Skirt Layering Is The Innovative Trend You Need To Try

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Skirt layering is the latest trend, and creativity is one of its signature elements. Of course, most trends are unique in various ways, but layering skirts is something else altogether. Rarely a fashion wave comes along that doesn't demand your entire paycheck (we're looking at you, quiet luxury). This time, you can start with a full inventory of your closet to get an idea of what pieces you have that work well for this trend.

Case in point, skirt layering isn't reserved for just skirts. You'll find looks created with everything from skirts, dresses, petticoats, and even long button-down shirts. You can really fling open the doors to creativity and play with contrasting prints and textures. In fact, along those lines, you'll see that we've also included a wide variety of skirting lengths and thicknesses — including a vibrant, eye-catching pop of tulle. 

All in all, if you've been rationing out your fashion budget to try to navigate all the recent trending aesthetics, you can finally catch your breath. The skirt-layering trend starts with what you've already got on hand.

Skirt layering is all about contrast

The first rule of skirt layering is that there are no rules. However, one common theme is the idea of contrast, usually in texture or patterns. This ensemble is a chic riff on a preppy layered skirt look, combining vertical accordion pleats with horizontal stripes. Not only is there a contrast in patterns, but the fabric of both is very different too — a satiny green base skirt with a jersey-fabric mini on top. She completes the look with a gingham shirt and heels in a blue hue that complements the striped skirt.

Use a sheer maxi to create a monochromatic look

One of the benefits of having a thin, sheer maxi skirt on hand is how easily it works with the skirt layering trend. In addition, the thinness reduces bulk around the waistline, which might throw off the fit of your top skirt. Here, TikToker @lilrotini creates a gorgeous monochromatic cream look, using a sheer, asymmetric maxi skirt with a similarly colored khaki mini. We love that the outfit works equally well with the original oversize sweatshirt and the open weave crop top she ultimately wears.

Combine two skirts to create a tiered dress

If you want to create a chic, flowy look, @lukesova.vera reminds us that you only need two skirts and a little ingenuity. This colorful strapless dress look is achieved by stacking matching skirts in different colors. One is worn traditionally at the waist, while the other is positioned under the arms just as you would a bandeau-style dress. The effect is stunning, particularly with the bright colors. Plus, using vertical pleats throughout the look creates more height and visual interest. Finish with a strappy heel or mule.

Want an edgier look? Wear a skirt over a dress

Using this post as an example, there are simply no limits when playing around with the creativity of skirt layering. Using a dress as the base layer provides a unique foundation to build on, especially since having the continuity between the top and bottom adds a bit of glam. However, adding a top skirt also gives it a little edge, ultimately creating a more well-balanced style. The key here is that these three skirts have an elastic band or stretchy materials, making them easier to wear over a dress.

Yes! You can layer maxi skirts too

A classic maxi can have a lot of material and bulk. Sometimes this makes skirt layering difficult because you don't want lumps and bumps underneath the top skirt. The trick to layering maxi skirts is to pair two ones of differing lengths. So, rather than putting a form-fitting mini on top of a full-skirt maxi, you can draw inspiration from TikTok influencer @jasmine_yusuffi. She uses the same long, white maxi skirt underneath midis and maxis of varied lengths, always letting the white ruffle peek out from the bottom.

If drama is the goal, add a bold tulle skirt

Think of tulle as your statement-making tool, just like Instagram user @e.manovation. Tulle skirting is often reasonably priced; you can usually find one for under $25 on Amazon. Look for this petticoat-style skirt, designed with hip-hugging smocking that reduces bulk. Overall, tulle will add incredible texture and volume, yet the fabric is quite thin. So even with multiple layers, it's still easy to layer other skirts over the top. Shop for a few bold colors or keep one neutral shade on hand to get the most for your money.

Skirt layering is an opportunity to get creative

It's time to do a proper wardrobe inventory and dig out your most creative pieces. TikTok user @camiejeann has us looking like that mind-blown emoji with this skirt-layering masterclass. She uses a long button-down as the base and layers a super cute mini over it. She uses a central color scheme of olive green but employs a mix-and-match approach to the patterns, pairing attention-grabbing tie-dye and geo print. Adding the olive-green bustier corset over the button-down caught us by surprise, and we're over the moon.

The easiest way to layer two skirts

The simplest way to shop for easy-to-layer skirts involves elastic smocking. This type of wide, scrunched-up fabric is ideal if you're new to skirt layering. Creating a trendy look is easy if you pair a slim base skirt with a smocked mini over the top. The elasticized material is incredibly flexible, so it's perfect as a top skirt. These two options from Francesa's would look great paired together. Start with the Button Front Midi Skirt. Add to that the Bradi Geo Print Mini Skirt, which has a smocked waist and built-in layers of its own — bonus!

Why stop at two?

Although most skirt layering inspiration involves two skirts or a combination of skirts, dresses, and longer pieces, Instagram style maven @_devyaniarora_ wonders: "Why stop there?" In this post, she shows off her next-level, three-skirt dress look — a trio of contrasting miniskirts paired with a black belt and dramatic red fur cape. Plus, she has advice for those moments when your closet is less than inspiring, noting, "If you're like me and looked in your closet this morning thinking 'ugh,' don't worry. Get a couple of skirts and refresh your wardrobe." Words to live by. 

Add a peek-a-boo moment with this technique

The art of layering multiple skirts isn't always about dramatic and unexpected pairings. TikTok influencer @momentsabloom showed how with this low-key, peek-a-boo moment, which serves as a reminder that sometimes less really is more. Rather than bold contrasts, she opts for stacking black skirts in different fabrics. The effect of the satin, lace-trimmed skirt under the school uniform-style box-pleat skirting gives peppy Avril Lavigne X monochromatic spice-inspired mash-up vibes. Plus, the dark acid-washed denim and oversized cable-knit gray sweater add additional layers of texture to complete the look.

Skirt layering is perfect for glam grunge looks

A whopping seven layers were used to create the shredded bliss of this chic grunge look. TikTok style expert @xxthislinkisdeadxx broke down the outfit layer by layer, thankfully. In terms of skirt layering, she starts with micro-shorts and adds a distressed khaki mini and a sheer flirty skirt with a white ruffle. Clearly an over-achiever, though, she goes so far as to add a hand-tied sash around her waist too, which mirrors the shredded theme throughout the look. Start here if you want to achieve a trendy grunge aesthetic. 

Pair two skirts for a chic office ensemble

Depending on where you work, a bold tulle look might not be suitable for the office. However, that doesn't mean you can't employ this layering trend. Using an A-line skirt, Instagram user @polishedwhimsy creates a classic look that combines a neutral black skirt with a wide-spaced eyelet skirt peeking out below. In addition, you'll find that searching for "underskirts" and traditional "half-slips" will yield plenty of options with thin fabric like this enviable lace bottom layer or mermaid ruffle trim.