Lazy Girl Workouts Are Trending And We're Here For It

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans that people get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity movement in every week. While everyone chooses to incorporate movement into their life differently, any kind of exercise is good, and much better than sitting or not moving. 

Going to the gym can be invigorating. Some people get up at the crack of dawn, put their workout clothes on, and start their day off with an hour-long session; though how long to actually work out at the gym is an individual choice. Others just wake up, throw on sneakers and go for a brisk run, and some look for quick workouts to get them in and out of the gym in under 30 minutes

Still, others participate in Zoom workouts or hit their treadmill or stair stepper in the privacy of their own home. Simply walking can also be a great choice for exercise, and believe it or not, so can lazy girl workouts. 

How lazy girl workouts work

Lazy girl workouts are everywhere you look. They are often 30-minute dance videos but can also be a TikTok step workout right in your living room. For some reason, Abba seems to be a hit for background music in several of them, but no complaints here; that only adds to the fun.

These low-impact, readily available workouts are all the rage, and with good reason. Let's face it, many of us just don't, or can't, get in a regular 5 a.m. workout, and some of us coil just at the thought of doing that on a regular basis. But whether you work from home or just sit at a desk at the office all day, making time to get your body moving is a necessity and it can be easier than you think.

Think about this: if you do just a 30-minute lazy girl workout video five times a week, you hit the recommended weekly activity. Yet one of the biggest benefits is that you can do it anywhere at any time without any equipment, and there is no need to buy anything. Besides the obvious health benefit, short-duration exercise can leave you feeling invigorated, happier, and calmer. 

Lazy pilates and 5-minute workouts

If you are looking for workouts beyond step workouts or dance videos, you might want to try lazy girl pilates. This is great if you are seeking a slower and more tranquil way to utilize your muscles. In lazy girl pilates, you can start and finish while laying on the floor but also work your core muscles, glutes, and hamstrings and build stamina.

"These moves help me feel strong, aligned, and balanced," trainer Chloe de Winter tells Well + Good. "Plus, they are designed for those days when you don't feel like working out, so you're still getting those post-workout-endorphins. Always a win!"

If you're really in a pinch, there are even 5-minute workouts. You simply pick a target area, like arms, abs, or legs, and begin. These are set moves that you perform in five minutes and can be found on YouTube, TikTok, or even as infographics online. Some are set to specific songs and toted as one-song workouts. Though five minutes may seem like nothing, they can be intense and increase heart rate in short bursts, and remember, any movement is better than none at all.