to get the look

TikTok has given us the best eyeliner tips and trendy designs — and this one is no different. It is an easy 3D DIY. You'll need a hot glue gun, metal plate, eyeshadow, and lash glue. The first step is creating your swirls, lines, and whatever shapes your heart desires with the hot glue on the metal plate. Never put hot glue directly on your face. It is hot! You can also use a mirror or baking wax sheet to draw instead of a metal plate. However, the glue will melt regular paper or plastic.

After your patterns dry, feel free to color them with your favorite eyeshadow. Try a chrome and glitter palette to nail the futuristic design. Now you can pick up your 3D liner and apply it around your eyes with lash glue.

After your round of pictures or night out, removing the eye makeup is simple. Dermatologist Mona Gohara tells Allure, "loosening the eyelash glue with a bit of Vaseline, followed up with a gentle facial cleanser or micellar water," works to safely remove the hot glue design. Another plus,  similar to false lashes, you can save your design to wear again and again.