Is Cutting Your Baby Hairs The Right Move?

The trend of laying baby hairs has picked up steam with social media. White celebrities and social media influencers have apparently discovered the tradition. Runway and red-carpet photos of celebrities like Kim Kardashian have sparked controversy. But hair expert and stylist Nigella Miller told Essence that, so long as the styling makes sense with a person's hair and the practice's history is acknowledged, all is well. "It's art actually," Miller said (via Essence). "You can take hair out of a curl and create another curl. And then make a curl with that. Don't get bored with your baby hair. Have fun!"

But for some, having fun and figuring out what to do with their baby hairs do not mix. No matter how hard you try, you may struggle to figure out how to style your baby hairs the right way. You may be thinking that getting rid of your baby hairs is the right move. Here's what you need to know and what you can do before cutting your baby hairs.

The function of baby hairs

Beyond serving as a tool for creativity in hair styling, baby hairs do serve a valuable function. Baby hairs are a form of vellus hair, which can be found all over your body, per Healthline. These softer and more delicate pieces of hair, sometimes called peach fuzz, help your body keep a healthy temperature and can protect your skin from irritants. Vellus hair exists in some people's armpits, along their legs, and even on their fingers and toes. And of course, the little hairs along your forehead are vellus hairs, too. While there are ways to remove vellus hair, including baby hairs, these tiny hairs aren't useless. Don't rush to remove your baby hairs without first thinking about how they help your body stay warm and keep irritants off of your skin. If you don't like your baby hairs, first try these methods for hiding them.

Try hiding your baby hairs, first

You probably don't like the look of your baby hairs because they are damaged. If they have that annoying habit of constantly sticking up and seemingly attracting endless amounts of frizz, they have likely been exposed to too much heat. Before you make the commitment to rid yourself of those little hairs, make sure you like how your hairline looks when they aren't there. Hiding your baby hairs rather than putting them on full display may be a great option. Bobby pins will allow you to twist back your baby hairs to keep them from flying away. Another popular hair tool is the Y2K-inspired headband. Style your favorite headband with your outfit, pushing back your baby hairs to blend in with the rest of your locks. Making sure that you aren't applying extra heat to your baby hairs will keep them from breaking more and annoying sticking up.

If you are committed to getting rid of your baby hairs after a couple of times of hiding them, then you can carefully try these methods for cutting them.

How to remove baby hairs

You should consult with a professional stylist when you have decided to get rid of your baby hairs. Waxing and laser hair removal are the most popular ways to remove baby hairs. Obtaining the ideal hairline shape through waxing is difficult, so it should be left to a professional so you can get the best results. New York City dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco told Allure that "if done properly, hygienically and regularly," waxing the hairline can be a successful way to remove baby hairs.

Laser hair removal is another option for removing your baby hairs. Again, only a professional should tackle this task. You won't want shabby results that end up framing your face. "The hairline is important, it really frames the face," Lisa S. Ball, a nurse at Lauren Paella dermatology center, said. "I have a lot of patients lately wanting to come in to even out their hairline, it really can make a big difference." These procedures can take multiple appointments that last over several months. No matter how you feel about your baby hairs, consult a stylist for tips, and be sure to see a professional if you are planning to remove them.