Thanks To The White Lotus, Chartreuse Nails Are A Thing - And Now They're Everywhere

HBO Max's "The White Lotus" is a mismatch of black comedy and drama featuring a host of controversial characters. A satirical look at the upper class and their holiday exploits at a luxury resort, the series doesn't shy away from nuanced characters that you can't help but both love and hate.

Beyond the questionable actions of the show's personas, "The White Lotus" has prompted many online discussions about its on-screen fashion. Portia, played by Haley Lu Richardson, specifically had tongues wagging throughout Season 2 with her eclectic, Gen Z-inspired wardrobe. Her cinched waist, oversized Tommy Hilfiger top, and her blue patchwork midi skirt are examples of pieces that really had viewers up in arms.

On top of these iconic clothing items, Portia's nail color has also become a topic of discussion among fans. Her polish choice is as loud as her arsenal of multi-patterned outfits, but many viewers are actually picking up the color to emulate the character.

The chartreuse color that Portia wears

While previously the Euphoria manicure was the nail art look that popped off, now it seems to be the turn of "The White Lotus" to set this season's nail trend. If you didn't catch it, Portia wears a yellow-green nail polish color known as chartreuse throughout the 2nd season of the show. As Hollywood nail artist Erica Hipp tells PopSugar, "Thanks to Portia from White Lotus Season 2, chartreuse nails are definitely having a moment; it's like the alt red nail — it brings a pop of bold color to any look, but in a funky and playful way."

The name of the shade comes from a liqueur of the same distinct color, which originated from Carthusian monks of the 1600s. After the alcoholic beverage rose to popularity in the 19th century, the color eventually swept into the fashion and design spheres. The hue is known for being vibrant and eye-catching, making it perfect for Portia's style and a great nail choice for anyone wanting to embrace chartreuse without going overboard.

Now, you can easily search up chartreuse nail looks on TikTok, with Haley Lu Richardson's character providing the inspiration for several of these looks. If you're wanting to similarly sport the color, check out Essie's Piece of Work, ILNP's Short Circuit, or Sienna's Radiance.

Chartreuse is really having a moment

Beyond Portia's nails, chartreuse as a color has been popping off in beauty, fashion, and interior design. Since being declared the color of 2020 by Etsy, the shade has appeared in Pinterest searches, in makeup collections, and on celebrities. For example, Glossier released their Skywash sheer matte lid tint in 2020, featuring a yellowish-green color called "Lawn," while ColourPop launched a chartreuse shade of their super shock eyeshadow in 2022.

At the 2023 SAG awards, the hue was all over celebrities, being worn by actresses such as Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, and Claire Foy. Kendall Jenner wore a chartreuse Victoria Beckham gown with leather gloves and boots in Dubai, while Florence Pugh sported a Proenza Schouler dress of the same color for the cover of Vogue.

With chartreuse being so popular recently, you can be both on trend and in style when wearing this Portia-inspired color on your nails this spring.