Should Hope Now Pursue Thomas? The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Weigh In

"The Bold and the Beautiful" seems to be traveling back into familiar territory with its current story involving Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Hope's fashion line called Hope for the Future was in danger, and Steffy Forrester (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood), the Co-CEO of design firm Forrester Creations, implored everyone to bring back Thomas as lead designer. Regardless of Thomas' creepy and even crazy past behavior — and constant apologies claiming he would change his ways — Hope has realized that no one can deliver the quality designs like him in order to save the line from cancellation. However, Hope's husband Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is against this and is worried that a Hope and Thomas reunion could be possible. 

In a recent episode, Hope was standing on a small riser while trying on a gown designed by Thomas. As she went to step off onto the floor, she lost her footing. Thomas caught her, but the two fell back onto a couch, just in time for Liam to walk in on what appeared to be a rather compromising position. Liam, of course, jumped to the wrong conclusion, and Hope had to talk him out of his furor and explain the truth. But she's been secretly having fantasies about Thomas, which doesn't bode well for her marriage to Liam.

Fans are still on the fence about a possible Hope and Thomas redux, and the debate on social media rages on.

Many fans are feeling history is repeating itself

The latest "Bold and the Beautiful" promo video posted on the show's official Twitter account was accompanied by the words, "Do you think Liam should be concerned about Hope and Thomas?" The video illustrates several characters, including Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) pondering that very question. The fans were extremely critical of the writing on this storyline, with one frustrated viewer stating, "Either they need them to have an affair or just move on with this Thomas and Hope mess it has been going on for years."

"I think [Liam] should be a little concerned about Hope. I think she's a little attracted to Thomas & likes his attention," theorized another fan. An unsatisfied viewer offered a candid opinion, stating, "I'm not sure I'm liking the storyline as much! At least we eventually got something out of the Bill [Spencer, Don Diamont] and Sheila [Carter, Kimberlin Brown] storyline, I don't see anything good happening for this new/old thing here!" One team Thomas fan would rather see him with someone other than hope, writing, "Give Thomas a real love interest not Mary Poppins Hope. Give him a real woman." A fan fed up with the status quo posted, "This show is desperately in need of some new characters. This nonstop merry go round is old and stale."

And one fan broke the tension by writing, "This is horrendous. What's wrong with Hope, really?"