Puffy, Cloud-Like Accessories Are On Trend In 2023

Have you ever dreamed of having a bag so soft and squishy it feels like an actual cloud? Now you can, thanks to one of 2023's hottest trends. Just like how bigger seems to be better for jewelry in 2023, the puffy accessory trend revolves around everything being larger — or puffier, to be exact. Even better, the puffy trend isn't just restricted to one particular item. Pieces like Hailey Bieber's bold puffer jacket may be having their moment, but it's accessories where the style has been seen most, with everything from mini bags to sandals getting the puffed-up treatment. 

Playful and fun, this trend gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and get creative with styling, whether you have your eye on a pair of puffy shoes or prefer the squishiness of a cloud bag. We've rounded up some of the most out-there accessories as well as a few of the most popular puffy items so you can start styling your own dreamy, cloud-like looks.

Expect to see puffy accessories all over social media

Among the most exaggerated of these puffy silhouettes is the Loewe Puffer Bomber Jacket, which has been worn by Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Russell. The jacket, which features giant puffed sleeves and a tent-like front, takes cloud-like inspiration to a new level. Still, it's far from being the only outlandish puffer accessory. As pictured above worn by K-pop idol Somi, the MSCHF Big Red Boot (yes, that is the shoe's actual name) made a huge splash in fashion and non-fashion communities alike. In fact, the search term "big red boots" has almost 300 million views on TikTok alone.

Don't worry though, as there are some other puffy but far more wearable accessories you can pick instead. Take, for example, the Coach Pillow Tabby bag, which also blew up on TikTok because of its cute, fluffy aesthetic. Other popular puffy accessories include the Bottega Veneta Pillow Pouch, which will be incredibly hard to resist squeezing, and the Prada Padded Leather Loafers, which look like literal cushions for your feet stacked on a hardcore lugged sole.

What's behind this trend?

It's clear that puffy accessories are in, but why exactly are they suddenly appearing everywhere? Fashion psychologist Sarah Seung-McFarland thinks she might have the answer. Speaking to Marie Claire, Seung-McFarland referenced the pandemic, stating that puffy fashion "has a comfy, protective energy and might be a way to counteract the disruptions we've had to face the last few years." In simpler terms, much like how a child often sleeps with a toy, "we're seeking plushy comfort to soothe our souls."

Moreover, trend forecaster Agus Panzoni told Marie Claire that accessories and clothes getting the puffy treatment is related to influencer culture. Panzoni explained, "We might be seeing a rapture between clothes intended for real life and clothes meant for the representation of real life, the digital world. It's the outfit for Real vs. Instagram Reels." Basically, you will (probably) never see someone casually walking down the street in a pair of ludicrously puffy boots, but you'll definitely see them on your Insta feed.

If you're unsure about the trend, perhaps don't plunge straight in with a puffer jacket that will keep people from being able to get within five feet of you, and go for a bag instead.