A Bad Economy Can Negatively Affect Your Love Life - Here's How

It's no surprise that money struggles can create a more stressful life. When there simply isn't enough income in your budget to afford your basic necessities plus a few extra things for leisure each month, it can lead to some intense frustration. It might even begin to affect your relationships.

Many have experienced the "broke college student" stage where dinner was a cup of noodles, and your go-to restaurant order was free water. However, having that frugal mindset again can be challenging once you've gotten used to your stable income and a different lifestyle. This is why the massive increase in cost-of-living has negatively impacted so many people. Some may even feel embarrassed to admit that certain activities are not currently in the budget.

Instead of going out on dates or socializing, you may spend your downtime working a side job. Similarly, with food prices being obnoxiously high, the idea of a romantic restaurant or even cooking a good meal at home is no longer a priority. Often, serious money issues cause people to go into survival mode, which definitely puts a damper on your love life.

Dating takes energy

In order to have a thriving social life, you need to invest time and effort into those relationships. Likewise, dating requires you to exert both mental and emotional energy. According to Cosmopolitan, the simple act of stressing about money or finances can require so much brain power that the idea of a romantic rendezvous is far too much to handle. According to a report by For Hims, the economy significantly impacts your dating patterns and sex life. Of those surveyed, nearly one-third claimed that increased living expenses were responsible for the shift in their priorities.

Interestingly, sex educator Alix Fox explained that it's hard to feel attractive or desirable when living a high-stress life. Beyond the fear of rent spikes or job loss, trying to budget for a date becomes more stressful than it's worth when affording groceries is on your mind. If you were wondering how you can tell if casual dating is the right move for your love life, the economy is actually a great indicator.

Money has power and influence

The truth is money, in general, has a lot of control over your life, especially when there's not as much of it to go around. While financial stability provides a safety net during bad economic times, financial insecurity is a main source of contention in romantic relationships. Some married couples even "joke" that they can't afford a divorce.

One partner is often more financially dependent on the other, which can create manipulative or even abusive living situations. On the other side, younger singles find that the bad economy is forcing them to take lower-paying, entry-level jobs. This leads many to move back home after graduating college and sort out their finances while living rent-free. The stigma of moving in with your parents is slowly diminishing, but some practical realities are seen through this trend, one being the toll it takes on your love life.

While Standard depicts the normalization of 20-somethings living with their parents, it is rarely ideal and usually financially forced. Saving for a house may feel impossible in a bad economy. However, trying to foster a romantic relationship in such an awkward environment leads many to pause their love life entirely, which could be the dating mistake that will hold you back from meeting your person. With so many factors contributing to a bad economy and your love life, navigating the ways they can intersect in a healthy and positive way will be essential.